Last Updated Apr 13, 2022, 3:59 PM

Great Dane Nation - Episode 83: Stephanie Otey's Debut!

On the 83rd episode of “Great Dane Nation,” Morten is joined VegasInsider’s Stephanie Otey, who will be contributing to the podcast over the next few months as the NFL offseason continues to roll along!Off the top, Stephanie introduces herself to our audience, walking us through the career path that led her to the Better Collective family (01:56).

Morten and Stephanie then dive into a new segment called, “Doink or Down the Middle,” where our hosts buy (“down the middle”) or sell (“doink”) various topics from the world of pop culture, sports, food, music and more (06:42).

Stephanie then weighs in on the situation in Tampa Bay with Tom Brady, and whether this crazy offseason has tainted her image of the GOAT. Plus, Morten and Stephanie’s thoughts on all the other insane moves we’ve seen from around the NFL (19:50).

Finally, our hosts are put to the test, as TommyFreezePops (Tom Carroll) conducts a quiz for each host about their cohost. The host with the lowest score will have to sing the opposing cohost’s college-fight-song-of-choice, wearing the rival colors, on our next podcast (32:54).

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