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Best Bets, Score Predictions for Wednesday Jan. 20

NHL Daily Free Picks & Predictions NHL expert Matt Blunt provides his score predictions and best bets for two NHL games on Wednesday Jan. 20, 2021.

San Jose Sharks vs. St. Louis Blues

  • Money-Line Odds: San Jose +150; St. Louis -177
  • Total (Over-Under): 6

Score Prediction: San Jose 4 St Louis 3

Best Bet: Sharks ML

One of the interesting things about the way this season's schedule is set up is the idea that we could see a lot of big dogs get splits as the break even norm in these two game sets, making it very tempting to come with the dog both times.

San Jose put forth quite the effort in the 5-4 loss the other day, as a 2-0 lead at the break was erased pretty quickly and it was hold on to your pants time from there for the Sharks.

Not sure we get that kind offensive output from the Blues consistently, and offensively the Sharks have been just fine with at least three goals in every game.

St. Louis might be classified in kind of their own tier behind Colorado and Vegas in this Western Division and then ahead of everyone else.

But if the lines are around -180 for every St. Louis home game against those teams ranked lower in these consecutive two-game sets, I'm not sure the Blues are consistently good enough for it not to be profitable fading them every time in those sets.

Obviously a hypothetical as the Blues will be priced differently vs some of those other foes – even higher against some even – but the thought process remains the same here; already knowing they took the opener by the skin of their teeth.

San Jose's got to get as many splits as they can in these two game sets before all the travel and not having a home beats them down too much. At this price against this foe, I'll take a shot.

Montreal Canadiens vs. Vancouver Canucks

  • Money-Line Odds: Montreal -125; Vancouver +105
  • Total (Over-Under): 6.5

Score Prediction: Montreal 4 Vancouver 2

Best Bet: Canadiens ML

Personally I'm still not as high on Montreal as most of the market is this season, but the Habs have been impressive through their three games so far.

They don't cough up the lead in the opener against Toronto and they are looking at being undefeated right now.

But even had they not been looking this good, a Carey Price game against the Canucks has almost always meant a Montreal win for years.

Montreal had won eight straight against Vancouver before the Canucks got the best of the Canadiens in OT, in Montreal, about three weeks before the shutdown.

Vancouver hasn't been the best team in all those years dating back to early 2015, but neither has Montreal, as it's more like Carey Price prefers to beat up on his home province team.

Price has also got a much better team in front of him this season, and one that has shown to not really have too much problem putting the puck in the net.

Vancouver's rarely kept it out of theirs (4 goals allowed/game), and Montreal hits that average, Price is fine doing the rest.

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