Last Updated May 22, 2022, 10:33 PM

Great Dane Nation - Episode 89: Tom Izzo

On the 89 th episode of “Great Dane Nation,” Morten is again joined by VegasInsider’s Stephanie
Otey, who will be contributing to the podcast over the next few months as the NFL offseason
continues to roll along! This week, Morten and Stephanie are joined by legendary Michigan
State head basketball coach Tom Izzo (13:42 – 55:20).

Off the top of the show, Morten, Stephanie and TommyFreezePops (Tom Carroll) react to the
NFL schedule release, and talk about their favorite games on the 2022 slate. Stephanie
previews Bills at Bengals (04:08), Morten previews Saints at Falcons (06:40), and FreezePops
previews Packers at Buccaneers (09:59).

We then move to our interview with Tom Izzo, where he discusses a wide range of topics:
eating sausage sandwiches on college football Saturdays (15:20); Stephanie proclaiming her
MSU hoops allegiance to Coach Izzo, and asking if that makes her a bad Ohio State fan (16:48);
importance of having alumni around the program with the introduction of “Grind Week”

Morten says he can kick a basketball in the hoop from halfcourt for some halftime
entertainment (21:10); some of Coach Izzo’s favorite Midnight Madness moments (21:40); why
Coach Izzo is not in favor of a “super conference” in college sports, and why he thinks the Big
Ten is already too big (23:29); what would have happened if the 2020 March Madness
Tournament hadn’t been cancelled, and what he told his team when it happened (26:22); on
watching his peers retire, and why the NIL and new transfer rules have him thinking about life
after coaching more than his friends retiring (28:58);

Why Coach Izzo believes with no salary caps or contracts, the transfer rules are allowing too much player freedom, which will ultimately hurt the athletes in the long run (31:44); his thoughts on a possible move to the NBA (34:00); why new standards at the college level “hurt” (35:01); why Coach Izzo believes college basketball is always a better option than playing pro ball before entering the NBA (36:45); his
favorite ex-Spartans, and a great story about Draymond Green (39:45); why Coach Izzo would
want to pursue a job coaching football after he’s done coaching college hoops (43:45); who he’s
putting his money on to win this year’s Western Conference Finals in the NBA (46:15); and
remembering the late Adreian Payne (48:00).

We close things out with “Quiz Time with TommyFreezePops,” with this week’s topic being
Michigan State and Ohio State trivia. Which host knows the most about their favorite college
football squad? Will Stephanie FINALLY get her first win? Will Morten’s winning streak come to
an end? (55:40)

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