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Tech Trends - Week 11
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NFL Trends
Thursday, Nov. 7
Matchup Skinny Tech Trend
at OKLAHOMA at BAYLOR...Baylor 6-1 vs. line TY, 12-1 last 13 on board. Bears have also covered last two vs. Sooners, also nine straight covers in Waco. Stoops only 1-3-1 as dog since 2007, OU not a DD dog since 2005 vs. Texas (+14 and a 45-12 loss). Baylor, based on team and series trends.
at TROY at LOUISIANA...Cajuns have won and covered last two meetings. Troy only 18-27-1 vs. line since 2010. Hudspeth 21-12-1 vs. line since arriving at ULL in 2011. Louisiana, based on team trends.
at OREGON at STANFORD...Note road team has covered 5 of last 6 meetings. Teams have split SU and vs. spread last four years. Ducks 3-0 vs. line away TY, 8-0 last 8, 13-1 last 14 away from Eugene. Tree 3-0-1 as dog since 2011. Oregon, based on team trends.
Friday, Nov. 8
Matchup Skinny Tech Trend
at LOUISVILLE at UCONN...Revenge for 'Ville after 23-20 loss LY. Cards only 2-2 vs. line last four in revenge. 'Ville only 1-3 vs. line last four in 2013, however. Huskies 1-6 vs. line TY, though they are 5-2 as home dog since 2011 (1-1 TY). Louisville, based on UConn woes.
at AIR FORCE at NEW MEXICO...Falcs 3-6 vs. line TY, 6-16 since 2012. Road team has covered last four in series. Lobos 1-3 vs. line at home TY and 0-1 as chalk. Slight to AFA, based on series road trends.
Saturday, Nov. 9
Matchup Skinny Tech Trend
at IOWA at PURDUE...Purdue 2-6 vs. line TY for Hazell, 5-13 last 18 on board since early 2012. Boilermakers also 1-5 last 6 as home dog. Ferentz 3-0 vs. line on road this season. Iowa, based on team trends.
at WESTERN KENTUCKY at ARMY...Petrino no covers last 3 TY and 2-5 last 7. But Toppers are 5-1 last six as visiting chalk and beat Army-like Navy earlier this season. Ellerson 6-3 last nine as home dog. WKU, based on team trends.
at SMU at CINCINNATI...Tuberville 3-1 vs. line at home TY, and Bearcats 11-6 as Nippert chalk since 2011. SMU only 2-5 vs. line TY, but June Jones 7-5 last 12 as dog. Cincy, based on team trends.
at NC STATE at DUKE...Blue Devils have covered last 3 in 2013, now 6-2 vs. line TY. NCS 3-10 vs. line as visitor since late 2010. Duke, based on recent trends.
at TULSA at EAST CAROLINA...Tulsa only 1-7 vs. spread this season. ECU has won and covered last three meetings, though haven't played since 2010. Pirates 8-5 vs. line last 13 at Greenville. ECU, based on recent trends.
at ILLINOIS at INDIANA...Beckman 1-6 as visiting dog since taking over Illini in 2012. Hoosiers 2-1 as home chalk TY. Indiana, based on Illini negatives.
at TCU at IOWA STATE...Frogs no covers last 4, now 2-7 vs. line TY, 6-16-1 last 23 on board, 11-24-1 last 35 since late 2010. Also 3-11 vs. line in Big 12 since joining LY. But ISU no covers last 3 TY. Slight to ISU, based on recent TCU woes.
at FLORIDA STATE at WAKE FOREST...Noles 6-2 vs. line TY, but still just 2-6 as visiting chalk since LY. Home team has won and covered last three in series. Wake 18-9 as home dog since 2003. Slight to Wake, based on extended trends.
at UAB at MARSHALL...Marshall had won and covered 3 straight in series prior to last season. UAB 1-4 vs. line last 5 away, 3-7 last 10 on board since late 2012. Herd 4-0 as DD chalk in 2013. Marshall, based on team trends.
at VIRGINIA TECH at MIAMI-FLORIDA...Beamer extended spread mark is 11-25-1 last 36 on board. Beamer just 2-5 as dog since 2010. Canes no covers last 3 TY but 18-9-1 last 28 on board since early 2011. Miami, based on team trends.
at PENN STATE at MINNESOTA...Nittany Lions no covers first three away from Happy Valley TY, 0-4 since late 2012. Gophers 6-3 vs. line in 2013, 3-2 at home. Minnesota, based on recent trends.
at SYRACUSE at MARYLAND...Terps 1-3 vs. line last four TY as injuries have mounted. If getting points, note Cuse 3-8 as visiting dog since 2011. Maryland, based on extended team trends.
