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Matt Fargo - About Me

Matt broke into the professional handicapping scene back in 2002 but he was far from raw as sports betting had been in his life for many years prior. He made a name for himself with numerous top five finishes at a prominent independent national sports monitor in his first three years.

Consistent winning is the name of the game and that is what Matt provides. He has become one of the most recognized and respected handicappers around and that is by no accident. His top notch analysis backs up every play so he doesn't just give you winners, he tells you exactly why.

While specific systems are not used on a daily basis, Matt is considered a situational handicapper above anything else. Analyzing each and every game, no matter how big or how small the card may be, is essential to be able to pull out the best situational plays. He is a contrarian at heart which is one of the best ways to beat the books on a steady basis.

Rating Scale
Play Rating will be displayed in each title and range anywhere from 7* to 10* for Premium Plays and 1* for Free Plays. 95% of his plays are of the 10* status which are considered your average bet amount. 9* are 90% of your average bet and so on.

Enforcer – this is the Signature Play for Matt. It is always backed with a 10* Rating and is typically one of his strongest plays of the day.

Supreme Annihilator – this is typically a favorite or a pickem that Matt feels has the opportunity to destroy the line.

Ultimate Underdog – this is an underdog that is being faded for the wrong reasons and usually has a chance to win a game outright.

Star Attraction – this is a game that can be seen on national television providing great watch and win opportunities.

Total Dominator – while rare, these are the best over/under releases and occur more in football and baseball than any other sports.
1 Pick MLB Daily Picks, Monday April 19
1 Pick NHL Daily Picks, Monday April 19
Fargo: Pac 12 Notebook
Fargo: Pac 12 Notebook
Fargo: Pac 12 Notebook
Fargo: Pac 12 Notebook
Fargo: Pac 12 Notebook
2019-2020 CBK Money Leader: +2,810
2019-2020 CBK #3 Percent Leader: 57%
2019-2020 CBK Member Leader: +1,435
2018-2019 NHL Underdog Leader: +2,660
2018-19 NHL Overall Money: +1,213
2018-2019 NHL #2 Guaranteed Leader: +965
11-0 NBA Guaranteed Run: 11/6/18 - 11/16/18
2018 MLB Member Leader: +1,511
2018 MLB #3 Guaranteed Leader: +1,769
2018 MLB Overall Money: +2,289
2017-2018 NHL Money Leader: +2,891
2017-2018 NHL Guaranteed Leader: +2,766
2017-2018 NHL Favorites Leader: +2,042
2017-2018 NCAA BK Overall Money: +1,036
2010-2011 NBA #2 Totals Leader: +1,133
2010-2011 NFL Money Leader: +2,617
2010-2011 NFL #3 Percent Leader: 60%
2009-2010 NBA Money Leader: +3,380
2009-2010 NBA #2 Percent Leader: 58%
2009-2010 NCAA BK #3 Member Leader: +1,205
2008-2009 NFL Guaranteed Leader: +1,495
2008-2009 NFL #3 Money Leader: +1,890

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Matt Fargo's NFL Picks
Period: 04/19/2021 to 04/19/2021
Pick Type: All Picks
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