Best Slot Apps May 2024

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With online casino gaming being legalized throughout the country, many people are looking for places to place their bets. There are casino apps from well known iGaming operators like BetMGM, Caesars Palace Online Casino, bet365, Golden Nugget, WynnBET, and FanDuel that are known as the best. However, how do you know which slot app is the one for you?

Top Online Slot Apps

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Here we will look into the various features and factors you need to think about when choosing the gaming app for you. You will want to make sure the slot app you choose is trusted of course. You also need to make sure the app matches up with your lifestyle.


Best Slot Apps & Mobile Games: Legal, Real-Money Bets

You may think all slot games are made the same but that is not true. There are different versions of slots, for instance progressive slots, jackpot slots, multi reel slots, and themed slots. When it comes to themed slots, you can typically find slots in the theme of popular movies and tv shows.

  • BetMGM: Cleopatra Mega Jackpot slots, Great Bear, Ultra Blazing Fire Link, Dancing Drums Explosion, Gonzo’s Quest, Divine Fortune, Adventures of Doubloon Island, Assassin Moon, 88 Fortunes, Bonanza, Endless Treasure, Cleopatra II, Titan’s Riches, Follow the Honey, and Candy Blasted
  • Caesars Palace Online Casino: 100,000 Pyramid, 25 Diamonds, and Visit From St. Nick
  • bet365: Wild Pistolero, Grand Junction: Enchanted Inca, and Pyramid Linx
  • Golden Nugget: Golden Nugget Video Slot, 1 Can 2 Can, and 11 Champions
  • WynnBet: Golden Wins, Cleopatra Mega Jackpot, and 300 Shields Extreme
  • FanDuel: Fortune Coin, Chicken Fox, and Smokin Triples

Advantages of Playing Real Money Online Slots

When it comes to casino games, slots can be one of the easiest games for novice bettors. Slots is a game of luck versus a game of skill like poker. Because of that, you do not need to learn certain skills and read your opponent to potentially win a payout.

Better RTP

When choosing a slot casino game to play, RTP or Return to Player Percentage is extremely important. RTP equals the rewards a user can expect to win from online slots, how much of their bets can be expected to return to them. Some slot games have a higher RTP than others, so it’s important to consider that when deciding which games to try.

Of the online casino betting apps that we have discussed, Golden Nugget is the one that has the most games that have the highest RTP average. Here are some of the games with the highest RTP average that can be found on our above listed casino betting apps:

  • Starburst Slot: Starburst Slot has a 98% RTP average, which is quite high. This game has been around since 2012 and was released by NetEnt. It is a five reel game with 10 paylines — and it’s space themed for extra fun. You can find this game at the Golden Nugget online casino.
  • Bloodsuckers Slot: Bloodsuckers Slot also has a 98% RTP average, a very high average. This slot game has five reels and 25 paylines, and is known for having one of the greatest bonus game features in the slots world. This game can be found on the BetMGM online casino.
  • Starmania Slot: Starmania Slot has an RTP average of 97.87%, which is also exceptionally high. This slot game also has five reels and 10 paylines, plus, like Starburst, it is also space themed. This slot game can also be found on Golden Nugget online casino.
  • White Rabbit Slot: White Rabbit Slot has an RTP average of 97.72%. This Alice in Wonderland themed slot game claims to offer 248,832 ways to win. It also has five reels and 16,807 paylines. This slot game can be found on Caesars Palace Online Casino.
  • Medusa II Slot: Medusa II Slot has a 97.07% RTP average, which again, is still very high. This game is a sequel from NextGen that is Medusa themed. The slot game features five reels and 243 ways to win. You can find Medusa II Slot also on the Golden Nugget online casino.

Security and Trustworthiness

A major worry and factor to consider when using any online betting app is the safety, security, and trustworthiness of the app. What is good about all of these apps is that they are from respected, trusted, and popular brands that have earned good names and reputations for themselves. In addition, these apps are operating on the level, meaning they are not black or gray market operators.

These online casino apps need to be regulated by the gambling and gaming authorities in the states in which they operate. They need to receive licenses and need to be regulated by the state gambling authorities in order to run and operate. These operators also use industry standard SSL encryption software to keep the data from their customers safe and secure.

Real-Money Gambling Options

The best options to use if you are planning to engage in real-money gambling are the operators who have been licensed by your state and are regulated by your state’s gaming authorities. That way, you know the operator is operating on the level and above the line. The options we have discussed are legal, real-money options.

These options are safe because of the software they use and their reputations. They offer more secure payout options, plus better wagering requirements when it comes to both bonuses and withdrawals.