at MISSOURI at KENTUCKY...Mizzou 3-0 vs. line away TY, 6-1 last 7 since early 2012. Cats no covers last 4 as home dog since late 2012 (0-3 for Stoops TY). Mizzou, based on team trends.
at VIRGINIA at NORTH CAROLINA...UNC has won and covered last three years vs. UVa. Fedora 8-3 vs. line at Chapel Hill since 2012. Cavs 5-15-3 last 23 on board since late 2011. UNC, based on team and series trends.
at VANDERBILT at FLORIDA...Muschamp 2-5-1 vs. line TY, 3-10-1 last 14 since mid 2012, 9-22-1 last 32 since early 2011. Gators also 3-6 last 9 as Swamp chalk. Dores 6-2 last nine away from Dudley Field, 9-7 as dog for James Franklin. Vandy, based on team trends.
at WESTERN MICHIGAN at EASTERN MICHIGAN...EMU has won and covered last two seasons, but Eagles only 1-8 vs. line in 2013, 5-16 since 2012. Also 8-18 as Ypsilanti dog since 2006. WMU not much better, 3-6 vs. line TY, 7-15 last 22 on board. WMU, based on EMU woes.
at TULANE at UTSA...UTSA 12-7 vs. line since LY, and has won and covered last 2 TY. Wave 6-3 vs. line in . Slight to UTSA, based on team trends.
at FRESNO STATE at WYOMING...Wyo 2-0 as dog TY, 23-12-1 in role since Christensen arrived in 2009. Fresno only one cover last nine (1-7-1) since late 2012. Wyoming, based on team trends.
at KANSAS STATE at TEXAS TECH...Bill Snyder has covered last 4 TY and is 19-9 as an underdog since returning to KSU in 2009. Cats have also won and covered last two vs. TT. Kansas State, based on Bill Snyder underdog trends.
at BYU at WISCONSIN...Bronco Mendenhall vs. Gary Andersen again, brutal defensive war LY when Andersen at USU and BYU wins 6-3, but a Utag cover. Wiscy 7-1 vs. line TY and Andersen now 18-3 vs. line since 2012 with USU and Badgers. Mendenhall's Cougs, however, have now covered 11 straight as a dog since mid 2010 (2-0 TY). Slight to BYU, based on Mendenhall dog numbers.
at ARKANSAS at OLE MISS...It's gone pear-shaped for Hogs, no covers last 4 or 7 of last 8 for Bielema TY. Hugh Freeze covering numbers again, three straight and now 5-3 vs. line TY, 25-8 since 2011 at Ark State & Ole Miss. Rebs have covered last 2 and 3 of last 4 meetings. Ole Miss, based on team trends.
at NEVADA at COLORADO STATE...CSU 9-3 last 12 on board since late LY. Rams also 5-2 as chalk for McElwain since LY. Pack 2-7 vs. spread last 8 as visitor. Pack also just 6-12 vs. line last 18 since early 2012. CSU, based on team trends.
at COLORADO at WASHINGTON...Buffs 6-17 vs. line in Pac-12 since joining in 2011. UW no covers last 3 TY. Slight to UW, based on recent CU woes.
at TEXAS at WEST VIRGINIA...Holgorsen 3-6 vs. line TY, 3-4 as dog after 5-2 dog mark past two years. WVU 5-12 last 17 vs. line since mid 2012. Mack has won last 5 SU and 3-2 vs. line last 5 in 2013. Slight to Texas, based on recent trends.
at ARIZONA STATE at UTAH...ASU has won and covered big the last two years vs. Utes. Whittingham only 2-3 as dog TY, so-so 9-8 in role since 2011. Sun Devils have now won and covered last 3 TY after WSU blowout. Graham 4-0 visiting chalk since arriving at ASU LY. ASU, based on team and series trends.
at NEBRASKA at MICHIGAN...Note home team has won and covered in series past two seasons. Bo Pelini 1-8 vs. line last nine away from Lincoln, Brady Hoke 4-1 vs. line at Ann Arbor TY. Michigan, based on team and series trends.
at HAWAII at NAVY...Norm Chow 7-4 vs. line since late LY (4-4 in 2013). UH is 4-1 its last 5 as DD dog. Mids 6-2 vs. line TY, 3-0 vs. line at Annapolis, where Mids had been just 5-10 vs. line previous three seasons. Navy also 2-1 as chalk TY after 10-20-1 mark 2009-12. Slight to Hawaii, based on team trends.
at UTEP at NORTH TEXAS...UNT surging with covers in last four after Rice win. Mean Green 8-2 vs. line since late 2012. UTEP no covers last 6 and 1-7 vs. line TY, 5-19-1 last 24 on board. UNT, based on team trends.
