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Brian Bitler - About Me

Brian Bitler’s made a superb transition from oddsmaker to handicapper, and his recent hoops work (383-306 NCAA; 336-278 NBA) is the stuff of legends.

Active since: 2012
Location: Reading, PA

Brian Bitler has worked as a professional handicapper full-time since 2012, and has amassed a large clientele of big bettors. Before Brian moved to the handicapping side of the fence, he worked as an oddsmaker behind the counter for several bookmakers to create and adjust the lines to ensure the maximum profit. Brian’s experience and expertise at oddsmaking has enabled him to find the soft spots in the line, and achieve great success with his picks. Brian specializes in basketball, football and baseball, and his recent work on the hardwood is sensational. His plays are rated 10* or 9*, and he advises his clients to wager the same amount of money on all 10* plays, and the same amount on all 9* plays.

Some recent highlights:
#4 2020 NCAA Football
#7 2020 NFL Playoffs
#9 2019-20 NCAA Basketball Regular Season
#6 2019 NCAA Football Regular Season
#10 2019 MLB Playoffs
#2 2018-19 NCAA Basketball Regular/Post-Season combined
#8 2018-19 NBA Regular Season
#4 2018 NFL Pre-Season
#2 2018 NFL Playoffs
#5 2017-18 NCAA Basketball Regular/Post-Season combined
#4 2017-18 NBA Regular/Post-Season combined
#7 2017 MLB Playoffs
#4 2017 NCAA Basketball March Madness
2 Pick NCAA Basketball Daily Picks, Monday January 24
1 Pick NHL Daily Picks, Monday January 24
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2021 MLB #2 Member Leader: +1,315
2020-2021 NCAA FB #3 Member Leader: +509
2020 MLB #3 Member Leader: +1,286
2019-2020 NFL #3 Member Leader: +810
2019-2020 NCAA FB #2 Money Leader: +1,465
2019-2020 NCAA FB #3 Percent Leader: 57%
2019-2020 NCAA FB Guarantees: +1,130
2019 CFL Member Leader: +190
2018-2019 NCAA BK #3 Money Leader: +2,795
2018-2019 NCAA BK #3 Percent Leader: 57%
2018-2019 NCAA BK #2 Member Leader: +1,607
2018-2019 NFL #3 Money Leader: +1,262

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Brian Bitler's NFL Picks
Period: 01/24/2022 to 01/24/2022
Pick Type: All Picks
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