Greg Smith
Greg Smith

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2-0 Record Sunday
8-2 NBA Win Streak

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Greg Smith - VegasInsider betting expert

Greg Smith prides himself on hard work and the relentless pursuit of finding winners. He entered the handicapping world with a simple approach, outwork the oddsmakers by core handicapping one sport at a time. This strategy has produced winners consistently throughout his career. He has never given out a game that he is not willing to bet himself and looks at sports betting as an investment, not a gamble.

Greg has preached throughout his career the importance of money management and believes no one should place a bet, until they have educated themselves on this important feature.

He has dedicated his time and energy in mastering the privilege of being called a professional sports bettor. He lives a simple life, but is fiercely competitive. Although winning every game is impossible, it's the 100% accuracy that keeps him motivated to reach this perfection.

He’s made several appearances throughout the year on ESPN, Fox Sports and CBS Sports radio and is a contributor and analyst for Saturday’s Edge and Against the Number.

Handicapper Hot Streaks

• 20-2 NCAA FB Guaranteed Run: 9/3/15 - 12/31/15

Documented Records

• 2020-2021 CBK Money Leader: $2,911
• 2020-2021 CBK #2 Percent Leader: 58%
• 2019-2020 CBK #2 Money Leader: $2,635
• 2019-2020 CBK #2 Percent Leader: 59%
• 2018-2019 NCAA FB Record: 60%, $2,246
• 2017-2018 NCAA BK Record: 56%, $1,708
• 2015-2016 NBA #2 Percent Leader: 57%
• 2015-2016 NBA Overall Money: $2,233