at KANSAS at OKLAHOMA STATE...OSU 9-1 last 10 as Stillwater chalk, 15-9 laying DD since 2008. Weis 3-5 vs. line TY, 8-12 since arriving at KU. OSU, based on team trends.
at SOUTHERN CAL at CAL...Trojans now 1-10 vs. line last 11 away from Coliseum after win at OSU, but have won last 9 SU vs. Cal. SC has also covered last 4 and 7 of last 8 vs. Bears. Cal 2-7 vs. line TY, 2-12 last 14 on board, same as HC Sonny Dykes' mark since mid 2012 at LT & Cal, but Berkeley has covered last 2 TY. Bears also 1-8 SU vs. line last 9 as host. SC, based on series trends.
at NOTRE DAME at PITT...Panthers have covered last 3 years in series although they haven't beaten Irish SU since 2009. Pitt no covers last 4 or 5 of last 6 TY. Irish 3-5 as visiting chalk for Brian Kelly since 2010. Slight to Pitt, based on series trends.
at MISSISSIPPI STATE at TEXAS A&M...Dan Mullen 1-6 as visiting dog since 2011. A&M 8-4 as College Station chalk since LY. A&M, based on team trends.
at BOSTON COLLEGE at NEW MEXICO STATE...Ags 2-6 vs. line TY, 2-11 last 13 on board, and 5-14-1 since 2012. Also 2-9 vs. line last 11 at Las Cruces. Eagles only 1-8 vs. line last nine away, however. BC, based on NMSU negatives.
at UTAH STATE at UNLV...Bobby Hauck 14-8-1 vs. line at Sam Boyd since 2010, and Rebs 22-11-1 as home dog since 2005. Utags, however, 9-2 vs. line last 11 away, and 16-5 overall vs. spread since 2012. Utah State, based on team trends.
at FIU at MTSU...FIU 3-5 vs. line TY, 8-13 last 21 and 11-30 last 29 vs. line dating to parts of 2011. MTSU has won and covered 3 of last 4 meetings. Slight to MTSU, based on FIU negatives.
at ARKANSAS STATE at ULM...Warhawks have won and covered last three in 2013 Ark State has won and covered last three in series, but Red Wolves just 2-6 vs. line TY for new HC Harsin. ULM, based on recent trends.
at SOUTHERN MISS at LA TECH...USM 0-20 SU and 4-16 vs. line in those games since start of 2012! La Tech not too much better, 3-5 vs. line TY and 3-10 last 13 on board since mid 2012. Though Bulldogs have covered 3 of last 5 TY. La Tech, based on USM negatives.
at AUBURN at TENNESSEE...Malzahn 6-0 SU and vs. line last six in 2013, now 15-6 vs. spread at Ark St & Auburn since LY. Butch Jones 2-0 as home dog TY and his Cincy & UT teams are 6-2 as dog since LY (3-2 TY). Auburn, based on recent trends.
at HOUSTON at UCF...Cougs' spread loss to USF drops them to "only" 9-1 last 10 on board since late LY. UH 2-0 as dog TY. But O'Leary 6-1 vs. line TY and 17-8 last 25 as home chalk. Slight to UCF, based on extended trends.
at UCLA at ARIZONA...Home team has covered last four in series. UCLA had lost five in a row SU vs. Cats prior to 66-10 rout LY, so this is major revenge for Rich-Rod. Mora 4-1 as chalk TY, 2-2 vs. line away. Cats 2-0 as home dog for Rodriguez. Slight to UA, based on extended series trends.
at LSU at ALABAMA...LSU has covered last three reg.-season meetings, though Bama won and covered handily in 2011 BCS title game. Nick 4-1 vs. line last 5 in 2013, and 5 of last 6 as SEC host. Les Miles 4-1 as dog since 2011, Tigers 5-1-2 vs. spread last 8 at Tuscaloosa. LSU, based on team and extended series trends.
at SAN DIEGO STATE at SAN JOSE STATE...Rocky Long 6-5-1 as dog with Aztecs since 2011 (3-2 as visiting dog). SJSU 5-3 vs. line for Caragher TY and 19-5 last 24 on board dating to mid 2011. SJSU, based on recent trends.

Auburn holds off No. 18 LSU, 18-13
Unbeaten Houston routs Texas St., 64-3
Colorado holds off Oregon, 41-38
Dobbs, Vols rally past Gators 38-28
Michigan hammers Penn State, 49-10
Ole Miss dominates Georgia 45-14
Wisconsin routs Michigan State 30-6
FSU rebounds, rips South Florida 55-35
UNC nips Pitt in ACC opener, 37-36
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