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2013 World Series Props
Possible 2013 World Series Matchups

Dodgers vs. Tigers 24/1
Dodgers vs. Angels 24/1
Nationals vs. Tigers 25/1
Nationals vs. Angels 25/1
Reds vs. Angels 30/1
Reds vs. Tigers 30/1
Giants vs. Angels 35/1
Giants vs. Tigers 35/1
Braves vs. Tigers 40/1
Braves vs. Angels 40/1
Dodgers vs. Yankees 40/1
Dodgers vs. Rays 50/1
Dodgers vs. Blue Jays 50/1
Phillies vs. Angels 50/1
Cardinals vs. Angels 50/1
Cardinals vs. Tigers 50/1
Nationals vs. Yankees 50/1
Phillies vs. Tigers 50/1
Reds vs. Yankees 55/1
Dodgers vs. Athletics 60/1
Dodgers vs. Rangers 60/1
Nationals vs. Blue Jays 65/1
Nationals vs. Rays 65/1
Reds vs. Blue Jays 70/1
Reds vs. Rays 70/1
Giants vs. Yankees 70/1
Dodgers vs. Red Sox 75/1
Nationals vs. Athletics 75/1
Nationals vs. Rangers 75/1
Reds vs. Athletics 80/1
Reds vs. Rangers 80/1
Braves vs. Yankees 80/1
Giants vs. Rays 85/1
Giants vs. Blue Jays 85/1
Braves vs. Rays 95/1
Nationals vs. Red Sox 95/1
Braves vs. Blue Jays 95/1
Cardinals vs. Yankees 95/1
Phillies vs. Yankees 95/1
Giants vs. Athletics 100/1
Giants vs. Rangers 100/1
Reds vs. Red Sox 100/1
Braves vs. Athletics 110/1
Braves vs. Rangers 110/1
Giants vs. Red Sox 120/1
Brewers vs. Tigers 120/1
Cardinals vs. Rays 120/1
Phillies vs. Blue Jays 120/1
Brewers vs. Angels 120/1
Cardinals vs. Blue Jays 120/1
Phillies vs. Rays 120/1
Braves vs. Red Sox 140/1
Phillies vs. Rangers 140/1
Cardinals vs. Rangers 140/1
Cardinals vs. Athletics 140/1
Phillies vs. Athletics 140/1
Phillies vs. Red Sox 150/1
Cardinals vs. Red Sox 150/1
Brewers vs. Yankees 200/1
Brewers vs. Rays 250/1
Brewers vs. Blue Jays 250/1
Brewers vs. Rangers 300/1
Brewers vs. Athletics 300/1
Brewers vs. Red Sox 400/1

Field (Any Other Matchup) 10/1

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