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The SportsBoss - About Me

Patrick began his business, The SportsBoss, in August of 2008, with NFL and NCAAF Fall '08 his opening sports.  He has always been the biggest sports fan around, and had an affinity for stats and numbers even as a kid. That passion was the basis for his handicapping business, as he always planned on leveraging his experience and passion for sports and numbers. He opened his website following completion of his MBA studies and has been extremely successful since doing so.  Entering his fifth football season in 2012, he is growing and becoming a recognizable, respected, winning handicapper based on his past results and hard work - he was even mentioned as having the "best models" in the business by Chad Millman at the Annual Sports Analytics Conference hosted by the Sloan Business School at MIT. 
Since opening he has had every pick he released independently monitored, rotating various monitors during the last 4 years including Sports Watch Las Vegas, Cappers Watchdog, Handicappers Watchdog, Parlay Help, Bobby Babowski National Sports Monitor among others.  He prefers to rotate monitors so as to not give off the impression he is "in bed" with any monitoring services, while also favoring monitors that release every handicappers pick once the games have started for the public's view.  Transparency is the biggest key for the monitors he selects, which is why some notable ones are missing.
He has turned a profit in every season, every sport besides MLB in 2011 since opening for business with and has earned numerous awards (units won and top win % during stretches of a season) and top finishes at his monitors.
His top rated selections hit at among the highest rates in the industry.  He has released 11 10* plays in the history of the website on some of the biggest games over the last four years and has gone 8-3 73% on those selections.  What's more, he has always kept track of his rare 5* plays right on his main purchase picks page, and those have gone 56-24 70% lifetime. 
In addition to the main sports, Patrick has offered selections in both soccer (World Cup & EURO) and horse racing.  He has released selections for each of the Triple Crown horse races over the last two years and has cashed all 6, including cashing the exacta in 4 of the 6 races!
Patrick has made numerous appearances on national media outlets including ESPN Radio Denver, ESPN The Magazine, and Chad Millman's column and podcast which can be found on ESPN. 
Patrick's thoughts on the industry and handicapping: Remember, especially in this business, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.  Do not fall for marketing gimmicks, do not bother with ANY handicapper that does not have their plays monitored - there is a reason they choose not to (because they cannot pick enough winners), after all, any handicapper out there can find a free monitor to track their results.  Also, do not get consumed with handicappers that say they work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week on their handicapping - they almost certainly do not, and its all about being efficient & picking winners - and if a handicapper is efficient, like myself, it should not take that long to analyze games to find winners.  Most of the groundwork is laid in the offseason, and following the day to day scores in each sport. 
No daily picks currently submitted. Please check back throughout the day.
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2014-2015 NCAA BK Members Leader: +612
2013-2014 NCAA BK #2 Percent Leader: 56%
2013-2014 NCAA BK #2 Member Leader: +1,422
2013-2014 NFL #2 Percent Leader: 59%
2012-2013 NCAA FB #2 Member Leader: +1,150
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Period: 09/04/2015 to 10/04/2015
Pick Type: All Picks
Record: 5-5-0 ( 50.0% , -45)
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