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Scott Pritchard - About Me

Scott Pritchard, founder of PritchardsPicks, has been with for several years and has been featured on weekly radio shows in Las Vegas. Scott headed West to "Sin City" in April of 1993 after having his own radio sports show in Aurora, Illinois for seven years, covering the Chicago professional sports teams.

Scott has been one of our top handicappers throughout the years as he epitomizes continuity and consistency. Pritchard has often said "every sports bettor will make more money betting sports by perfecting four key skills: Patience, Discipline, Money management skills and the ability to Shop and recognize value." During the 2011-12 College Football season he went an incredible 17-0 and 24-2 including 11-1 in Bowl games, all ATS. This, after he won 16 straight baseball games betting favorites, dogs and totals June 14-28 in 2011. Scott has done exceptionally well in many Las Vegas sports books NFL handicapping contests, recording Top 10 finishes across the board last season.

His work ethic is second to none and is very passionate about what he does. Scott is the consummate professional and wagers on every game you see posted on VI.

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By Scott Pritchard
Posted 04/22/2014 at 10:07 AM

Clippers and Warriors have no shot The only reason the Clippers or Warriors will make it into the second round of the NBA playoffs is because they are playing each other and someone has to win.

Both of these teams are complete frauds. Both are media darlings who have no shot at winning the Western conference not to mention the NBA Finals. Los Angeles and Golden State are very good regular season teams and are fun to watch. The Clippers have no shot because head coach Doc Rivers is extremely overrated and their style of play(lob city) does not play well in the post season. By the way, as good as Chris Paul is what has he ever won? Blake Griffin is good, not great. He is known more for flopping than anything else.

The Warriors are an even bigger fraud and have no shot at winning the West thanks to their very overrated coach of their own in Mark Jackson. This guy is an egomaniac. Have you really ever watched how this team attempts to execute in the half court set coming out of a timeout? It’s hard to watch. He is also very stubborn. I watched a Warrior game a few weeks ago with them being up 10 after the first period only to be outscored on their home court in the 2nd period 31-12. The game was lost in the 2nd when egomaniac Jackson refused to call a timeout and challenged his team to figure it out.

That strategy works in San Antonio but not in Oakland. The big reason is Greg Popovich vs. Mark Jackson. No contest. In the West it is and has been a two team race with the Spurs hosting the Thunder, I have already seen the script, what a series this will be. The Thunder have the better team but the Spurs have home court and Greg Popovich. My money is on “Old Man River” Tim Duncan and the Spurs Baby. See the cashier! Whoop Whoop.



By Scott Pritchard
Posted 04/08/2014 at 10:20 AM

This is why we play 82 games. It is a marathon not a sprint, just ask the Indiana Pacers.

This team played lights out for the first fifty games or so and now cannot seem to get out of their own way. After Sunday’s loss at home against the hapless Hawks of Atlanta it was time the Pacers did some serious soul searching. They were embarrassed on their home court against an inferior team. This isn’t anything new for this team lately as they have lost their previous six road games and at press time trail the Miami Heat by a full game with just a few games left.

It got so bad Sunday that the Pacer coach benched Roy Hibbert for the last 30 minutes of the game after he went scoreless and secured zero rebounds. Team president Larry Bird barely budged as he watched the league's No. 1 defense allowed Atlanta to shoot 56.2 percent from the field and make 12 of 27 3-pointers. Indiana followed a 7-for-35 shooting effort in the first half with a 15-for-43 showing in the second half.

Coach Frank Vogel was so upset by the sluggish start that he yanked all five starters midway through the first quarter and benched Hibbert because Vogel thought he needed some extra rest. Hibbert, who looked disengaged on the bench, did not speak to reporters afterward.

"He looks worn down," Vogel said. "He's a 7-foot-2 player who has played every game this year, which is very rare. He looks to me to be worn down. He's given good effort but he looks to me to be worn down. Combine that with the fact that they have a 3-point shooting 5-man most of the game. It's a difficult matchup."

The fact is this team has no shot come post season playoffs. Once again it is Miami’s conference to lose. The Pacers have been a money burner at the bet window as well especially on the road losing big money on a regular basis.

Based on the challenges this Pacer team has shooting the ball combined with how well they play team defense they have cashed a lot of sports betting tickets with the UNDER total being the consistent play for the entire season. 

Moving forward sports bettors remember to bet with your head, not over it.


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