Meanwhile, the black market, gray market, or “offshore” options are operating basically illegally. These options are not licensed to operate nor are they regulated by the state’s gaming authorities. This makes these options less trustworthy. They also do not typically offer real money betting, instead opting for credits or betting with crypto. These options can be less secure and can lead to higher wagering requirements as a result.

What Makes These the Best Real-Money Slot Apps?

What makes for the best real money slot apps is a few different things. One is the interface that the app uses. Another is the functionality of the interface and the app. And of course the availability of the app is also extremely important.

  • Interface: The interface is the layout of the app, basically how everything is laid out and how the user can interact with it, how everything is accessed and the features that are available.
  • Functionality: Functionality is how the app actually works and, well, functions. If the app has simple functionality and makes it easy for the user to access the features, works without any bugs, that is obviously ideal for users.
  • Availability: An app is only as good as its availability at the end of the day. Users need to be able to download and install the app on their desired devices in order to use it. The app needs to be released in the state in which the user is located. Most apps are available for both iOS/iPhone devices as well as Android devices. They can be found in the Apple App Store for iOS/iPhone devices or in Google Play for Android devices. Additionally, many of the online casino sites themselves will offer an option to download the app directly from there.

Features of Mobile Slot Games

Another factor when choosing which mobile slot games you want to use is the features available. The features can range from the different game types/playing styles to the in-game bonuses available. Plus, they can also describe the type of slot game itself.

Progressive Slots / Jackpot Slots

Progressive Slots and Jackpot Slots work much like the Powerball or Megamillions lottery games that are available in many states. This means that the total prize pool builds up until someone wins.

Multireel Slots

Multireel slots have vertical spinning icons. The more reels that are available typically mean there are multiplier bonuses. These slots are the classic type of slot machines that you will find in most casinos. Typically you will have anywhere from 4 reels to 9 reels.

In-Game Bonuses

Many casino games have in-game bonuses offered. These in-game bonuses can be:

  • Multiplier Bonuses: Multipliers are unique features found within slot games that bring with them the ability to multiply your winnings by a predetermined amount.
  • Free Spins: Free spins give users additional plays on slot games without having to use more money.
  • Better Pay Table: A better pay table is similar to RTP in that it is a casino game that offers better possible payouts to users.

Themed Slots

As mentioned before, themed slots are especially fun as they can allow you to show your pop culture fandom. Themed slots can be available representing bands, tv shows, and movies, as well as different sports and sports teams. They function as regular slot games only they operate with this theme and it can influence the gameplay.

Managing Your Online Slot App Account

There are other features that are important when it comes to your online betting app accounts. If you run into an issue, you will want to be able to find help in the form of customer service. And, if you are going to be placing your bets using real money, you will need to make sure your preferred payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals are available on the app.

Customer Service

The best online betting apps offer multiple forms of customer service. Typically, the first place to look to find a solution to any issue you have will be the frequently asked questions section or help center on the app. This will usually feature typical issues people run into and their solutions. There will also be different avenues that users can utilize to contact a customer service agent directly. Most online betting apps will have a phone avenue, an email option, and a live chat option. The live chat option is usually the fastest option you can use to fix any problem you have.

Available Payment Methods, Deposits, and Withdrawals

There are usual payment methods that most online betting apps will accept. Most of the time, apps will require users to withdraw their winnings utilizing the same method that the user used to deposit their money with. The typical methods you will find will be debit cards and credit cards (usually Visa Card and Mastercard), PayPal (eWallet), ACH Transfer (eCheck), online banking, wire transfer, Neteller, and Skrill.

Best Slot Machine Apps FAQ

You have just learned a whole lot of information about the best online slot machine apps. But, you could still have some questions about online slot machine apps. This frequently asked questions section will hopefully address those questions.

Which slot app is best?

The online slot app that is best is up to each individual user. The Golden Nugget online casino has the most games that have the highest RTP averages. However, many of the other apps are also highly rated by online betting fans for different reasons.

Which online slots win the most?

It is not known which online slots game wins the most. However, the online slots game with the highest RTP average is Starburst Slot which can be found on the Golden Nugget online casino.

What are the best paying slots?

The best paying slots can be progressive slots/jackpot slots. This is because these kinds of games build a larger pool of money over time until a user wins and gets the pooled payout. So, as a result, these payouts can build up and be larger.

Which online betting app has the most games with high RTPs?

The online betting app that has the most games with high RTPs is the Golden Nugget online casino.

How can users download online betting apps?

Users can download online betting apps either by going to the Apple App store for iPhone/iOS devices or by going to the Google Play store for Android devices. They can also download these apps directly from the online casino site itself most of the time. In order to download and install an online casino app, user must have enough memory available on their device of choice. The device must also have an up to date operating system.