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Streak Bettor close to 25K

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By Tom Wilkinson

[...] Streak Contest Player Two Wins Away From $25,000

While the Cleveland Indians are making headlines with one of the longest winning streaks in baseball history, a player at [...] is hoping to make history of his own in the website’s $25,000 Streak Challenge.

Tony, a [...] client for years, is just two wins away from taking home the $25,000 grand prize in the [...] Streak contest.

Tony has picked 19 straight winners and needs just two more to reach the lucrative and lucky number of 21, which just happens to be the number of games the Indians won in a row to break the American League record. If Tony can pick two more winners in this popular contest, available for free to all [...] players, he will win $25,000.

“It’s been a fun ride, and hopefully it will continue, but it’s free so I try not to think about it too much,” Tony said.

[...] has been running their $25K Streak Challenge contest for five years and no one has ever reached 21 wins. [...] makes anywhere from 8 to 30 games available on a daily basis in their contest. Participants have a maximum of three days in between picks to enter a selection.

Tony, however, has not skipped a day since his streak started. Below is a breakdown of the 19 straight winners Tony has picked heading into Wednesday, September 13.

(Editor’s Note: The streak started prior to [...]’s transition to a new location, when at that point the Streak Challenge was temporarily inactive)

Marlins-Cardinals Under 9½ (July 6) W1
Pirates-Cubs Under 9 (July 7) W2
Braves-Nationals Over 9 (July 8) W3
Braves-Nationals Over 9½ (July 9) W4
Rangers-A’s Over 10 (Aug. 27 W5
Rays-Royals Over 10 (Aug. 28) W6
Eagles-Jets Under 36 (Aug. 31) W7
Rays -1½ over White Sox (Sept. 1) W8
Reds-Pirates Under 8½ (Sept. 2) W9
Angels-Rangers Over 11 (Sept. 3) W10
Cardinals-Padres Under 8½ (Sept. 4) W11
Rockies -1½ over Giants (Sept. 5) W12
Brewers-Reds Under 9 (Sept. 6) W13
Marlins-Braves Over 9½ (Sept. 7) W14
Reds-Mets Under 8½ (Sept. 8) W15
East Carolina-WV Over 66 (Sept. 9) W16
Rays-Red Sox Under 9 (September 10) W17
Saints-Vikings Over 47½ (Sept. 11) W18
A’s-Red Sox Over 10 (September 12) W19

Not only does [...] award $25,000 for anyone who picks 21 straight winners, prizes are awarded for streaks of 17 consecutive winners, 13 straight, nine (9) straight and five (5) straight.

Tony, who is 37 years old and from Maryland, said that he started in sports gaming in 1996. He watches baseball every day, but his favorite team is the Washington Redskins. Tony said that he doesn’t have a specific sport he bets on, but that he pretty much bets on everything, although most of his plays in this contest have been on MLB. In fact, 14 of the 19 winners have been on MLB totals.

“I do like to bet on baseball, he said. “I like totals, I feel like I have an edge looking at the stats and stuff.”

Monday night proved to be one of Tony’s closest decisions during the streak. He selected over 47.5 in the Monday Night Football matchup between the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings. He needed a late, garbage touchdown from Drew Brees to push the game over by a half point.

“With a couple of minutes left, Brees down on the goal line, I was sweating it out,” Tony said. “Good thing they were down by 17 points and not 16, otherwise they would have gone for 2.”

Tony said that he has considered hedging his bet since he is so close to winning $25,000, but that he hasn’t made a decision yet. His advice to other people hoping to get on a long streak and win the $25K is to “always go with your gut feeling.”

Try your hand in [...] Streak Challenge today by clicking here.

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