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Alex Smart - About Me

Alex Smart has been wagering professionally on sports and horse racing for the better part of 30 years. Since becoming a public documented handicapper 22 years ago he has garnered numerous World Handicapping Championships and top 10 Basketball and Football finishes at the nations top monitoring sites and has consistently finished among the nations top handicappers in all major North American sports venues.
Few handicappers in the industry have accumulated as much profits for their clients as Alex.
Join a consistent and recognized long term profitable handicapper and watch your ROI go through the roof. Alex's moto comes via the late Great Jimmy the Greek, "The house does not beat the player, it just gives him the opportunity to beat himself".
2 Pick NCAA Football Friday Picks, Friday October 22
1 Pick MLB Daily Picks, Friday October 22
4 Pick NBA Daily Picks, Friday October 22
12 Pick NCAA Football Saturday Picks, Saturday October 23
3 Pick NFL Sunday Picks, Sunday October 24
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2020-2021 NBA #2 Totals Leader: +3,211
2021 NHL #3 Member Leader: +259
2019-2020 NBA #3 Totals Leader: +1,180
2019-2020 NCAA FB Guaranteed Leader: +2,010
2019 MLB #2 Guaranteed Leader: +1,810
2019 MLB Member Leader: +2,149
2019 MLB Overall Money: +2,792
2018-2019 #3 NBA Money Leader: +1,845
2018-2019 NBA Totals Leader: +1,952
2018-2019 NFL #2 Money Leader: +1,295
2018-2019 NCAA FB Totals Leader: +1,378
16-2, +1,435 MLB Guaranteed Run: 7/31/18 - 8/18/18
2017-2018 NBA Money Leader: +3,964
2017-2018 NBA Percent Leader: 56%
2017-2018 NBA #2 Guaranteed Leader: +2,685
2017-2018 NCAA FB Record: 57%, +1,732
26-2 NBA Guaranteed Run: 12/12/17 - 1/2/18
2016-2017 NBA Guaranteed Leader: +3,478
2016-2017 NBA #2 Money Leader: +3,019
2016-2017 NBA #2 Percent Leader: 55%

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Alex Smart's NFL Picks
Period: 10/22/2021 to 10/22/2021
Pick Type: All Picks
Record: 0-0-0 ( 0.0% , 0)
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