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Where does Tebow land?
I'm sure you're bored to death when it comes to reading about Tim Tebow. So why not spruce up this yawn fest with some good, old fashioned gambling? CarbonSports has posted some fun odds about the potential destination of the polarizing athlete.


Jacksonville Jaguars
Any team that calls the tax-free state of Florida its home will be discussed, but one team that you can scratch off the list is Jacksonville. They may have drafted Denard Robinson, but there's already rumblings of the former Michigan quarterback moving to running-back or return specialist based on his athletic gifts. The last thing Jacksonville needs is another quarterback who can't play quarterback messing with poor Blaine Gabbert's psyche.

The Jaguars have already eliminated themselves from the conversation but you just never know. Maybe when they look at their ticket sales from the last three years they'll re-think their position, but for now Jacksonville is out.

Miami Dolphins
Tebow could very well end up in Miami, but that seems unlikely given the franchise's commitment to Ryan Tannehill who played much better than projected when he was selected eighth overall last season. Throwing for 3,294 yards, while scoring 14 touchdowns, will have that kind of effect.

The Dolphins, however, have seemed intent on creating buzz in the offseason. They signed Mike Wallace and moved up to take defensive star Dion Jordan in the 2013 NFL Draft. Where they actually need help is at the running back position. Tebow has long been projected as a fullback, though I think that was more in hysterical joke terms than actual football seriousness.

His agent would love to have him in South Beach and the Dolphins love making noise, so I wouldn't be surprised to see them poach Tebow off the scrap heap.

New England Patriots
The New England Patriots will always come up in this conversation because of Belichik's admiration for Tebow. He's a former Jet and what better way to rub salt in the wounds than by taking their former sideshow attraction and turning him in to an actual football player. The Patriots love to mix things up on offence and could use Tebow in any number of ways as a fullback, tight end or in a package of specialty plays. If there's any franchise that could handle the media barnstorm that arrives with Tebow, it's the Patriots.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The one team that will come to mind immediately is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who continue to overhaul their team and add players who can bail them out of another potential Freeman slump. Mike Glennon is the more long term answer at quarterback, if Freeman falters again but Tebow can still offer reprieve at other positions.

Trading LeGarette Blount to the Patriots leaves a gaping hole in their backfield. Doug Martin is a great back, and an every down talent, but you can't give him 350 touches a year and expect him to keep coming back at a high level.

The Bucs also desperately need a tight end, a void they didn't fill in the draft. Again, I keep suggesting that Tebow could play tight-end, but nobody knows if he's an efficient blocker, pass catcher or route runner. That being said, we've seen basketball players transition to the position with incredible success so it isn't a huge jump to say that Tebow could do it as a football player.

Chicago Bears
The next team I'm about to suggest is going to sound stupid, but that's the idea of the article. How about Tebow in the grand market of Chicago playing with the Bears? Jay Cutler has not been consistently healthy, nor has he been a solid producer on a weekly basis. Should Cutler go down with an injury for a third time, the Bears could unleash Tebow and rely on their defense to make stops which is how the Broncos became such a force with the former Heisman winner at the helm.

San Francisco 49ers
Everyone seems all in on Colin Kaepernick and that's fine because he has all the tools to be a legendary player. But his career is still in its infant stages and there's no telling if the option that the Niners run has any long term relevancy in the league. Kaepernick hasn't played a full season, and if he goes down, there's probably nobody better to take over Kapernick's role than Tebow. Laugh all you want, but Tebow ran his way to stardom as the quarterback in Denver doing similar things. He lacks Kaepernick's throwing arm and accuracy, but he still has a capable deep ball.

Let's also keep in mind that San Francisco has to react to Seattle's big moves in the off-season. The Seahawks are going to be major players in the 2013 NFL season with Percy Harvin and their slew of defensive pick ups including Clif Avril. If the Niners need a change up player, Tebow can be that guy and Jim Harbaugh is well versed in dealing with the media.

Forget it. It isn't happening. The Arena League simply doesn't pay enough nor will it give Tebow the exposure him and his agent will want. Plus, I mean, it's a crazy league. Tebow is looking to maximize his brand as well as get an opportunity to play football. He'd much rather play in the CFL. Speaking of which...

Warren Moon. Doug Flutie. Jeff Garcia. Joe Theismann.

Those are four guys that had to play way up north before they got their rightful shot at playing in the NFL. One of the reasons they transformed themselves in the Great White North is because of the league's focus on the passing game, which is the natural outcome when you play a three-down version of football.

This might be the best bet if teams aren't willing to take in the circus surrounding Tebow. Believe it or not, but teams in the CFL (namely the Toronto Argonauts) have tons of money to burn and Tebow was already playing in the NFL on a rookie scale that wasn't paying him much to begin with. The CFL can not only afford his services, they would welcome the media attention and ticket sales. Not that they're hurting. The CFL is a very successful league.

The league itself would benefit from the shot in the arm Tebow would add, but there's no guarantee that Tebow would start. He's not a great passer to begin with but he could benefit from the league's spread offence and the fact that most teams in the CFL only rush three guys. A team has to be willing to take a chance.

Playing in the CFL could also allow Tebow to move to tight end, which is where a lot of experts see him as a better fit given his frame, stature and understanding of a passing game. You have to understand that coaches in the NFL aren't just willing to say "well, let's just sign him and see". He's not a developmental project worth taking because of all the excess luggage. The CFL, which has gimmicks to begin with (three downs, receivers can sprint to the line of scrimmage before the ball his snapped) could afford to take a chance on him because there's quite a bit of turnaround in the league to begin with.

I'd take a soft play on the CFL and a heavier play that he signs in the NFC at -110. I've been someone that has never been a huge fan of Tebow, but I like him as a person and I want success for him. He's been unfairly peppered in the media and was absolutely mistreated by the stupid New York Jets. I have said, as well as a lot of folks, that he's not a great quarterback. But this guy can play football and his leadership abilities, as well as his community contributions, can be a boon to the right type of team. I think ending up in San Francisco is the best option for him personally.

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