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Soccer Las Vegas Odds

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09/30 12:00 PM
201205 Inter Milan
201206 Benevento
201207 Draw
201208 Total
09/30 12:00 PM
201237 Spezia
201238 Udinese
201239 Draw
201240 Total
09/30 1:00 PM
201913 Atletico Madrid
201914 Huesca
201915 Draw
201916 Total
09/30 1:00 PM
201917 Deportivo Alaves
201918 Villarreal
201919 Draw
201920 Total
09/30 2:30 PM
215801 Borussia Dortmund
215802 Bayern Munich
215803 Draw
215804 Total
09/30 2:45 PM
201233 Atalanta
201234 Lazio
201235 Draw
201236 Total
09/30 3:00 PM
224237 Maccabi Tel Aviv
224238 Salzburg
224239 Draw
224240 Total
09/30 3:00 PM
224241 Krasnodar
224242 PAOK FC
224243 Draw
224244 Total
09/30 3:00 PM
224245 Slavia Praha
224246 FC Midtjylland
224247 Draw
224248 Total
09/30 3:30 PM
201933 Real Valladolid
201934 Real Madrid
201935 Draw
201936 Total
09/30 3:30 PM
201945 Elche
201946 Eibar
201947 Draw
201948 Total
09/30 6:15 PM
224637 Bolivar
224638 Palmeiras
224639 Draw
224640 Total
09/30 6:15 PM
224641 Racing Club
224642 Club Nacional
224643 Draw
224644 Total
09/30 6:15 PM
224645 Independiente Medellin
224646 Caracas
224647 Draw
224648 Total
09/30 8:30 PM
208317 Bahia
208318 Botafogo
208319 Draw
208320 Total
09/30 8:30 PM
208321 Atletico GO
208322 Corinthians
208323 Draw
208324 Total
09/30 8:30 PM
224653 Barcelona SC
224654 Junior
224655 Draw
224656 Total
09/30 8:30 PM
224657 Sao Paulo
224658 River Plate
224659 Draw
224660 Total
09/30 8:30 PM
224661 Estudiantes de Merida
224662 Alianza Lima
224663 Draw
224664 Total
10/01 2:00 PM
224591 PFC Ludogorets Razgrad
224592 Dinamo Brest
224593 Draw
224594 Total
10/01 6:00 PM
224717 Santos
224718 Olimpia Asuncion
224719 Draw
224720 Total
Updated: Wed, Sep 30 12:18 AM EDT
  • Open Line: Consists of the first betting line received from one of our Las Vegas or Global sportsbooks.
  • VI Consensus: Consists of the current betting line which occurs most frequently among our list of Las Vegas and Global sportsbooks.
  • All Game Times are Eastern Standard Time.

How to Read Soccer Las Vegas Spreads

Soccer can occasionally have rather high money line prices, with heavy favorites, either due to a lopsided matchup based upon the competition in top-flight leagues or tournaments. Heavy favorites are commonplace, making the money-line wagers particularly risky. It is required to risk quite a bit for a very small return.

Fortunatley for bettors, many legal sportsbooks offer a spread betting market or what's known in soccer as the goal-line. This is similiar to a Two-Way money line wager where the Draw is eliminated in this market.

All you have to do is pick Team A or Team B but the difference is that a margin involved that one team must win by or the loser must stay within the spread or better put goal-line.

Goal Lines are similar to NHL puck-lines and MLB run-lines, or the same as the NFL and NBA with point-spreads.

A typical goal line in soccer is listed as -0.5 and +0.5. However, you could see that margin grow to -1.5 or 2.5 with very heavy money line favorites in soccer. When you get to international tournaments like the Word Cup, seeing one country lay -3.5 or -4.5 isn't uncommon, especially in the Women's World Cup where the talent gap is extreme.

The favorite will be laying the goals, defined by the minus (-) while the underdogs are receiving goals and they have a plus (+) symbol next to them.

How to Bet Soccer Spreads

So in some cases, goal-line wagers can be a much better value, as you will bet on a favorite to win by a spread and you don't have to risk as much as you did on the money line. And in some cases, you can receive a better return and that usually happens when the money line odds are close to even.

Money Line

France -250
United States +500

Goal Line

France -1.5 (+100)
United States +1.5 (-120)

In the example listed above, France is listed as the heavy favorite (-), while United States is considered a long shot underdog (+). If you were to select the French national team on the money line, you would have to lay $250 to win $100. The goal line on France is -1.5 and a $100 wager would return $200, which includes your stake. You would lose this wager if France loses outright to the United States or if they won by exactly one goal.

Selecting the United States for the outright upset would net a 5/1 return (Bet $100 to win $500) and while stunners do happen in all sports markets, its highly unlikely. However, taking the US team to keep it close and grabbing the 1.5 goal line would give you the ability to win the wager even though it could still lose. By taking the goals, bettors would have to risk $120 to win $100 on the US in the above example.

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