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Vince Akins - About Me

Vince Akins (SportsBook Breakers) has taken the handicapping world by storm with its handicapping success. Using the revolutionary Sports Data Query Language (SDQL), Vince has become an industry leader in trend handicapping. This SDQL allows him to sort through historical data from the past 20 years in almost any situation in MLB, NFL, NCAAF or NBA using 100’s of parameters.

Vinny has used these exceptional league, team, starter and player trends, ranging from 6-0 to as high as 30-0+ ATS or OU, to handicapping success in all three major professional sports and college football. He is ready to pass the success on to Vegas Insiders.

Even as a “new age” handicapper, Vince does not rely solely on trends. It is the combination sports expertise, trend analysis, statistical evaluation and risk/reward examination that truly sets Vinny apart. Known for page long write-ups with up to 10 trends each, he not only tells the bettor who they should be playing, but why they should be playing them.

Vince does not view its clients as customers but instead teammates. Handicapping as a winning investment strategy offers a win-win proposition for all parties.

No daily picks currently submitted. Please check back throughout the day.
Akins: Hoop Trends for Sunday January 24
Akins: Hoop Trends for Saturday January 23
Akins: Hoop Trends for Friday January 22
Akins: Hoop Trends for Thursday January 21
Akins: Hoop Trends for Wednesday January 20
2020 MLB Member Leader: +1,406
2019-2020 NFL #3 Guaranteed Leader: +645
2019 MLB Money Leader: +3,742
2019 MLB #3 Guaranteed Leader: +1,705
2019 MLB #2 Member Leader: +1,791
2018-2019 NBA Overall Money: +1,790
2018-2019 NBA #2 Percent Leader: 56%
2018-2019 NBA #3 Guaranteed Leader: +1,156
10-0 NBA Guaranteed Run: 1/22/19 - 1/31/19
25-5 NBA Pick Run: 1/9/19 - 1/31/19
2017-2018 NBA #2 Member Leader: +455
2017-2018 NFL #3 Totals Leader: +532
2017-2018 NFL Record: 56%, +1,063
2017-2018 NCAA FB Money Leader: +3,165
2017-2018 NCAA FB Percent Leader: 64%
2017 MLB #3 Underdog Leader: +1,017
2016-2017 NCAA FB Member Leader: +805
2015 MLB #2 Money Leader: +1,414
2015 MLB #2 Favorites Leader: +1,641
2015 MLB #3 Guaranteed Leader: +1,551
2014-2015 NFL Money Leader: +1,826
2014-2015 NFL Percent Leader: 57%
2014-2015 NFL #3 Guaranteed Leader: +436
2012-2013 NFL #3 Totals Leader: +1,113
2011-2012 NFL #3 Guaranteed Leader: +821
2011-2012 NFL #2 Totals Leader: +929
2011 MLB Totals Leader: +2,524
2011 MLB #4 Money Leader: +2,636
2011 MLB Guaranteed Leader: +2,155

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Vince Akins's NFL Picks
Period: 01/25/2021 to 01/25/2021
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