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MLB Las Vegas Odds

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Updated: Thu, Jun 4 08:46 PM EDT
  • Open Line: Consists of the first betting line received from one of our Las Vegas or Global sportsbooks.
  • VI Consensus: Consists of the current betting line which occurs most frequently among our list of Las Vegas and Global sportsbooks.
  • All Game Times are Eastern Standard Time.

How to Bet Run-Line Odds

Baseball often has very large money line prices, with heavy favorites, due to uneven pitching matchups or one strong team facing one which is struggling. Heavy favorites are very common, making the money-line wagers rather risky. You have to risk so much for so little. Run-line wagers can be a better value, as you will bet on a favorite to win by a spread, usually 1 ½ runs, and you risk less than on a money-line. You can also bet underdogs on the run-line.

Pittsburgh -1 ½ +170 (Bet $100 to win $170)
Cincinnati +1 ½ -200 (Bet $100 to win $150)

In the above example, Pittsburgh is listed as the favorite (-), while Cincinnati is listed as the underdog. If you were to select the Pirates, who need to win by at least two runs to win, they would return a total of $270, which includes a $170 win and your original $100 stake. The fractional odds for this particular wager would be 7/4, with the decimal format at 2.700.

If you were to select the Reds in this wager, it’s essentially insurance because you do not trust Cincinnati to win outright. The Reds can lose by one run, and you still cash a winning ticket, because they covered the ‘spread’. In the example above, a $100 winning wager on the Reds would return a total of just $50. The fractional odds for this example would be ½, with the Pirates listed at 1.500 with the decimal conversion.

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