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Odds to Win
Similar to Auto Racing, the “Odds to Win” wager is the most popular Golf choice for bettors. Put simply, you just need to pick the overall winner of the tournament You select any of the golfers in the field and your payout for the bet will depend on the odds given at the time of the wager. To figure out your Win Amount, take the odds and multiply by the amount wagered. In the example above, Sergio Garcia is listed as a 10/1 betting choice. If you wager $100 on Garcia to win the event and he comes in first, then you would win $1,000 (100 x10). You would collect $1,100, which includes your win and stake ($100).

What does the FIELD (ALL OTHERS) mean? - Many golf events will include a betting selection called the Field. This bet consists of all golfers not listed in the “Odds to Win.” The size of golf tournaments vary and it’s rare to see oddsmakers put a price on every ball striker that will tee off. Golfers that are given the least opportunity to win will be grouped into the “Field” odds and paid out accordingly if they win.

Matchup betting in golf is just as simplistic as “Odds to Win” wagers. In this bet, the objective is to select one golfer to finish ahead of another golfer. Similar to other sports, there is always money-line odds associated with each matchup, which means there will always be a favorite and an underdog. Looking above in the matchup example - Lucas Glover (-135) vs. Tim Clark (+115) – Glover is the favorite and Clark is the underdog. In this particular matchup, gamblers looking for a payout of $100 on Lucas Glover would have to risk $135 to win $100. Those betting $100 on Tim Clark (+115) would earn a payout of $115 if Clark finishes ahead of Martin in the race. To win your matchup wagers, you need the golfer you selected to post a lower score than the opponent selected in the matchups (See Rules).

Golf Rules
All betting shops and bookmakers follow their own house guidelines, but the rules listed below are widely considered industry standards

-- Should an event be shortened, or otherwise affected due to weather conditions the official result will be used when grading all wagers.

-- In Matchup Wagers, the winner will be the golfer with the highest placing at the end of the event.

-- If one golfer misses the cut, the other golfer is deemed the winner. If both golfers miss the cut, the lowest score after the cut has been made will determine the wager.

-- If a listed golfer in a matchup withdraws prior to the first round then the matchups is deemed void.

-- If a listed golfer is disqualified or withdraws after starting the event, either prior to the completion of two rounds or after both golfers have made the cut, the other golfer is deemed the winner.

-- If a golfer is disqualified during either the 3rd or 4th rounds, when the other golfer in the matchup has already missed the cut, the disqualified golfer is deemed the winner.

-- If two golfers shoot the same score there is a push and all wagers will be refunded.