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Kyle Hunter - About Me

Kyle Hunter is an up and coming handicapper with a great amount of experience breaking down the game in every single manner possible. A degree in finance and a great ability to follow important trends and statistics set him apart from the rest. The data and the trends are your friend and Kyle knows how to use them to spot value.

In 2010, Kyle finished in the top spot out of 75 handicappers in an annual handicapping contest. Bettors who wagered $1,000 on every single release of his in 2010 finished with a profit of $89,000 for the year! Baseball is a particular area of strength for Kyle. He finished first out of more than 70 handicappers on a major website in 2010. He also finished second in units gained in 2012. Kyle makes a habit out of releasing his plays as early as possible, because that is when he finds the most value in the line. Consider a long-term subscription for your best value!

Kyle always pays close attention to the tendencies of umpires and referees. Knowing these tendencies inside out makes you one step ahead of the game.

Kyle prides himself on being honest and truthful no matter what, you won’t be hearing the ridiculous usual sales pitches here. Kyle firmly believes that clients should consider sports betting an investment rather than a gamble. Join in with one of the world’s top handicappers!
2 Pick NCAA Football Saturday Picks, Saturday October 03
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2019-2020 NCAA FB #2 Member Leader:+845
2018-2019 NBA Percent Leader: 57%
2018-2019 NCAA BK Money Leader: +3,026
2018-2019 NCAA BK #2 Percent Leader: 59%
2018-2019 NCAA BK Guaranteed Leader: +3,362
2018-2019 NCAA BK #2 Totals Leader: +2,462
2018-2019 NFL #3 Totals Leader: +776
2018-2019 NFL Record: 57%, +578
2018 MLB Underdog Leader: +2,463
2018 MLB #3 Money Leader: +2,404
2017-2018 NCAA BK #3 Money Leader: +3,448
2017-2018 NCAA BK #3 Totals Leader: +6,584
2017-2018 NCAA FB Totals Leader: +1,365
2017 MLB #2 Totals Leader: +719
2016-2017 NBA #3 Percent Leader: 55%
2016-2017 NCAA FB #3 Percent Leader: 57%
2016-2017 NCAA FB #3 Guaranteed Leader: +1,023
2016-2017 NCAA FB #2 Totals Leader: +2,166
2016-2017 NCAA FB Overall Money: +1,596
2015-2016 NFL Guaranteed Leader: +715
2015-2016 NCAA FB #3 Totals Leader: +1,332
2015 MLB #3 Totals Leader: +559
2015 MLB #3 Member Leader: +429
2014-2015 NBA #3 Percent Leader: 57%
2014-2015 NBA Overall Money: +1,179
2014-2015 NCAA BK Totals Leader: +792
2014-2015 NCAA FB Totals Leader: +1,498
2014-2015 NCAA FB #3 Member Leader: +405
2014 MLB #3 Guaranteed Leader: +1,852
2013-2014 NBA #2 Totals Leader: +1,080
2013-2014 NBA #3 Member Leader: +945
2013-2014 NCAA BK Totals Leader: +3,283
2013 MLB Money Leader: +2,324
2013 MLB #2 Totals Leader: +1,547
2013 MLB #2 Favorites Leader: +1,193
2013 MLB #3 Member Leader: +1,094

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Kyle Hunter's NFL Picks
Period: 10/01/2020 to 10/01/2020
Pick Type: All Picks
Record: 0-0-0 ( 0.0% , 0)
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