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Who will be next Bond?
Bet On The Next Bond…James Bond

The battle hardened face of Daniel Craig is suiting up to play the film’s most celebrated special agent one last time in the 25th James Bond film. The actor, who was the perfect choice for refreshing a role that had begun to feel a bit stale, is moving on now that his contract is up and rumors are swirling like crazy as to who will fill the shoes for the next set of films.

This recent run of James Bond movies, which has included Casino Royale, Skyfall, Spectre and Quantum of Solace, has been met with mixed reactions that have mostly been positive. There’s been something hanging over the series of films that’s been devoid in other Bond films – a larger story arch that binds all the films together. Where the franchise goes from here is anyone’s guess, but public outcry for an even bigger change has been rampant.

James Bond has famously been played by very good looking white guys for the entirety of his existence. From Sean Connery to Roger Moore to Pierce Brosnan, the template for Bond has been simple. Craig has been a bit of an outlier for the character. His face looks like it was chiseled by a drunk with a steak knife (in a good way). The actor offered a harder, rougher version of Bond; someone who was more akin to what modern audiences needed out of their action stars.

Yet, Craig walked that line of sophisticated-and-smoldering so very well. He’s been saddled by some tough scripts (I’m looking at you Quantum), but nobody can deride his actual performances. He will be missed.

So who’s best to fill his shoes? The oddsmakers are letting you bet on it with long odds on all the potential actors. Here’s a rundown of the favorites to win, and you can check out the full board for the next James Bond by visiting our Entertainment props section. There’s a handful of actors that aren’t mentioned below so get to the board to see the full list. Spoiler alert: The Rock somehow didn’t make the list.

Tom Hardy to be the next James Bond +350
Hardy has been a very popular choice to carry on the mantle crafted by Craig. The 40-year old stud is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, and hits in all key demographics. But he’s especially popular with younger people, which is the core audience that the studio is trying to keep the attention of. Hardy’s acting chops are well known. Almost every performance he’s ever submitted is absolutely magnetic.

The only reason Hardy wouldn’t get the nod is because he stands to be a bit “more of the same”. He’s basically a younger version of Daniel Craig. The reason to be excited about Hardy, and why he’s favored, is because there’s no doubt that he would definitely offer a great take on the character. And we’re all dying to hear what Hardy’s “Bond accent” would be, aren’t we?

Jack Huston to be the next James Bond +500
You probably don’t know who Huston is, and that’s fine. He’s best known for his 2016 run where he played Mr. Wichkahm in “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” (an actual movie!) and Ben-Hur where he was the titular character. Huston doesn’t have the gravity to really move the needle for me. I don’t truthfully know why the studio would entrust the Bond character with a relatively unknown actor. He just doesn’t look like James Bond to me.

Idris Elba to be the next James Bond +550
Speaking of actors who don’t look like James Bond, here’s my (second) favorite bet in this Entertainment Props market! Elba has long been the actor that fans have cried out for. A hard nosed, British, black actor who can carry the dignity and poise the role deserves. It’s basically a more polite Luther. The fan in me desperately wants to see Hardy’s take on Bond, but Elba is the most natural shoe-in for the James Bond role amongst the Hollywood elite. It’s not just because he’s black – Elba just feels like James Bond. He’s the ideal blend of menace, charm and violence for a modern James Bond.

Tom Hiddleston to be the next James Bond +650
Hiddleston is best known for his role as “Loki” in the Marvel films, most notably Thor. If he’s anything in this market, he’s a throwback to the Bonds of days past. He’s more in line with what Moore and Timothy Dalton offered the part, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For some long time fans of James Bond, Craig’s version has been a bit too violent. Hiddleston could reprise a more classic version of the Bond we all grew up watching (unless you’re a millennial). The problem is that this does nothing to recreate the brand overall.

Any Female to be the next James Bond +1000
Which is why this particular field bet is the best value for the next James Bond. Names like Emily Blount and Anne Hathaway have been floated around to take the role as the first female James Bond. Dakota Johnson of Fifty Shades fame has also been mentioned. This would be the titanic shift that many have been demanding for James Bond, and could absolutely take the character in a bold direction. It’d be fun, and for a limited run just like every other Bond actor.

There’s been some push back on the casting of a female bond. Even Rachel Weisz, who is married to Daniel Craig, has said that she’d prefer Bond to stay male. After all, James Bond is a male character. A female spin-off from the series would seem disingenuous, and the major danger in betting the female field is that studio’s are generally risk averse with franchises this large. A female lead would absolutely draw in a larger demographic, but it may alienate its target demographic slightly. I’m not saying that will happen. The right casting can make or break the hype for a movie. But I’m suggesting that Hollywood execs play it safe.

But that’s why the female field is the best bet. Make a set-and-forget play here, and hedge with more likely bets like Hardy or Elba. Simple. Bet on whether Hollywood will take a chance and shake up the character, or just stir the same mold that they’ve been casting out of for generations.

Bet on the next actor to play James Bond and the 90th Academy Awards in the Entertainment Props section at!

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