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Andy Iskoe - About Me

Andrew formed his present company, Logical Approach, in 1982 and has been a professional and public handicapper since then, devoting his full time energies to the handicapping profession since 1988. He moved to Las Vegas in 1991 and has resided there since.

Logical Approach is a sports handicapping, research and publishing enterprise involving the three major sports of college and pro football, college and pro basketball and major league baseball. Andrew is the owner, operator and sole handicapper for Logical Approach. His handicapping style can best be described as a mixture of statistical and situational handicapping.

Andrew has been a long time advocate of computers and long ago understood how they would revolutionize sports handicapping. He has been using them since the dawn of the personal computer era in the early 1980's. Consequently, much of his contributions to the literature of sports handicapping, including contributions to, tend be more analytical and mathematical. He relies on Power Ratings, statistical analyses and comparisons and the like in making his handicapping selections, recommendations and wagers.

His money management style is more conservative than aggressive with an eye towards long term success rather than short term volatility. His 'logical approach' is that whereas there are inevitably short term cycles that can happen at any time, sound handicapping that relies on long term fundamentals is more likely to result in long term profits and a more conservative money management strategy is better suited to withstand short term fluctuations.

5 Pick NFL Sunday Picks, Sunday September 27
1 Pick NFL Monday Picks, Monday September 28
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Iskoe: Daily Stats Report
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2015-2016 NFL Money Leader: +2,608
2015-2016 NFL Percent Leader: 63%
2015-2016 NFL Totals Leader: +1,090
2015-2016 NCAA FB Record: 57%, +934
2014-2015 NCAA BK #3 Totals Leader: +654
2011-2012 NHL #3 Member Leader: +506
2008-2009 NBA #2 Percent Leader: 59%
2008-2009 NHL #3 Money Leader: +157
2007-2008 NBA #2 Percent Leader: 58%
2005-2006 NHL #3 Money Leader: +1,655
2004-2005 NCAA FB #2 Money Leader: +1,320
2006 Leroy's NCAAF Contest: 2nd and 3rd place plus split of the mini-contest
Several money finishes in the prestigious Hilton SuperContest

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Andy Iskoe's NFL Picks
Period: 09/27/2020 to 09/27/2020
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