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2016 Win Totals posted

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Pitchers and catchers still haven’t reported for Spring Training yet, but we’ve got fresh 2016 baseball action already on the boards at the Atlantis Reno which Thursday posted season win totals for all 30 teams. 

It’s the 10th straight year sports book director Steve Mikkelson has been the first in Nevada to post MLB totals, which always coincides the week after the Super Bowl.
“I just love baseball and I’ve been hunkered with all kinds of data the last three days finalizing all these numbers,“ said Mikkelson. “I have my spread sheets made up with all the projected lineups and rotations and then I finally come up with a number and when they open, I enjoy seeing all the bettors immediate reaction.“
Lou Pinella said that all baseball teams start out 60-60 and it’s what they do in those other 42 games that make or break a season. These numbers the Atlantis posted are tight, but when other books start posting them around the state -- the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook opens their win totals Feb. 21 -- and the numbers fluctuate, it’s the bettors who have all the edge. Chances are that most of these teams will finish near their posted total with only a game or two game variances.
For instance, betting the Los Angeles Dodgers this year UNDER 87 wins might be a good wager right now because it’s likely two weeks later you’ll be able to bet them OVER 85 wins at another book and create yourself a nice middle opportunity to win both bets or maybe at least win one and push on the other. Worst case scenario is you don’t win or lose either wager.
Last year, Mikkelson posted the Kansas City Royals at 86 wins with not much action until other books opened them at 80. Kansas City ended up winning 95 games en route to a World Series title.
“That was one of our better wins last season,” said Mikkelson. “We closed at 83 with lots of UNDER action.”
Mikkelson is high on the Royals again in 2016 as they attempt to be the first team since the 2001 Yankees to make three straight World Series appearances.
“I really like what the Royals do and I don’t think all the sabermetrics really tell the whole story of how good they are. This is one of those teams I go more with the eye test than numbers.
The San Francisco Giants have won the World Series in each of the past three even years, but that’s not why they were posted with the highest total at 90 wins. In addition to upgrading the pitching staff by signing Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija, Mikkelson also has to post a number knowing his core audience of bettors up north in Giants country always make the driver east to Reno to wager at his book..
“I didn’t factor in as much this year knowing I would get Giants action (OVER the total) like I usually do,“ said Mikkelson. “I really believe top to bottom the Giants have the best 25-man roster in baseball. Of all the teams, they have the least question marks. I mean that rotation is stacked and if they get anything out of Matt Cain, it makes them even better than expected. I like the addition of Denard Spam and I’ve always like the way Bruce Bochy manages his bullpen.“
Risk on the Chicago Cubs World Series futures have dropped them down to 4-to-1 odds at many sports books. The Cubbie fans can't wait to see their team win its first World Series since 1908. They won 97 games last season, but they’re posted at a total of only 89 wins, despite Mikkelson knowing those fans will bet away on any number OVER.
“Last season they kind of surprised everyone. This year they’ve got pressure and expectations to match 2015. I like them to do well, but downgraded them a bit just because they have a lot of swing and miss guys. Plus you’ve got the Cubs in the same division with the Cardinals and Pirates, who both finished ahead of the Cubs last season. I just couldn’t go higher than 89 wins.”   
The lowest total on the board is the Atlanta Braves with 65 wins. Last season they went 67-95 and didn’t do any type of off-season upgrades as they’re building for the future. Their lack of doing anything stood out to Mikkelson
“Prior to the Astros, when teams were rebuilding they didn’t tank and make it so obvious. But now you’ve got teams like the Braves, Phillies, Brewers, Reds and Rockies that aren’t even trying. The Braves are the most obvious of the bunch. They traded away their best pitcher, Shelby Miller, for prospects and they have Bud Norris expected to be their No. 2 starter. They‘re like a good Triple-A roster.”
The hardest number Mikkelson had to make was on his beloved Boston Red Sox, who despite winning only 78 games last season, were posted at 85.5 wins.
“I’m a die-hard Red Sox fan, so I had to be as objective as I could, but I really like all the moves they made in the off-season. I think they’re arguably the best team in the American League.”
The big moves for Boston was getting David Price to anchor the rotation and Craig Kimbrel to close out games. Hanley Ramirez will also be taking over at first-base.

s a look at all the opening 2016 MLB season win totals posted Thursday at the Atlantis Reno:

Listed below are every team's final wins from each of the last three seasons, while the right column displays the opening 2016 MLB win totals posted on Thursday, Feb. 10 at the Atlantis Reno sportsbook in Reno, Nevada.

National League Win Totals
Team Wins - 2013 Wins - 2014 Wins - 2015 Win Total - 2016
Arizona 81 64 79 84 ½
Atlanta 96 79 67 65
Chicago Cubs 66 73 97 89
Cincinnati 90 76 64 71
Colorado 74 66 68 68 ½
L.A. Dodgers 92 94 92 87
Miami 62 77 71 80 ½
Milwaukee 74 82 68 71 ½
N.Y. Mets 74 79 90 88
Philadelphia 73 73 63 66 ½
Pittsburgh 94 88 98 87
San Diego 76 77 74 74
San Francisco 76 88 84 90
St. Louis 97 90 100 87 ½
Washington 86 96 83 87

American League Win Totals
Team Wins - 2013 Wins - 2014 Wins - 2015 Win Total - 2016
Baltimore 85 96 81 80 ½
Boston 97 71 78 85 ½
Chicago White Sox 63 73 76 80 ½
Cleveland 92 85 81 84
Detroit 93 90 74 85
Houston 51 70 86 85 ½
Kansas City 86 89 95 87
L.A. Angels 78 98 85 82 ½
Minnesota 66 70 83 77 ½
N.Y. Yankees 85 84 87 85
Oakland 96 88 68 75 ½
Seattle 71 87 76 83
Tampa Bay 92 77 80 78
Texas 91 67 88 86
Toronto 74 83 93 87

MLB Hot Streaks
13-6 L19 Picks, 16-8 L24 G-Plays
22-7 L29 G-Plays, 33-12 MLB Run
4-0 +463 L4, 12-5 +791 G-Plays
7-2 L9, 11-4 Run, 24-10 G-Plays
4-1 G-Plays, 33-18 Picks, +1,662 TY
16-7 +1,062 L23, 19-9 +1,172 Picks
2-0 Sunday, 5-1 L6 Picks
10-4 Last 14 MLB Totals
6-3 L9 G-Plays, 6-3 L9 Totals
Money Leaders
Handicapper Money
Jim Feist + 2649
Micah Roberts + 1853
MIT Simulator + 1662
Last 7 Day Leaders
Handicapper Money
Bruce Marshall + 1062
Micah Roberts + 570
Jim Feist + 315
Over-Under Leaders
Handicapper Money
Micah Roberts + 2564
MIT Simulator + 481
Kyle Hunter + 400
Guaranteed Leaders
Handicapper Money
Mark Franco + 2444
Chip Chirimbes + 1741
Jim Feist + 1614
Underdog Leaders
Handicapper Money
Alex Smart + 1258
Marc Lawrence + 709
Scott Rickenbach + 644
Member Leaders
Handicapper Money
Scott Rickenbach + 2121
Kevin Rogers + 1108
Brian Bitler + 994
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