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Doc's Sports Service has been in the sports handicapping business since 1971, and we are recognized as one of the leaders and most trusted names in the industry for a half century. Most handicapping services are one-man operations, but here at Doc’s Sports we are among the most progressive thinkers in the industry, and we have assembled some of the finest experts in the country for our service. We are one of the few handicapping companies that have withstood the test of time because of hard work, honesty and consistently of providing winners to our valued clients.

Since 1971, Doc’s Sports became famous for our college football Big Ten Game of the Year that won and covered the point spread 19 years in a row. Doc’s Sports is one of the only handicapping services whose powerful influence has historically moved the official Las Vegas line more than seven points. At Doc’s Sports we often focus on lesser-known teams and less-popular games as oftentimes less information is available on those teams and games, and certain trends tend to stick out and offer value that the average person may not catch. Oddsmakers set lines to balance the action, so in reality Doc’s is often handicapping against general public perception, and the general public rarely ever wins long term. When you think of it that way, our job is really not that difficult since we have more than four decades of experience and know what to look for when handicapping a game. The sportsbooks and oddsmakers have to handicap and set lines for every game -- we simply find a few of their mistakes. Doc’s Sports uses a combination of technical and fundamental handicapping, along with exclusive information that we gather from a vast network of contacts that we have developed over the past 40+ years. At Doc’s Sports, we built our name in the 1970s by becoming one of the best in handicapping college sports. That still holds true today as our best results still come from college football and college basketball.

We also have individual full-time handicappers for NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, WNBA, CFL and major horse races, and we feel we have some of the top experts in the country in these designated fields. We are always in search of the best talent for our team, and what surprises most people is that some of our best information comes from our own clients. These are trusted clients that have been not only customers but have turned into friends of ours over the years, and they are able to pick up on key information in their areas. We love the feeling of being able to help people make money when facing challenging odds. Good money can be made if one has the connections, and here at Doc's Sports we pride ourselves on uncovering the edge that gives the clients the ability to beat the books on a consistent basis.
4 Pick MLB Daily Picks, Sunday August 01
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40-11 NBA Guaranteed Run: 7/31/20 - 10/4/20
21-6 NBA PIck Run: 8/4/20 - 8/22/20
2019-2020 NBA Money Leader: +4,792
2019-2020 NBA Percent Leader: 60%
2019-2020 NBA #2 Guaranteed Leader: +2,730
2019-2020 NBA #2 Totals Leader: +1,270
2019-2020 NBA #3 Member Leader: +952
2019-2020 NHL Member Leader: +1,329
2019-2020 NHL #3 Underdog Leader: +877
2019 WNBA #2 Money Leader: +710
2019 WNBA #2 Percent Leader: 59%
2019 WNBA Member Leader: +703
2018-2019 NFL #3 Percent Leader: 58%, +1,186
2018-2019 Member Leader: +1,445
2018-2019 NCAA FB #2 Member Leader: +1,018
2017-2018 NBA #3 Totals Leader: +389
2017-2018 NCAA BK Overall Money: +1,153
2017-2018 NHL #3 Totals Leader: +855
2017-2018 NHL #2 Member Leader: +914
2015-2016 NCAA BK Record: 55%, +1,240
15-1 NBA Run: 2/2/18 - 2/8/18
2015-2016 NHL Member Leader: +1,935
2015-2016 NHL #3 Money Leader: +2,044
2015-2016 NCAA BK #2 Member Leader: +1,365
2015 MLB #3 Underdog Leader: +704
2014-2015 NHL Totals Leader: +1,262
2014-2015 NHL #3 Guaranteed Leader: +370
2014-2015 NFL #2 Percent Leader: 57%
2014 MLB #3 Money Leader: +4,139
2014 MLB #3 Totals Leader: +643
2014 MLB #2 Guaranteed Leader: +2,027
2014 MLB #3 Member Leader: +1,745
2013-2014 NCAA FB #2 Percent Leader: 57%
2013-2014 NCAA FB #2 Member Leader: +1,090
2013-2014 NCAA FB Record: 57%, +1,100
2013 NHL #2 Money Leader: +962
2013 NHL #3 Guaranteed Leader: +677
2013 NHL #2 Member Leader: +447
2012 #2 MLB Underdog Leader: +2,433
2012 #2 MLB Member Leader: +1,969
2011-2012 NCAA BK #3 Money Leader: +2,109
2011-2012 NCAA BK #2 Percent Leader: 56%
2011-2012 NCAA BK #3 Member Leader: +1,223
2011-2012 NHL #3 Money Leader: +967
2011-2012 NHL #3 Totals Leader: +655
2010 MLB #2 Money Leader: +3,534
2010 MLB #4 Guaranteed Leader: +1,695
2009-2010 NBA #3 Totals Leader: +823
2009-2010 NCAA BK #3 Guaranteed Leader: +1,160
2008-2009 NCAA FB Money Leader: +2,403
2008-2009 NCCA FB Percent Leader: 63%
2008-2009 NCAA BK Money Leader: +2,641
2008-2009 NCAA BK Member Leader: +1,647
2008-2009 NCAA BK Percent Leader: 56%
2008-2009 NBA #2 Guaranteed Leader: +1,629
2008-2009 NFL #2 Member Leader: +890
2008-2009 NFL #3 Totals Leader: +740
2007-2008 NCAA FB Percent Leader: 58%
2007-2008 NBA #3 Money Leader: +2,555
2006-2007 NHL #2 Money Leader: +603
2006-2007 NBA #3 Percent Leader: 54%
2006-2007 NBA #3 Money Leader: +965
2006-2007 NCAA BK #3 Percent Leader: 57%

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