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The Oddsmakers Believe Belichik Will Be Back in 2018

Belichik hates Kraft!
Brady hates Belichik!
McDaniels and Patricia are plotting to overthrow the kingdom!

There’s been a lot of New England Patriots soap opera stuff in the news lately, and that’s triggered the creation of a humorous NFL futures board at Essentially, you can bet on whether or not Bill Belichik will be the head coach of the New England Patriots for the first regular season game of 2018. No, really. This is an actual thing.

Will Belichik Be Head Coach of the Patriots in 2018? (per
Yes -800
No +500

The idea that Bill Belichik, Tom Brady and Robert Kraft has issues is absolutely silly. They’ve been together and operating at a championship level for nearly twenty years. Something weird is going to happen along the way, but all three of them know that the priority is winning. How they get there while preserving the future is always going to be in contention.

I’ve read the article about the fitness guru. I’ve listened to various hot takes and talking heads spouting off on the supposed issues. I think they’re all bunk.

If you spend any meaningful amount of time with anyone for that long, there are always going to be road bumps, hiccups and throwdowns. Ask anyone that’s married for god’s sake.

The interesting part was the Jimmy Garoppolo factor. The trade to San Francisco for a second rounder was a solid return in my eyes. The Patriots tend to do rather well in the draft, so securing a relatively high second round pick in 2018 felt pretty smart. Now, letting go of Garoppolo seems insane in hindsight after he ripped off a five game winning streak and looked like the second coming of Joe Montana while doing so, but giving Jimmy the keys to New England if Brady is healthy and wants to keep playing is even crazier.

Jimmy knew he was good, and his agent probably knew it too. What could the Patriots have offered him contract wise to keep him happy without sacrificing the necessary payroll they have to fill the gaps they always seem to have? We’re talking about a quarterback who knew he was worth $15-$20 million on the open market in his damn bones. There was no way that New England was going to retain him this off-season as he hit free agency.

And there was no way that the Patriots were going to say no to Brady if he wanted to come back, which he does.

From a bird’s eye view, the logical thing was always for Garoppolo to stay in New England and become the heir apparent. But this plan doesn’t factor Brady’s health (no matter how bonkers his guru trainer seems to be), nor does it consider that Brady is going to be owed $22 million in 2018 and 2019. Do you really think a franchise like the Patriots is going to pay $35-$40 million on two quarterbacks?! In what universe!?!?!?

I’m not going to pretend that I understand the inner workings of the Patriots or most any other team. Not on these weird, dramatic, emotional levels. What I do know is that keeping a core unit together for an extended amount of time is difficult and we have a litany of bad sports breakups and trades over the course of recent history to prove it. The fact that New England can stay together despite obvious ego issues is a freaking miracle, not a sign of the galaxy imploding.

They couldn’t keep Garoppolo and Brady heading in to 2018. It wasn’t financially possible. So they did what the Patriots do best and secured a second rounder. That’s the same round they found guys like Jaime Collins and Garoppolo in to begin with. The Patriots are exceptional second and third round selections overall. Logan Ryan, James White, Shane Vareen, Rob Gronkowski, Brandon Spikes, Darius Butler, Brandon Tate, Malcolm Mitchell and Jacoby Brisett are all guys they found shortly after the first round had passed.

Sure, this isn’t ideal. We all thought that Jimmy would succeed Tom Brady. Instead, he’s succeeding in San Francisco. This is sports. Belichik and Kraft had to take a gamble by letting Jimmy go and getting something in return. Unfortunately the best they could get was a speculative return in the form of a draft pick. But it’s better than zilch and way better than paying nearly a third of your payroll to two quarterbacks when you can’t use both.

The Patriots are gambling with their future. You should do the same. They’ll be fine. They always have been, as long as Belichik has been at the helm. This market truthfully isn’t a great bet unless you really think Uncle Bill’s time in New England is over. If that’s the case, then go for it.

I’d rather bet on the divisional round of the playoffs and not pretend like I understand the inner workings of a convoluted, championship churning machine like the New England Patriots.

Forget the drama! Bet on the Pats-Titans this weekend along with all the other juicy matchups in the best weekend of football that exists! The divisional playoff betting lines are live at!

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