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Live Odds - Version History

New Live Odds's Odds Program Version History. Check here for all the latest updates to our product!

Version v2.1w.1 (2014-05-21) includes:

  • A fix for an issue with the line-history.

Version v2.1w (2014-05-05) includes:

  • Middle Alert setup - Added a "Must include" section in the sportsbooks setup for Middle Alerts. This lets you get middle alerts where one of the sportsbooks is in your "Must include" list.

Version v2.1v (2014-03-12) includes:

  • Halftime setup - The Halftime setup is now a part of the "Sounds and Alerts..." setup. This allows you to set the halftime options for individual sports.

Version v2.1u (2014-01-13) includes:

  • Various system enhancements.

Version v2.1t (2013-10-01) includes:

  • Login - If the program is unable to login to the designated server, it will try to login to the secondary servers.

Version v2.1s (2013-08-12) includes:

  • Minor Email Alerts change - Added option to send emails without a stylesheet. This will help those who get email alerts but cannot see the information due to a problem parsing the stylesheet in some email client programs.

    To select this option, go to Setup | Sounds and Alerts..., click on the Email tab, select the HTML - no stylesheet option, and click the Save button.

Version v2.1r (2013-02-27) includes:

  • Key Moves - You can now ignore large line moves that may be due to an erroneous line.
  • Print - Fixed the Mac printing issue.

Version v2.1q (2012-12-20) includes:

  • Key Moves - You can now designate a sportsbook as a "Must-include" and this will only receive alerts if a line at that sportsbook has moved. Also, you can now include money moves as well as point moves. Another feature is the ability to display the current Public% with the Key Move.
  • Middle Alerts - You can now ignore alerts if the difference is more than the amount you specify. This option is, of course, optional.
  • If you try to login when the system is down, you will receive a message letting you know when the system will be back up.
  • If you have an older version of the program, you will be alerted that there is a newer version available.

Version v2.1p (2012-11-30) includes:

  • Boxscores - We have a new version of the boxscores which, for some games, includes in-game boxscores. So if you see a B under the Details column for a game that has just started, you can click it to get the in-game boxscore. The old-style boxscore will still be available a few minutes after the game ends and you can access it by right-clicking the game, selecting Scores, and then selecting Boxscore (old).
  • Change Password - You can now change the password for your account by going to Help | Change password.

Version v2.1o skipped.

Version v2.1n (2012-11-18) includes:

  • Middle Alerts - Added the capability to ignore sides and totals with money greater than an amount specified. Also added the capability to add Middle Alerts for In-game lines.

Version v2.1m (2012-10-17) includes:

  • The Last# button works a lot faster now!
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version v2.1l skipped.

Version v2.1k (2012-09-10) includes:

  • Added and Extra games - You can now include or exclude Added games and/or Extra games to your tabs, print and MyViews.

Version v2.1j (2012-07-11) includes:

  • Print - You can now view Lines for Archived schedules:
    1. Click on the Print button and select Archived schedule.
    2. Select a date.
    3. Select the sports for which you wish to view lines.
    4. Select any other options.
    5. Make sure you have some columns in the Displayed Columns.
    6. Click the Save/Print button.

Version v2.1i (2012-05-20) skipped.

Version v2.1h (2012-04-25) includes:

  • Volume - You can now control the volume of the audio alerts. To set the settings, go to Setup | Sounds and Alerts... and then go to the Volume tab. Make sure you click Apply or Save to save the setting.

Version v2.1g (2012-04-10) includes:

  • Relogin - The relogin is faster.
  • Certificate - The program is signed with a valid VegasInsider certificate.

Version v2.1f (2012-03-14) skipped.

Version v2.1e (2012-02-16) skipped.

Version v2.1d (2012-01-23) includes:

  • Halftime settings additions - You can now specify the number of seconds before halftime that a game should move to the top. You can also specify the number of seconds after halftime that the game should stay on top. To get to these settings, click on Setup | Halftime.

Version v2.1c (2012-01-10) includes:

  • Basketball Analysis!

Version v2.1b (2011-12-05) includes:

  • Implemented various performance enhancements and some bug fixes.

Version v2.1a (2011-11-14) includes:

  • Added Team-totals and Alt-RL line-types to the Archive Line History.

Version v2.0z (2011-11-10) includes:

  • Scrolling Ticker!! - To enable the Ticker, click on Ticker under the Display menu. Select the same option to disable the Ticker. Moving the mouse to the Ticker will stop the scrolling. To view the story for a headline, click the headline. Right-click the Ticker for additional options.

