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Matt Blunt - About Me

I have been heavily involved in the sports betting scene since 2008, often behind the scenes for various sportsbooks and sports betting content sites writing content and Best Bet pieces for all the major sports. Having done all that, I am well-versed in all of the major North American sports, with basketball (NCAA and NBA) typically being the one that produces the best results over the years, but football (NFL, NCAAF) and including the CFL is something I've bet on for years and am happy to share my expertise in those areas with you as well.

My approach to handicapping consists of a strong mixture of a statistical and a situational approach to games, as having some blend of "science" and "art" to my selections has brought me the most success. Taking the next step and putting my name on my selections now here on VI is something I'm very excited and proud to do, as I believe it's a great honor and opportunity to help other bettors of all experience levels win money and take in a different winning approach to games. I am all about winning in this business, and with my free Best Bet articles at VI in college basketball hitting at a 59% rate this past season, beating the books is something I know how to do.

Handicapping games is a daily deal for me and I'm at the entire card from morning till tip off. So if you like action and watching your bankroll grow over time, hopefully you'll join me in this sports betting journey that I continue to take pride in being a part of every single day.
No daily picks currently submitted. Please check back throughout the day.
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2021 NHL Money Leader: +2,190
2021 NHL #3 Totals Leader: +434
2021 NHL Member Leader: +771
2020-2021 NCAA FB Totals Leader: +460
2019-2020 NCAA FB #2 Guaranteed Leader: +1,645
2019 CFL #2 Guaranteed Leader: +910
2019 CFL Totals Leader: +472
2019 MLB #3 Money Leader: +3,113

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Matt Blunt's NFL Picks
Period: 07/26/2021 to 07/26/2021
Pick Type: All Picks
Record: 0-0-0 ( 0.0% , 0)
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