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By Scott Pritchard
Posted 10/15/2013 at 05:24 PM

Tom Brady continues to defy logic

How good is Tom Brady? For a former 6th round draft pick he’s pretty good. Tom Brady is the MAN!!!! I don’t know why I am surprised watching this dude pick apart defense’s on a week to week basis. The latest victim, the previously unbeaten New Orleans Saints 30­27 after the Pats were down 27­23 late and 70 yards away from the goal line and no timeouts. For Brady and company, no problem.

With 5 seconds left in the game he completed the game winning touchdown to Kendrell Thompkins. This after Brady converted a 4th down by connecting with Austin Collie to keep the drive alive. "I have confidence in those guys," Brady said. "We're certainly not perfect out there. We're definitely just grinding." This is the 38th time that Brady has lead to Pats to victory after being behind or tied in the 4th quarter. Are You Kidding Me?

Going into the season, he was without his top five receivers from a year ago. His receiving corps today includes free agent Thompkins, Collie, Aaron Robson, and Danny Amendola. I continue to marvel at what Brady continues to do. Let us not forget this guy has been to the Super Bowl five times and has won three of them, has won 10 division titles, been to the Pro Bowl 8 times and has been named Super Bowl MVP twice, 21 straight wins and a 17­7 all time playoff record....Are You Kidding Me? New England is 5­1, looking good and feeling good.

Let’s talk which teams continue to be cash cows and which teams are money burners ATS(against the spread). The Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs are both 5­1 vs the number . The Houston Texans have yet to cover the number (0­6) while the Jaguars, Giants and Steelers have cashed tickets only once. What about totals. The Falcons, Bears, Dolphins, Eagles and Rams have seen the OVER cash every one of their games except once each. The Vikings have yet to go UNDER the closing total. There have been three dead UNDER teams. The Chiefs, Raiders and Tampa Bay are a combined 14­3 to the Under. Before you BET it, make sure you GET it. I am talking about information. In life, as in betting football, he with the most information generally wins.

I had a blast in the Football Friday Showdown at the Golden Nugget last weekend competing for $25,000. After going 5­2 ATS(against the spread), I now advance to the next round featuring 8 professional sports bettors and handicappers. First place is $20,000, second place is $5000. Tony Miller from the Golden Nugget, Matt Youmans from the RJ and Kelly Stewart continue to put out a quality show week in and week out as we match wits. This is fun. It was an honor sharing the spotlight with friend and fellow professional sports bettor John Kwan from Los Angeles last weekend. Two time LVH Super Contest winner Steve Fezzik is currently seeded number 1, I am seeded 2. Fezzik and I both went 5­2 vs the number but he won his best bet via the tiebreaker.

Don’t miss this Friday’s challenge with Richie Baccellieri vs. "Fat" Jack Ross.

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