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2020 Sunday Night Football Odds and Betting Angles


Sunday Night Football games are typically the showcase game of the week. All of these Sunday Night Football angles and situations include any games the SNF broadcast crew covers. Those include the Opening Kickoff Thursday game, as well as the nightcap on Thanksgiving.

Below are the 16 games scheduled for Sunday Night Football this season, all of which will be televised nationally on NBC.

Sunday Night Football Odds

  • Week 1 - Dallas (-2.5, 49.5) at L.A. Rams
  • Week 2 - New England at Seattle (-3.5)
  • Week 3 - Green Bay at New Orleans (-5)
  • Week 4 - Philadelphia at San Francisco (-5.5)
  • Week 5 - Minnesota at Seattle (-2.5)
  • Week 6 - L.A. Rams at San Francisco (-6)
  • Week 7 - Tampa Bay (-2) at Las Vegas
  • Week 8 - Dallas at Philadelphia (-3)
  • Week 9 - New Orleans at Tampa Bay (-1)
  • Week 10 - Baltimore (-2.5) at New England
  • Week 11 - Kansas City (-7.5) at Las Vegas
  • Week 12 - Chicago at Green Bay (-3)
  • Week 13 - Denver at Kansas City (-10.5)
  • Week 14 - Pittsburgh at Buffalo (-2)
  • Week 15 - San Francisco (-1) at Dallas
  • Week 16 - Tennessee at Green Bay (-2.5)
  • Week 17 - TBA

The New England Patriots are the only AFC team featured on Sunday Night Football in September. (AP)

Sunday Night Football - The Big Picture!

Since NBC took over SNF in 2006, 13 of 14 AFC Super Bowl representatives played a SNF game by November. All 14 AFC Super Bowl representatives have played a SNF game by Nov 20th.


This was quite the historical Sunday night football angle and one that's going to be extremely tough to keep up. There are only four AFC teams involved in SNF games before November 1st, and six involved before November 20th.

New England plays two SNF games before November 20th, visiting Seattle in Week 2 and hosting Baltimore on November 15th. The Patriots are expected to take a major step back now that Tom Brady's gone, and very well could. The AFC East is still rather soft as a whole – even the entire betting world suggests Buffalo to win that division in 2020.

Teams to Watch on Sunday Night Football

Houston and Kansas City open up the season as two AFC teams playing here prior to the end of October. One is the defending champ, and the other is a playoff team that has the potential to make a lot of noise.

Futures plays on Kansas City, Baltimore, Houston or New England aren't exactly out of left field for this year. But the final team that qualifies here would probably be considered to be the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Raiders host Brady and Tampa Bay in a non-conference SNF game on October 25th. The Raiders making a run to the Super Bowl would be quite surprising, but historically they qualify in this trend. Las Vegas saw their hockey team make the Final in their first year, can the Raiders duplicate that feat?

The first two months of SNF are heavily skewed towards NFC teams being involved. However, NFC squads playing Sunday Night pre-November 1st and making the Super Bowl isn't nearly as good (about 50%). Stick to AFC-type futures if putting sizable weight to this past.

Sunday Night Divisional Games - Inside the Numbers

2020 SNF Divisional Matchups
Week Matchup Line/Total
6 L.A. Rams at San Francisco 49ers -6
8 Dallas at Philadelphia Eagles -3
9 New Orleans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers -1
11 Kansas City at Las Vegas Chiefs -7.5
12 Chicago at Green Bay Packers -3
13 Denver at Kansas City Chiefs -10.5

The 2020 season gives us six different divisional matchups, and all should be good ones, at least on paper. The first isn't until Rams/49ers on October 18th. But that game and the rest of the Sunday Night divisional contests are done by December 6th if nothing gets moved. Those are a lot of betting opportunities to potentially take advantage of with historical trends like...

Road favorites in SNF divisional games are 10-5 ATS overall the past seven years, and are 6-1 ATS when laying -5 or more

Of the seven division SNF games, only a couple can project to see a road favorite of -5. Kansas City visiting Las Vegas on November 22 has that potential, as does the Thanksgiving nightcap between Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

Road favorites could be had in games like Saints/Buccaneers, and Cowboys/Eagles, but more information and results are likely needed there. If games are played without fans this season, home field edge has to be decreased, meaning we may see runs like this continue for visiting squads.

For totals bettors, road favorites in SNF divisional games have gone 9-6 O/U these past seven years.

SNF divisional games with a total set below 44 have seen the road team go 11-3 ATS with a 9-5 O/U record

Totals under 44 are less and less common these days. There wasn't even a SNF game from the 2019 season that qualified in this subset of games. However, there are at least some potential division games this year where this may come into play.

Non-Conference Action on Sunday Night Football

2020 SNF Non-Conference Matchups
Week Matchup Line
2 New England at Seattle Seahawks -3.5
7 Tampa Bay at Las Vegas Buccaneers -2
16 Tennessee at Green Bay Packers -2.5

SNF games between non-conference teams is becoming more and more rare these days. Three games are scheduled, although the last is Titans/Packers in Week 16 that will likely get flexed out. The other two non-conference games will be played before November and can have the following applied to them if applicable.

SNF non-conference games over the past seven years that have closed with a total between 44.5 and 47.5 are 0-7 O/U

This was quite the specific rarity when going through Sunday night football angles. Conventional wisdom is these totals in this “general” range would have coin flip-like results where they would nearly be even. That just hasn't been the case though these past handful of seasons. It's not like the Patriots/Seahawks and Buccaneers/Raiders games don't have a good chance to see totals somewhere near this range.

SNF non-conference games over the past seven years that have closed with a total in the 50's are 1-4 O/U overall

This is like the complete flip of this role when it's on Monday Night Football as non-conference games are a perfect 6-0 O/U. Put these projected high scoring matchups on SNF though and the scoring seemingly dries up. Only one of those five games saw both teams score more than 17 points.

If Patriots/Seahawks and Buccaneers/Raiders games don't have totals in the 44.5 to 47.5 range for a perfect system on the 'under,' and close much higher as in the 50's, the 'under' angle appears to be just as strong. And speaking of totals in the 50's for SNF non-conference games, it brings me to this last point that...

SNF non-conference games over the past seven years that have closed with a total in the 50's have seen the home team go a perfect 5-0 ATS

It hasn't mattered what role these home sides have had regarding underdog or favorite. It is 3-2 in terms of underdog to favorite split in those games, but the key is with the side.

Those five home teams have all won the game outright. That's three underdog outright wins – and the average margin of victory has been 14 points per game. All five wins have been by at least a touchdown, and chances are the books will need at least one of the two teams this year to stay on this course.

Given all the hype Tampa's got for signing a 43-year old QB, the visiting Buccaneers are likely to be the highly public side for that October trip to Las Vegas.

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