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Antony Dinero - About Me

The Antony Dinero handicapping brand is owned and operated by Tony Mejia, who is a veteran analyst and columnist in the online sports industry.
Born in New York, Mejia grew up immersed in the games athletes play and took to telling people who would win the game and accurately predicting point spreads very early in life, taking notes and keeping track of predictions for as long as he can remember. As often happens with these type of skills, they're perfected over the years and combined with new technologies and stats analysis to create the services available today.
Mejia ended up going into the writing game professionally and has been to many of the venues that these contests take place in, factoring in past experiences and observations into some of his plays because he's of the belief that some of these things simply go in cycles.
He believes that handicappers serve the same purpose as stock brokers, guiding you in the right direction in regards to your investment and puts out a higher volume of picks than most because he'll never deny his patrons one of his leans if he can help it. He aggressively seeks out advantages in the wagering game by absorbing information and dissecting angles, remaining aware of trends without letting it cloud his judgment as the end-all, be-all.
His documented handicapping career started while he was a senior writer at with the popular feature "Mejia's Selections."
At first, Mejia's Selections met some resistance. How can anyone make so many predictions? Every game? Every night? The accuracy opened some eyes, increased traffic. It got sponsored. Playing bracketologist became a part of his role in addition to producer, and his success doing that was well-documented.
While working at, Mejia engaged in talks with management at, who was a sister site of CBS prior to its sale in 2003.
He ultimately joined their team but under the pseudonym Antony Dinero, due to compliance issues within the corporate settings at CBS.
Mejia is now an independent columnist and handicapper exclusively for, which is very rare for any individual in this industry to say these days.
His handicapping approach is still questioned and the volume of his selections even has his superiors at VI scratching their heads but one thing is assured, no questions will ever be asked about his documented winning records.
Mejia’s style is simple but consuming. He believes watching is the key, whether picks are working out or failing. You never turn it off.

Why are there always so many picks? Well, because he never wants anyone to feel cheated. He typically puts out multiple picks daily. Premium plays are heavy leans, Member picks should be perceived as locks and his Guaranteed winner is his top play of the day.
He believes there are so many angles available and there might be a tinge of a personal desire to make up for a missed day of work sprinkled in there, but every pick is researched and has not only a basis, but a projected score and analysis.
How does he successfully handicap so many sports? Again, it's consuming but Mejia believes that if you work hard at something, you'll be rewarded. Basketball is his first love but his loyalties to football, soccer and baseball are just as strong.
Along with being a documented winning prognosticator, Mejia’s true love is writing and providing valuable insight to readers.
Be sure to look for more coverage of Mejia’s work on and his exclusive selections as Antony Dinero.

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2019-2020 NFL #2 Guaranteed Leader: +680
2019-2020 NFL #2 Totals Leader: +790
2019 MLB #3 Underdog Leader: +1,823
2019 WNBA #2 Guaranteed Leader: +1,060
2019 WNBA Totals Leader: +1,210
2018-2019 NBA Money Leader: +3,707
2018-2019 NBA #3 Totals Leader: +1,214
2018-2019 NBA Member Leader: +4,083
2018-2019 NCAA FB #3 Member Leader: +988
2018 World Cup #2 Money Leader: +957
2017-2018 NBA #2 Money Leader: +1,760
2017-2018 NBA Guaranteed Leader: +2,809
2017-2018 NBA Totals Leader: +2,423
2017-2018 NCAA BK #2 Money Leader: +2,956
2017-2018 NCAA BK Totals Leader: +5,769
2017-2018 NCAA BK #2 Memeber Leader: +3,380
2017-2018 NCAA FB Guaranteed Leader: +1,510
2017-2018 NCAA FB #3 Totals Leader: +551
2016-2017 NCAA BK #3 Totals Leader: +1,297
2016-2017 NCAA BK Money Total: +1,628
2016 MLB #2 Guaranteed Leader: +2,618
2016 MLB #2 Favorites Leader: +2,798
2015-2016 NBA Totals Leader: +2,612
13-0 MLB Guaranteed Play Run: 4/3/16 - 4/16/16
2015-2016 NCAA BK #2 Guaranteed Leader: +1,369
2015-2016 NCAA BK Member Leader: +2,572
2015-2016 NFL #3 Money Leader: +1,655
2015-2016 NFL Member Leader: +1,401
2015-2016 NCAA FB Member Leader: +2,072
2014-2015 NBA Money Total: +1,126
2014-2015 NCAA BK #2 Totals Leader: +700
2014-2015 NFL Totals Leader: +1,252
2014 MLB Money Leader: +6,791
2014 MLB #2 Totals Leader: +1,208
2014 MLB #2 Favorites Leader: +1,807
2013-2014 NCAA BK #2 Totals Leader: +1,301
2012-2013 NCAA BK #2 Money Leader: +5,517
2012-2013 NCAA BK #3 Percent Leader: 55%
2012-2013 NCAA BK Totals Leader: +1,462
2012-2013 NCAA BK Member Leader: +2,338
2012-2013 NFL #2 Guaranteed Leader: +1,122
2012-2013 NCAA FB Money Leader: +4,136
2012-2013 NCAA FB #3 Member Leader: +974
2011-2012 NBA Totals Leader: +3,059
2011-2012 NCAA BK Money Leader: +4,821
2011-2012 NCAA BK #2 Member Leader: +1,233
2011-2012 NFL #2 Money Leader: +1,938
2011-2012 NFL Totals Leader: +1,887
2011-2012 NCAA FB #3 Money Leader: +1,675
2011-2012 NCAA FB #2 Guaranteed Leader: +412
2011-2012 NCAA FB Member Leader: +1,819
2011-2012 NCAA FB #2 Totals Leader: +1,842
2010-2011 NBA Money Leader: +6,008
2010-2011 NBA Guaranteed Leader: +2,757
2010-2011 NCAA BK Money Leader: +3,013
2010-2011 NCAA BK Totals Leader: +2,426
2010-2011 NFL #2 Money Leader: +3,248
2010-2011 NFL Totals Leader: +1,207
2010-2011 NCAA FB Money Leader: +5,173
2010-2011 NCAA FB Guaranteed Leader: +735
2010-2011 NCAA FB #2 Totals Leader: +1,562
2009-2010 NFL #3 Money Leader: +879
2009-2010 NFL Totals Leader: +856
2009-2010 NCAA BK #2 Member Leader: +1,632
2004-2005 NBA #2 Money Leader: +3,260

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