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The Great Dane Nation Podcast

Great Dane Nation

Great Dane Nation is proud to announce "Great Dane Nation", our newest NFL and sports betting podcast featuring NFL Hall of Fame kicker Morten "The Great Dane" Andersen and VI’s own experts.

Each week, Morten “The Great Dane” Andersen will be joined by other legends of the game to talk about their life in football, tell stories, talk about today’s NFL and bring our listeners inside the locker room in a way they’ve never been before.

Along the way, Morten will be joined by his sidekick, TommyFreezePops (Tom Carroll), who will be joined by one of our experts from to discuss the upcoming weekend’s slate of NFL games and offer up weekly FREE PICKS.

If you love football past and present, "Great Dane Nation" is the perfect podcast for you.

Follow our hosts on Twitter! Find Morten at @GreatDane2544 and TommyFreezePops at @yaboiTCfresh! And you can follow the podcast at @GreatDaneNation. All three accounts will have the latest episodes, clips and news about the podcast!

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Listen to "Episode 64: Steve Largent" on Spreaker.

Episode 64: Steve Largent

On the 64th episode of “Great Dane Nation,” Morten is joined by his Pro Football Hall of Fame brother and Seattle Seahawks legend Steve Largent (06:41 – 48:34).

But first, he checks in with TommyFreezePops (Tom Carroll) for this week’s edition of the “Opening Kick” (01:08 – 05:46).

Morten talks about his excitement for Thanksgiving football, and he and FreezePops debate how long is too long to hang on to Turkey Day leftovers.

We then move to our interview with Steve Largent, where he discusses a wide range of topics:

  • growing up without his father, and the men in his life that filled that void (07:39
  • using sports as an escape while growing up (11:24
  • being the back-up holder, and why it was the hardest thing he had to do in his football career (13:09
  • why never wore gloves in his career, but definitely would wear gloves if he was playing today (15:45
  • his philosophy when it came to catching the football (17:02
  • the most important steps a wide receiver should take to be successful in the NFL (19:55
  • why receivers prefer to play against man-coverage as opposed to zone (22:10
  • having the ability to improv on-the-fly if a play goes poorly (24:09
  • why he chose to go to Tulsa to play college football (25:56
  • being cut by the Houston Oilers during his first NFL training camp, and how that led him to signing with the brand-new Seattle Seahawks (28:02
  • the excitement around being a part of a new franchise, both from the fan and player perspective (31:57
  • what he thinks when he sees a wideout the size of DK Metcalf (34:44
  • why he thinks Russell Wilson will be a Seattle Seahawk “as long as he wants to be” (25:23
  • why he went into politics after retiring from football (36:32
  • why he won’t be running for president in 2024 (38:37
  • why losing a political race hurts harder than losing a big football game (39:39
  • the parallels between football and politics (40:28
  • meeting multiple presidents while he served in congress (41:11
  • and this week’s edition of “The Name Game,” featuring Kenny Easley, Jim Mora, Carl Eller, Joe Nash, Franco Harris, Brian Bosworth, Tom Flores, Mike Tice, Dave Krieg and Jim Zorn (41:49)

Then we move to this week’s edition of “Morten’s Fast 5,” where our Hall of Famer makes picks for the five biggest games of the football weekend (50:04 – 57;14).

Morten gives his picks for Bears at Lions (51:45), Raiders at Cowboys (53:08), Bills at Saints (53:52), Buccaneers at Colts (54:43), and Titans at Patriots (55:47).

Game Winner

Finally, we close things out with “Morten’s Game Winner” – a weekly monologue from The Great Dane on his biggest takeaway of the week.

This week, Morten shares a special monologue in honor of Thanksgiving, as he brings us inside the mind of a turkey (57:14).