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Matt Zylbert - About Me

If there is one handicapper synonymous with “over/under” bets more than anyone else out there, it just may be Matt Zylbert. After all, that’s the respect you get when you dedicate countless hours every single day over a full season -- yes, literally every single day over a full season -- exclusively to this particular endeavor, just as he has done annually in baseball for years now, en route to obtaining outstanding results and being recognized as one of the top over/under handicappers in the entire country.

Zylbert, a graduate of Five Towns College with his bachelor’s degree in Journalism, will be entering his third season with Vegas Insider in 2015 after two truly stellar campaigns with the company. In both 2013 and 2014, The Cat -- the nickname he is often referred to as by his friends and colleagues for his ability to scratch and claw with every game -- finished above 55% in each season, which, as everybody knows with -110 over/under bets, is as good as it gets. In the process, he took home first place in each campaign for over/under bets as well. Last year, he enjoyed one of his best performances to date, going 179-135-20 (57%) for Vegas Insider, nearly topping his incredible career-best season of 2011, when he went 366-270-42 (57.5%).

Aside from adhering to a very strict daily routine that maximizes each day’s potential, Zylbert also possesses incredible baseball knowledge, as evident in the 17,000-word team-by-team baseball previews he produces for VI every year. For instance, he led every single baseball analyst in America last season by successfully predicting the final exact records for 15 out of the 30 MLB teams within three games or less. Furthermore, in 2013, he was also the only person to make the absolutely astounding calls that both the Pirates and Indians would make the playoffs.

At the same time, Zylbert emphasizes human psychology and “feel” as the most important element in his betting; something he feels, unfortunately, is often overlooked by the general public, who become too attached to statistics and coincidental trends. From watching almost every game every day with the Extra Innings package, and reading as much player quotes, game recaps, and scouting reports as possible, the 29-year-old Zylbert is able to intensely keep up with every team at all times, which is mandatory to him in order to be consistently successful in baseball betting. Not putting this much time and effort into his work would simply be considered unacceptable to Zylbert.

When it comes to baseball over/unders, there may be no one else who has more of a grasp on them than he does, which is how he’s able to write about them so in-depth on a daily basis. While Zylbert has experienced distinct success in the other three main sports as well, it is baseball that is clearly his main strength and what he takes pride in most. With another season on tap, you can fully expect him to retain his normal high-end winning percentage in over/unders, as nothing else carries more importance to him than maintaining his usual baseball prowess. In other words, there is literally nothing bigger than baseball to Matt Zylbert.

Above everything, this is more about pride to The Cat than anything else. Zylbert always takes his quest very seriously in striving to register one of the best over/under records in the country once again, and 2015 should be no different. Just get on his back, and he’ll steer you to guaranteed profits over the whole season. It’s legitimately just never even in doubt. Nobody has a “feel” for over/unders better than Zylbert.
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