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Paul Bovi - About Me

Paul began his career on Wall Street and eventually rose to Vice President of a prominent investment firm before transitioning in 1995 to that of a respected and successful professional sports bettor. Paul specializes in NBA, NFL and CFB. In 2004, he launched his career as a public handicapper as he was besieged by requests for his plays from friends and acquaintances. As Paul put it, 'I found myself responding to hordes of text messages on a typical Saturday and Sunday.' This seemed like the best way to resolve the issue and be documented at the same time.'

Paul has established himself as an elite NBA handicapper in compiling a 60% against the spread record in both 2008-2009 and 2010-2011, with a combined record of 162-107. Most recently in the 2015 season, Paul posted a 136-95 record ATS (59%) while in 2013-14 he landed a shade over 57%. Beginning in 2011, Paul has been the host of a weekly podcast with former referee Tim Donaghy which focuses on a variety of topics including handicapping the games from a betting prospective. Paul has also been a guest on the Celtics post game show, a Raiders pre game broadcast, while also haven been featured on various cable television stations lending his wagering expertise.

In 2010, in only his 3rd year of entry, Paul cashed 15th place in the prestigious NFL Hilton Super Contest with an against the spread record of 51-33-1. Paul is recognized as an expert in Super Bowl proposition wagering in compiling a 73% win rate over the last decade with his articles on the subject having appeared in USA Today, the Daily Racing Form as well as other notable publications. He has also made frequent guest appearances on both ESPN and Fox Sports radio.

Paul attributes his success to watching as many games as possible, which he feels gives him a distinct advantage over those handicappers that rely strictly upon statistical information, or technical related factors. Paul is a gambler first, and is on record in saying that he will be ‘on every game that he gives out’, and will not compromise his commitment to providing his clients the information they need to win.

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2020-2021 NFL #2 Money Leader: +991
2020-2021 NFL #2 Percent Leader: 56%
2019-2020 NFL Money Leader: +2,395
2019-2020 NFL #2 Percent Leader: 61%
2019-2020 NFL Totals Leader: +840
2019-2020 NCAA FB #3 Totals Leader: +570
2018-2019 NFL Totals Leader: +1,253
2017-2018 NBA #2 Percent Leader: 55%
2017-2018 NBA #3 Member Leader: +422
2017-2018 NBA Overall Money: +1,324
2017-2018 NFL #3 Money Leader: +1,386
2017-2018 NFL #3 Guaranteed Leader: +987
2016-2017 NBA #3 Total Leader: +1,015
2015-2016 NBA Money Leader: +3,344
2015-2016 NBA Percent Leader: 59%
2015-2016 NBA Guaranteed Leader: +1,899
2015-2016 NBA #2 Totals Leader: +1,349
2015-2016 NBA #2 Member Leader: +1,160
2015-2016 NCAA FB #2 Percent Leader: 58%
2015-2016 NCAA FB #3 Member Leader: +1,307
2013-2014 NBA #2 Money Leader: +2,374
2013-2014 NBA #2 Percent Leader: 58%
2013-2014 NBA Guaranteed Leader: +2,013
2012-2013 NBA #2 Totals Leader: +911
2011-2012 NBA Member Leader: +1,770
2011-2012 NBA #2 Totals Leader: +593
2010-2011 NBA Percent Leader: 60%
2010-2011 NBA #2 Money Leader: +2,329
2010-2011 NBA Totals Leader: +1,604
2010-2011 NBA Member Leader: +1,233
2009-2010 NFL #2 Member Leader: +650
2008-2009 NBA Percent Leader: 61%
2008-2009 NBA #3 Totals Leader: +1,308
2008-2009 NCAA FB #2 Totals Leader: +783
2008-2009 NCAA FB #3 Percent Leader: 58%
2008-2009 NFL #3 Percent Leader: 61%
2007-2008 NBA Member Leader
2004-2005 NFL Money Leader: +1,050
2004-2005 NFL #3 Percent Leader: 58%

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