Version v2.0y (2011-09-21) includes:

  • Open Rotation Numbers!! - To enable the Open Rotation Numbers option, click on Open Rotation Numbers under the Display menu. These numbers will be displayed under the Gm# column. This option will be remembered even after you close the program. To go back to the international rotation numbers, disable the Open Rotation Numbers option.

Version v2.0x (2011-08-16) includes:

  • Added Analysis for football games.
  • Made the Gm# column wider to enable 5-digit game numbers.
  • Fixed an issue with using "<" and ">" characters in MyColumns.

Version v2.0w (2011-04-08) includes:

  • When a game's time is not yet determined, it will show as TBA.
  • You now have the option to give feedback. Go to Help | Give feedback.
  • Fixed an issue with getting line-history for a game from all sportsbooks when you select the Line History option from the right-click menu on any of the static fields such as team name.
  • Fixed a problem with the Clear Tab option when using it with MyViews.

Version v2.0v (2011-02-14) includes:

  • Details Archive - With this update, you can get details for archived games such as Boxscores, Halftime Stats, Line-scores, Lineups, Notices, Officials and Weather. To use this option, click on the Archives menu and select the Details... menu-item.

Version v2.0u (2011-02-04) includes:

  • Tip of the day
  • Pre-game color - option to select whether or not to color a game before it starts, how long before the game starts, and what color to use.
  • Game-started color - added option to select how long before the whole row is painted with the game-started color; up to that point, only the fixed-left columns are painted with the game-started color.
  • Odds Watch - If no sportsbooks are set, the program now forces the setup.
  • Display | All Line-Types - Added Apply button.
  • Added menu-items to Notifications to be able to bring to the front the notices and/or finals alerts.
  • Pinnacle soccer now shows 0.25 and 0.75 lines and totals.
  • Fixed slow scrolling issues.
  • Fixed Notices display issues.
  • Fixed Selected cells/columns issues.

Version v2.0t (2010-12-16) includes:

  • Added quarter lines and NHL period lines.
  • Added option to display finals in a separate window.
  • Added option to display new finals alerts behind the old finals alerts.
  • Added Remove Game to the right-click menu when in MyViews.
  • Added Add to MyView to the right-click menu when not in MyViews.

Version v2.0s (2010-11-04) includes:

  • Added an option to toggle showing money when in Sides only or Totals only display mode. The default is to show money.
  • When you get a newer version of the program, you will now get a notice explaining what has changed since the last version.
  • Fixed issues with fonts when running the program in an Operating System which uses a different sized default font than expected.
  • Added the ML Openers function to the Shortcut-keys Setup.

Version v2.0r (2010-10-12) includes:

  • Added option to setup receiving Steam Play popups in the Sounds and Alerts Setup.
  • Fixed an issue with printing money-lines and 1st half lines.
  • Fixed an issue with remembering the Remove 100s options between program restarts.
  • Added an option to remember the Display selection upon exit.

Version v2.0q (2010-09-02) includes:

  • Modified MyViews setup to let you select multiple games to add and/or remove.

Version v2.0p (2010-08-23) includes:

  • Display menu-item - Added a Display menu which gives you the option to view sides-only, or totals-only, or the default which is normally sides and totals.
  • Shortcut-key setup - You can add shortcut-keys to all three of the Display options.

Version v2.0o skipped.

Version v2.0n (2010-07-27) includes:

  • Fixed an issue where the postponed games were not going to the bottom if you had the Move final-games to bottom selected.

Version v2.0m (2010-07-13) includes:

  • You can now assign shortcut-keys to any tab, including MyViews.
  • In the Shortcut-key Setup, we now have a new function called Next MyView. Assigning a shortcut-key to that function enables you to press the assigned key to cycle to the next MyView. When you are at the last MyView, pressing this key will take you to the first MyView. If you only have one MyView, pressing that key will take you to that tab.

Version v2.0l skipped.

Version v2.0k (2010-06-30) includes:

  • Added a new Colors Setup which contains tabs for Line Changes, Games and Highlights. To access this option, click on Setup and then Colors. Note that the Line Changes options under Setup has moved to this setup window.
  • Added an option to select any color for the line-changes, in addition to the defaults.
  • Added options to select any color for games that have started, games that are final, and games that are postponed.
  • Added options to change the default color for highlighting rows or columns.
  • Added options to the right-click menu to select any color for highlighting cells, rows and columns.
  • You can now highlight information columns such as Team or Record.
  • If you have multiple windows, columns that are highlighting in one window will also highlight in other windows.
  • You can now access Alt-RL in the All Sports tab, Today tab, and MyView tabs. You can also assign a shortcut-key to get to the Alt-RL line-type.
  • Fixed an issue with finding text in headers.

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