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Scott Pritchard - About Me

Scott Pritchard, founder of PritchardsPicks, has been with for several years and has been featured on weekly radio shows in Las Vegas. Scott headed West to "Sin City" in April of 1993 after having his own radio sports show in Aurora, Illinois for seven years, covering the Chicago professional sports teams.

Scott has been one of our top handicappers throughout the years as he epitomizes continuity and consistency. Pritchard has often said "every sports bettor will make more money betting sports by perfecting four key skills: Patience, Discipline, Money management skills and the ability to Shop and recognize value." During the 2011-12 College Football season he went an incredible 17-0 and 24-2 including 11-1 in Bowl games, all ATS. This, after he won 16 straight baseball games betting favorites, dogs and totals June 14-28 in 2011. Scott has done exceptionally well in many Las Vegas sports books NFL handicapping contests, recording Top 10 finishes across the board last season.

His work ethic is second to none and is very passionate about what he does. Scott is the consummate professional and wagers on every game you see posted on VI.

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By Scott Pritchard
Posted 09/08/2014 at 09:01 AM

No lead safe with Broncos defense!

Andrew Luck of the Colts passed for 370 yards and 3 touchdowns vs the Denver Broncos this past weekend. Congrats to the Broncos for winning this game but I am so TIRED of hearing how much better Denver’s defense is.

Face it Bronco fans, your defense sucks. Check out a real defense in Seattle(see last year’s Super Bowl). Only the overhyped Broncos could be up 31­10 in the 4th quarter at home and still have to sweat out a victory.

That’s right, I was happy to cash my ticket at plus 9 1⁄2 with Indy but annoyed to PUSH the UNDER on the total at 55 and lose betting Under 54 1⁄2. No lead or Total is safe with this team’s defense. We know Peyton and the boys will score, that is great for the regular season, does not win Super Bowls(see last year’s Super Bowl...Seattle 43­8 winners over the favored Broncos).

Can the Bears fans stop talking about how great their offense is? Jay Cutler is still your quarterback, I don’t care how many weapons on offense you have he will find a way to throw the game. In Cutler’s defense, he was the MVP this past Sunday.......for Buffalo. His two unforced INT’s were the reason the Bears lost plain and simple. I feel bad for my family and friends in Chicago who have to watch and root for this clown week in and week out.

Here is what Cutler said after the game, ''You guys are going to be as negative as possible,'' a surly Cutler said. ''But we've got a lot of games left, we did a lot of good things. Obviously we made mistakes today and we've got to clean them up and got to keep it going.'' By “we” I think he means “me”.

Dogs were barking big time on Sunday as you know if you like taking the points. I am loud and proud because you know if you follow this column I am a LIVE underdog player. Underdogs are often times Undervalued.



By Scott Pritchard
Posted 09/01/2014 at 08:55 AM

When I am wrong, I am wrong. Don’t look now but check out the Los Angeles Angels. After coming off an impressive four-game sweep at home vs the Oakland A’s this team is now in the drivers seat to win the American League West.

What a difference a week makes as at press time the Angels had a five game lead. I just wrote last week that I really liked the A’s to win the West. That was then and this is now. A’s manager Bob Melvin was none too pleased after his team was outscored in Anaheim 18­4 ““It was embarrassing, pathetic. We don't play like that,” Melvin said after Oakland's 8­1 loss, which completed a four­game sweep by the Angels. “We don't play like that. The last three games here are the worst I've seen this team play in I don't know how long. I feel bad for our fans to have to watch that.”
“The reason that I'm upset is that is not who we are, that's is not who we've been for three years,” Melvin said. “It's mounted. It's been frustrating. ... They all should be embarrassed.”

The A’s will play the Angels three more times later this month in Oakland. Still have a shot at the division but it is now going to be very challenging. I give the Angels a ton of credit getting it done with stud ace pitcher Garrett Richards gone for the year. The only thing working in the A’s favor moving forward is a more favorable schedule. I doubt it will be enough.

NFL football is here, I am pumped as I am competing again in the Friday Football Showdown sponsored by the Golden Nugget Sports Book, ESPN radio and the Las Vegas Review Journal.

It is an “Invite Only” handicapping contest featuring 16 professional sports bettors/handicappers competing for $50,000. Last year I took 2nd and am “in it to win it” this year.

Once agains a very strong field of competitors. Bet early and bet often, avoid the risk of being shut out. See the cashier.


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Period: 08/14/2014 to 09/14/2014
Pick Type: All Picks
Record: 8-2-0 ( 80.0% , +575)
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09/08/2014 at 09:01 AM
D missing in Denver

09/01/2014 at 08:55 AM
Angels are for real

08/25/2014 at 10:18 AM
As to win the West

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