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NeiltheGreek - About Me

NeiltheGreek(AKA Gatorsneil75) broke on the scene like a Barry Sanders TD run. He came on the sports betting scene back in 2009 where he was the number one handicapper in a few different sports across many online forums. He has not slowed down since. He grew a following of 1000's across many different forums. His all sports thread had over 100k hits in just 3 weeks in a forum that never had more than 15k. He became a sensation due to his honest, southern guy approach. When he had a bad day, he would be the first to say it. His winning percentages in 7 different sports were impressive to say the least. And his BIG PLAYS were even better.

Neil started selling his picks a few years ago, and has quickly made a reputation as one of the best multi-sports cappers in the world. What separates him from the competition is how well he does across a variety of different sports. He caps NFL, NCAAF, MLB, NBA, NCAAB, CFL, WNBA, and Soccer. His documented plays have been astonishing over the last couple of years. His playoff NBA record this year was 30-14, which doesn't even compare to the 43-14 record he built the year before. This year, in the March Madness tourney, he went 29-11. Last year in the NFL, he was 45-28 during the regular season, and 8-5 during the playoffs. Those numbers are good, but nothing compared to his playoff run of 2012. He didn't lose his first game until the SB. He finished the playoffs going 10-1.

Since he started selling his picks online, he has been at 57% or better in all the sports he handicaps. Over the last 26 months, only two losing months for Neil, and only 23 losing weeks total. That's 77 winning weeks out of 100...simply amazing.

There are a lot of guys who claim to be great, Neil is willing to put his winning ways where his mouth is. He doesn't fabricate his record, or have some "lock system" that never loses. He understands bad runs happen. He uses his sports knowledge, time as an online sports talk host, statistical analysis, trend analysis, and situational analysis to make sure those bad runs only come at a minimum. If you want to make money without the hassle of a "salesman", then you got the right guy for the job. You will appreciate his love for sports betting, his crazy sports knowledge, his 14 hour a day dedication, his honesty and integrity, and most important...his winning ways!
11 Pick MLB Daily Picks, Wednesday July 28
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2020-2021 NBA #3 Money Leader: +1,787
2020-2021 NBA Totals Leader: +4,187
2020-2021 CBK Totals Leader: +3,087
2019-2020 #2 NBA Money Leader: +2,629
2019-2020 #3 NBA Guaranteed Leader: +1,935
2019-2020 CBK Overall Money: +1,905
2019-2020 CBK Totals Leader: +1,780
2018-2019 NCAA BK Totals Leader: +3,362
2018 MLB #2 Money Leader: +3,240
2018 MLB #2 Totals Leader: +1,885
2018 MLB #3 Underdog Leader: +1,873
2017-2018 NFL Totals Leader: +668
2017 MLB Totals Leader: +1,322
2016-17 NBA Money Leader: +3,058
2016-17 NBA Totals Leader: +2,873
2016-17 NCAA BK #2 Money Leader: +3,892
2016-17 NCAA BK Totals Leader: +6,151
2016-17 NCAA BK #2 Members Leader: +2,081
2016-2017 NCAA FB #3 Totals Leader: +2,076
2015-2016 NBA #3 Totals Leader: +553

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NeiltheGreek's NFL Picks
Period: 07/28/2021 to 07/28/2021
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