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Updated: Sat, Jul 4 04:32 PM EDT
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How to read MLB Vegas First-Five Innings Odds

If you're betting first-five inning lines, it's very similar to betting a full game. However, you cash a ticket after the first five innings, just like it sounds. You will either take the favorite or the underdog, and whichever team is winning after five innings decides to bet. If the game is tied heading to the sixth inning the wager is a push. Some bettors really like to bet first-five innings rather than the full game, as you are mostly betting starting pitcher versus starting pitcher, without worrying about a late bullpen meltdown to ruin your wager.

Similar to our Run-line and Moneyline, every game on the board shows with pitcher statistics and various other information, as well the Date and Time of the Major League Baseball games of the day.

In baseball, the Favorites and Underdogs are listed for that day’s games. The First-Five Inning Odds will show the favorite listed with a (-), and the underdogs will be denoted by a (+) symbol. Most online wagering sites, as well as all betting apps and offshore sites, will do the math for you. But it’s a rather simple equation.

Colorado -125 (Bet $100 to win $80)
Atlanta +105 (Bet $100 to win $105)

In the example listed above, Colorado is listed as the favorite (-), while Atlanta is the underdog in this battle. If you’re submitting a wager on the Rockies, favored to be leading after five innings, they would return only $80 on a $100 wager at minus-125. Some sportsbooks will also offer fractional odds, and in this example the Rockies would be a 4/5 favorite. The decimal format is occasionally listed, especially popular overseas, and the Rockies would be listed as 1.800 on the board.

Since the Rockies are listed as the favorite, the Braves are the underdog. Bettors receive a bigger return on their initial stake. In the example above, a $100 winning wager on the Braves would pay out a $205 total, which includes a $105 win and your original $100 stake. The fractional odds for this wager would be 21/20, with the Braves listed at 1.05 with the decimal conversion.

How to First-Five Inning Over-Under Odds

Again, like a full nine-inning contest, you’ll be wagering on the total amount of runs between both teams.

Pittsburgh at Chicago Cubs 4 ½ u-10

In the above example, you'll be looking to bet either the over or under for a total of five runs. If you play the over on a wager of $100 and there are more than five runs, your return would be $90.90. If you play the under on a wager of $100, and there are less than five total runs on the board, you would win $90.90. If the line were a flat five runs, rather than 4 ½, and there were exactly five runs on the board after five runs, this would be considered push and you would simply receive your $100 stake back with no winnings.

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