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MLB Standings

Team Win Loss Percent GB
Chicago White Sox 35 25 0.583 0.0
Cleveland Indians 35 25 0.583 0.0
New York Yankees 33 27 0.550 0.0
Toronto Blue Jays 32 28 0.533 0.0
Houston Astros 29 31 0.483 0.0
Seattle Mariners 27 33 0.450 5.0
Kansas City Royals 26 34 0.433 6.0
Los Angeles Angels 26 34 0.433 6.0
Baltimore Orioles 25 35 0.417 7.0
Boston Red Sox 24 36 0.400 8.0
Detroit Tigers 23 35 0.397 8.0
Texas Rangers 22 38 0.367 10.0
Team Win Loss Percent GB
San Diego Padres 37 23 0.617 0.0
Miami Marlins 31 29 0.517 0.0
Cincinnati Reds 31 29 0.517 0.0
St. Louis Cardinals 30 28 0.517 0.0
Milwaukee Brewers 29 31 0.483 2.0
San Francisco Giants 29 31 0.483 2.0
Philadelphia Phillies 28 32 0.467 3.0
New York Mets 26 34 0.433 5.0
Washington Nationals 26 34 0.433 5.0
Colorado Rockies 26 34 0.433 5.0
Arizona Diamondbacks 25 35 0.417 6.0
Pittsburgh Pirates 19 41 0.317 12.0
Updated Sun Oct 25 7:34 AM EDT

How to read MLB Standings


After the team names on the MLB Standings, the first three columns are the most important to follow and they also dictate the order of the standings. Win and Loss are self-explanatory and Percent is the winning percentage of the team. The simple math formula for Percent is:

Win / Win + Loss

Ex. New York Yankees 103-59
103 / 103+59 or 103 / 162 = .636 or 63.6%

The Records are updated Live on the MLB Standings after each game finishes. The GB column is an abbreviation for Games Back and it shows how far teams are behind the leader of the division or put simply, first place. There are six divisions in the MLB, divided into three from both the Eastern and National Leagues.

The Home and Away records in the MLB Standings are a solid feature to keep an eye on as it shows how well team a plays as a visitor.

The Last 10 column is clear-cut, just the record of the last 10 games for each team. The most resourceful feature is the Streaks column, which shows you how many consecutive wins or losses a team currently has going into their next matchup. The most common fields in the Streak column are W-1 or L-1 which means the team Won (W) or Lost (L) its previous game.

What are MLB Wild Card Standings?

The MLB Standings has a section called the MLB Wild Card Standings. When the playoffs begin, the three division winners from both the American League and National League are given automatic spots into the postseason. The MLB decided to award playoff opportunities to other teams, starting with one in 1994 and then two in 2012. Each season, two clubs from both the AL and NL will meet in a one-game playoff and the loser is eliminated while the winner advances to face the top seed in the Divisional Series.

The Wild Card Standings only show 12 teams from each league as the division winners are omitted, since they receive the automatic spots. Similar to the MLB standings, the columns shown are Win, Loss, Percent and GB (Games Back). The Home and Away records, and Streak feature is not included in the MLB WC Standings.

MLB American League Standings History

The American League Championship Series is a best-of-seven matchup that awards the American League Pennant to the best team in that league and that winner will play in the World Series. This format was created in 1969 and the New York Yankees have captured 11 titles since the league made the switch. The Oakland Athletics, Boston Red Sox have both won the pennant six times. Of the current 15 teams in the American League Standings, the Seattle Mariners are the only team not to win the pennant and earn a trip to the World Series.

The AL is divided into three divisions of five teams.

East Division

  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Boston Red Sox
  • New York Yankees
  • Tampa Bay Rays
  • Toronto Blue Jays

Central Division

  • Chicago White Sox
  • Cleveland Indians
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Minnesota Twins

West Division

  • Houston Astros
  • Los Angeles Angels
  • Oakland Athletics
  • Seattle Mariners
  • Texas Rangers

MLB National League Standings History

Similar to the AL, the National League Championship Series is a best-of-seven matchup that awards the National League Pennant to the best team in that league and that winner will play in the World Series. This format was also created in 1969 and the we've seen 14 of the current 15 teams in the National League earn a trip to the World Series. The lone outlier is the Milwaukee Brewers, but the franchise did play in the 1982 World Series when it was part of the American League. The Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals have both won the NL pennant seven times a piece.

East Division

  • Atlanta Braves
  • Miami Marlins
  • New York Mets
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Washington Nationals

Central Division

  • Chicago Cubs
  • Cincinnati Reds
  • Milwaukee Brewers
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • St. Louis Cardinals

West Division

  • Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Colorado Rockies
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • San Diego Padres
  • San Francisco Giants
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