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NBA Las Vegas Odds

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10/19 7:40 PM
501 Brooklyn
502 Milwaukee
-½ -10
-½ -15
-½ -10
-½ -15
-½ -10
-½ -10
10/19 10:10 PM
503 Golden State
504 L.A. Lakers
-2½ -10
-1½ -10
-1½ -10
-1½ -10
-1½ -10
-1½ -10
10/20 7:10 PM
505 Indiana
506 Charlotte
10/20 7:10 PM
507 Chicago
508 Detroit
10/20 7:40 PM
509 Washington
510 Toronto
10/20 7:40 PM
511 Boston
512 New York
10/20 8:10 PM
513 Cleveland
514 Memphis
10/20 8:10 PM
515 Philadelphia
516 New Orleans
10/20 8:10 PM
517 Houston
518 Minnesota
10/20 8:40 PM
519 Orlando
520 San Antonio
10/20 9:10 PM
521 Oklahoma City
522 Utah
10/20 10:10 PM
523 Sacramento
524 Portland
10/20 10:10 PM
525 Denver
526 Phoenix
10/21 7:40 PM
527 Dallas
528 Atlanta
10/21 8:10 PM
529 Milwaukee
530 Miami
10/21 10:10 PM
531 L.A. Clippers
532 Golden State
12/25 12:10 PM
585 Atlanta
586 New York
12/25 2:40 PM
587 Boston
588 Milwaukee
12/25 5:10 PM
589 Golden State
590 Phoenix
12/25 8:10 PM
591 Brooklyn
592 L.A. Lakers
12/25 10:40 PM
593 Dallas
594 Utah

How to read NBA Las Vegas 1st Half Odds

Although football is considered the most popular betting market in the United States, the NBA betting market also does well even though there between two and 15 games in a day. If you’re looking to get more involved, then you better check out the NBA Las Vegas 1st Half Odds.

Similar to the NBA Las Vegas Odds, the 1st Half Odds focus are based off point-spread wagers.

Unless the game is listed at pick ‘em, every matchup will have a favorite and an underdog. Every contest starts with the Date and Time before listing the Rotation of the matchup. Some sportsbooks may use a different rotation for the first-half, but it’s likely just an extra digit associated to the rotation for the full game.

Unlike full game wagers, NBA Las Vegas 1st Half Odds are only for the first 24 minutes of a game. Game wagers, money-line bets and over-under (total) selections are decided on the full 48 minutes and any additional overtime action if the contest happens to see an extra session.

After the final 24 minutes are over, your wager is final and most sportsbooks will grade and payout quickly after the outcome has been made official. Betting on the 1st Half Odds isn’t for everybody but our numbers from multiple books certainly make for a great resource.

NBA First Half Over-Under Odds

Over-Under or Totals are also offered on our NBA First Half Odds page. Bettors can wager on the two teams to go ‘over’ or ‘under’ the posted total and the odds are set for the first 24 minutes of the matchup. If you’re hoping for points early, then an ‘over’ wager will certainly be in order and if you believe both teams will play a defensive style, then an ‘under’ ticket could be your choice.

How to bet NBA 1st Half Odds

Understanding how the oddsmakers set NBA Odds could be a little overwhelming at times and maybe confusing. However, there are a couple things to understand when looking at the Game Odds and 1st Half Odds. Normally, you would think that the lines would be trimmed in half for the first 24 minutes and then the full 48 minutes.

That’s not the case.

Game Line: Dallas at Houston (-8)
1st Half Line: Dallas at Houston (-4.5)

Why isn't Houston a 4-point favorite in the first half? Most bettors lean to the favorites, especially at home, so the oddsmakers add an extra point for that theory. If you happen to see a favorite lay less than half of the full number, it could make you run to the counter and back the ‘chalk’ but some sharp bettors will tell you it’s a trap set by the guys behind the counter.

The Over-Under and Total lines for the NBA 1st Half have much more disparity than the sides (spreads).

Game Total: 218
1st Half Total: 111

Wouldn't the first half total be listed at 109 since that’s half of 218? That question certainly makes sense but the oddsmakers account for a couple things. The most important factor is fouls as teams automatically shoot two free throws on the second foul in the last two minutes of each quarter, giving more opportunities to score points.

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