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Duf Daddy!

Editor’s Note: Be sure to follow Dan Daly's spontaneous and entertaining comments on and Twitter@_Dandaly

I can only imagine the conversation on the first tee box Sunday afternoon between Dufner and Furyk mirrored the exchange between Roy McAvoy and David Simms from Tin Cup:

First up in the final pairing, from Auburn, Alabama…Jason Dufner

Fairways and greens, and don't forget to I blow by.

You mean blow up, don't you, sport? You always do.

I guess it’s only fitting that the most boring PGA Championship ever was won by my man Dufner. To his credit, it was boring because the guy put on one of the best ball striking clinics I’ve ever seen. While Furyk didn’t exactly blow up, he certainly went...well, Jim Furyk on the last two holes just to make sure he once again didn’t close out a big tournament he was winning. More on him later.

I couldn’t be happier for Dufner; there is nothing not to like about the guy, nothing. He is about as nice and classy as they come. After his 63 Friday, he referred to “Mr. Hogan and Mr. Curtis” when talking about his round. And he is being genuine when he does it…unlike most guys on Tour. Not to mention there is no one on tour more “relatable” than Dufner. He has a gut, a hot wife, a horseshoe in his bottom lip at all times and the dude made sure his hot wife was carrying his can of Copenhagen Wintergreen to the trophy ceremony…after slapping her ass of course. He also had his wife collect acorns from the grounds at Oak Hill CC because he wanted to plant them in their backyard in Auburn and try and grow oak trees. Seriously, who does that?! The guy is gold, simple as that.

As for Dufner’s 63, the one thing I heard and saw all afternoon Friday was “how do you leave that short for 62?” Ummm, because it was for 62. It’s called nerves people. I love how everyone with a twitter account, microphone and laptop knocks on a guy that just shot 63 in a major. If I dropped a ball 15 feet below the hole, told you it was for a million dollars and put you on TV, you would be so nervous you wouldn’t get it half way there. Tiger got it to the hole at Southern Hills when his putt for 62 went half way down, but he is pretty much the exception to every rule in golf…or at least he was at the time.

Nice 64 Webb.

The other issue I have is the fact that no one ever recognizes Roy McAvoy’s 62 at the US Open. Especially Jim Nantz, considering he was in the booth and made the call. As far as I’m concerned Roy McAvoy still holds the record for the greatest round ever in a major.

As for the guy Dufner beat. At what point can golf analysts, writers and announcers PLEASE stop using phrases like “a grinder”, “gritty” and “gutsy” to describe Jim Furyk? I realize he didn’t exactly choke this one away like he normally does, he was still the 54-hole leader in a major before bogeying the 71st and 72nd holes and lost by two. He has now choked away two majors, a WGC and the Ryder Cup. All of which took place on the 16th hole or later. Newsflash people, that’s the exact opposite of someone that is a “grinder”, “gritty” and “gutsy.” And for the love of god, can you please putt faster? I’ve had pizzas delivered faster than it takes Furyk to hit a putt. I honestly don’t understand how he is not on the clock every single hole and penalized at least twice a side?

To the people that continue to scream during these tournaments; I have changed my mind about kicking you out; I like Poulter’s idea better. Just give the marshal’s a Taser gun and that shit will end immediately. IN THE FACE

How can anyone that watched Adam Scott putt this week, or the past year for that matter, honestly say that using an anchor putter gives a player an advantage? If Scott could putt at all, he would have won four of the last five majors. I mean I can’t even imagine how bad he must be with a normal putter? However, his golf swing is in the top three of all-time and it’s not even close. Plus he is good looking, rich, has a green jacket and has sex with pretty much anyone he wants. In other words, it still doesn’t suck to be Adam Scott.

I don’t know how else to say it, Tiger continues to be BVP relevant in majors. The guy has won five of the eight non-major tournaments he has played in 2013 and was a big 0-fer in majors. He is still on the exact pace as Jack, but if he has any chance of catching him, it will all come down to next year where he plays at Augusta (four wins), Pinehurst (2nd and 3rd), Hoylake (win) and Valhalla (win). I’m not saying he will win all of them, or even any of them for that matter, but he is definitely a guy that excels on certain courses and other than 2012, no year will ever set up better for him again than 2014.

Just when I thought the USGA couldn’t be any dumber, they go and replace NBC with FOX for the US Open starting in 2015. I have a HUGE problem with this. First of all, has anyone at the FOX network ever shoot 63 on a Sunday to win the US Open? I don’t think so. The US Open without Johnny Miller is like Christmas without Santa Claus. It’s just not right. I saw where they are going to go after Greg Norman…no thanks. At least get Monty. Seriously though, who at FOX is going to cover the US Open? If it’s Joe Buck I might shoot myself. Are they going to have Tony Siragusa’s fat ass following the leaders around? Erin Andrews on post round interviews? No thanks!

The only decent person on the entire Fox payroll is Gus Johnson, and he better be up in the booth. Quite frankly I might just have to hire Johnny Miller to sit on my couch and commentate for me. He can charge me whatever he wants, it would be worth it not having to listen to whatever spare Fox comes up with. I’ve said it before, give the Masters and the PGA to CBS and the two Open’s to NBC and call it a day. This is not helping my cause. Not to mention it was a completely classless move by the USGA and FOX to make the announcement the night before the PGA started. Just bad all the way around.

After the Masters, I asked if someone could please find me a 9-year-old that can drive, chip, and putt so I could be their guardian next year at Augusta. Well, turns out a good friend of mine had just the 9-year-old I was looking for. Unfortunately for me he has a perfectly capable guardian. I want to congratulate my man (or kid actually) Charles Warren on winning the 9-year-old super regional at Atlanta Athletic Club and qualifying for the Drive, Chip and Putt championship at Augusta next April. Earning your way onto Augusta National as a 9-year-old is pretty awesome, and getting to do it at Atlanta Athletic Club no less. Good luck next spring to Charlie and his dad; I’ve never been so envious of a 9-year-old in my life.

On a personal note, thanks to Pat Wheeler for having me on Texas Links on the Air show Saturday. It was a lot of fun and I appreciate all the nice texts, tweets, emails and tweets following the show. Thanks for tuning in.

Finally, Breaking Bad is back; all is right with the world again.

Until Next Week,
Dan Daly

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