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The Great Dane Nation Podcast

Great Dane Nation

Great Dane Nation is proud to announce "Great Dane Nation", our newest NFL and sports betting podcast featuring NFL Hall of Fame kicker Morten "The Great Dane" Andersen and VI’s own experts.

Each week, Morten “The Great Dane” Andersen will be joined by other legends of the game to talk about their life in football, tell stories, talk about today’s NFL and bring our listeners inside the locker room in a way they’ve never been before.

Along the way, Morten will be joined by his sidekick, TommyFreezePops (Tom Carroll), who will be joined by one of our experts from to discuss the upcoming weekend’s slate of NFL games and offer up weekly FREE PICKS.

If you love football past and present, "Great Dane Nation" is the perfect podcast for you.

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Listen to "Episode 32: Thomas Morstead" on Spreaker.

On the 32nd episode of “Great Dane Nation,” Morten is joined by Super Bowl XLIV Champion and longtime New Orleans Saints punter Thomas Morstead (07:29 – 59:17).

But first, he checks in with TommyFreezePops (Tom Carroll), where the guys talk about the recent news of Kevin James being cast as Sean Payton in an upcoming Netflix project. Who would Morten and FreezePops cast as actors in a movie about Great Dane Nation (01:42)?

Episode 32: Thomas Morstead

We then move to our interview with Thomas, where he discusses a wide array of topics:

  • where his head is at as he heads into free agency at age 35 after spending his entire professional career in New Orleans, and how his situation is similar to Morten’s when he left the Saints for the Falcons (09:29);
  • the impact of the late Frank Gansz on both of their lives (13:26);
  • the whole story behind his franchise-altering onside kick in Super Bowl XLIV (23:06);
  • the impact John Carney had on him as a rookie in New Orleans (32:03);
  • his thoughts on the amazing career of Drew Brees, and the tall order ahead of trying to replace him in New Orleans (34:12);
  • his perspective on the many brutal playoff loses the Saints suffered throughout his career (41:42);
  • having a locker next to Alvin Kamara, and what makes him so special (43:44);
  • this week’s edition of “The Name Game” (46:09);
  • and his charity work, and why an obscure situation in a playoff game up in Minnesota helped his foundation touch a different community (50:27).
  • Then, TommyFreezePops is joined by Kevin Rogers for his weekly check-in with the experts from (01:00:07 – 01:09:11).
  • With the baseball season only a few weeks underway, FreezePops run through some early-season overreactions with Kevin, to see which ones are legit and which ones need to pump the breaks (01:01:01).
  • Plus, Kevin breaks down how Jamal Murray’s knee injury impacts the Western Conference Playoffs in the NBA (01:06:20).

Game Winner

Finally, we close things out with Morten’s “Game Winner” – a weekly segment where Morten monologues his biggest takeaway of the week. This week, he talks about his friend Thomas Morstead, and why his training both physically and mentally has turned him into one of the greatest punters in the history of the NFL (01:09:11).