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Michael Black - About Me

Michael Black is your short-term investment expert. He has been picking winners for years now, and wants you to experience a ride on the money train with him. After 9 years of providing picks exclusively to private clients, he joined VI, and made his plays available to the public in 2012. Coming up with his own "Winning formula", he has found a way to put the odds completely in your favor. Through crunching numbers, getting insider information, and constantly researching line movements and where the money is, Mike Black has become one of the best in the game.

He has an excellent writing and handicapping skill and has experience in all sports (MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NBA, & NHL). He is here to provide his customers with winning picks at a very high percentage. Mike is very selective, but you can see wins at a VERY HIGH Percentage. Mr Black puts all his customers in the BLACK and is considered by many to be one of the best sports handicappers within the past couple years, and his results prove this. Growing up in Houston, Mike got involved in sports gambling, and enjoyed the company of gamblers and bookmakers alike. After learning everything he could from them, and surpassing their sports knowledge, he's out on his own, and wants to make a winner of YOU! Hop onboard today.
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2020 MLB #2 Guaranteed Leader: +1,082
2018-2019 NCAA FB Overall Money: +1,806
2017-2018 NFL Guaranteed Leader: +1,557
2016-17 NCAA BK Percent Leader: 58%
2016-17 NCAA BK #2 Guaranteed Leader: +1,073
2016-17 NCAA BK Record: 58%, +1,360
2016-2017 NFL #3 Money Leader: +833
2016-2017 NFL #3 Percent Leader: 56%
2016-2017 NFL #3 Totals Leader: +641
2015-2016 NBA Overall Money: +1,458
2015-2016 NCAA BK Record: 55%, +1,074
2015-2016 NFL #2 Totals Leader: +796
2014-2015 NBA #2 Member Leader: +914
2014-2015 NCAA FB Money Leader: +2,299
2014-2015 NCAA FB #2 Percent Leader: 57%
2014-2015 NCAA FB #3 Guaranteed Leader: +440
2013-2014 NBA #2 Guaranteed Leader: +1,848
2013-2014 NBA Record: 55%, +2,044
2012-2013 NCAA FB #2 Totals Leader: +1,150

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Michael Black's NFL Picks
Period: 07/26/2021 to 07/26/2021
Pick Type: All Picks
Record: 0-0-0 ( 0.0% , 0)
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