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By Scott Pritchard
Posted 07/14/2014 at 10:53 AM

It was one year ago when I wrote about a Sleeper team for 2013 in the NFL. I was laughed at and mocked but I got the last laugh when the Kansas City Chiefs started out winning their first nine games and shattering the OVER in wins for the year. Before I address this year’s Sleeper team I want to recap my thinking from a year ago. The Chiefs were coming off a dreadful 2 win season and everyone had written them off. The team made many off season changes with Andy Reid coming in as coach with something to prove, QB Alex Smith coming in with a chip on his shoulder after leading the Niners to a 20­6 record with him at the helm and you throw in a cupcake schedule it was like taking candy from a baby betting the Chiefs OVER 7 wins for the year.

That was then this is now. No one cares about last year, what about this year.

I have hammered one team for the upcoming season to win more than 7 1⁄2 games, a team that only won 2 games last year.........the Houston Texans.

I love the media and I hate the media. I love the media because when they get on or off a team I automatically go the other way. I hate the media because often times we are talking about talking heads who clearly overstate the obvious and rarely tell you something you don’t already know.

I love the Texans this year as a surprise team based on the fact this team has talent. Forget the two wins last year, this is a good thing as their season total for wins is way too low based on this one fact alone. The fact is based on talent this team is 1 season removed from being the AFC’s top seeded team until a late season meltdown in 2012. Last year the team was hit by the injury bug and turnovers. In spite of this they still finished 11th overall in offense and 6th in defense.

Let’s address the offseason, they picked up a stud on defense with the number one overall selection, brought in a new coach with something to prove and once again the NFL rewards negative behavior by awarding the Texans a cupcake schedule all in the name of parity. QB Matt Schaub is gone, enter Ryan Fitzpatrick who is far from great but has experience and is more than capable of handing the ball off to star running back Foster. Don’t believe the media telling you that All Pro wide receiver Andre Johnson is going to be traded. My sources in Houston say it simply will not happen.

Bet the OVER with the Texans and get on them early and often ATS.

Week 1 as a 2 1⁄2 point home favorite against the Washington Redskins is easy pickins.

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