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Updated on 04/17/2024
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💰 Betr Sportsbook Bonus Code VEGAS
🎁 Welcome Offer Betr No Sweatr: Get Your First Bet Covered up to $250!

(T&C's Apply, 21+)
🌏 Betr States and Terms New customers 21+ only, must be present in OH, VA. T&Cs apply. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.
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Betr Sportsbook is a brand-new online sports betting site that provides users with a uniquely structured betting experience. Betr offers a “microbetting” platform that enables customers to wager on the outcomes of in-game instances instead of full-game outcomes. For example, you can bet on the outcome of a specific MLB pitch, NFL down, or NBA possession without caring who wins outright or covers the spread.

The controversial YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul founded Betr to create something the sports betting world previously did not possess. The site launched in Ohio on Jan. 1, 2023, and is operational in OH and Virginia. Because of the fresh nature of the product, we expect Betr to spread into more U.S. states in short order.

Betr Promo Code

The Betr promo code is VEGAS and the offer is Betr No Sweatr: Get Your First Bet Covered up to $250!

Make sure to use the code at registration to get the offer!

Welcome Offer

By using the Betr promo code VEGAS, you can immediately get started on the platform with your first bet covered (up to $250) to test it out for yourself.

As we have mentioned, Betr is unique and the structure differs wildly from top sportsbooks in the industry. The Betr welcome bonus is a great way to see if the product is right for you.

While the offer itself does not exactly provide a competitive dollar amount with $250 in bonus money available, this still only requires a smaller deposit and first wager to claim. Make sure to use code VEGAS when signing up to obtain the offer!

What is Betr?

Betr Sportsbook is a relatively new, user-friendly online sports betting platform that provides all users with an enjoyable experience in a unique format. Betr is the first direct-to-consumer sports betting company to focus solely on micro-betting. 

While many niche gambling sites like the original DraftKings and the newer PrizePicks, Betr is a unique and specialized sports betting marketplace designed for the everyday person. It allows bettors to bet on the outcomes of individual plays. Paul and Levy are officially introducing the sports betting universe to Micro-betting. 

Micro-betting is a different form of prop betting, but it's similar because the wager is not directly tied to the overall result of the contest. Micro-betting is part of the reason the ‘No run first inning,’ or NRFI has become so popular. Instant gratification is a driving force that will make Betr successful. Wagering options on at-bats, free throws and even specific drives in a football game will all be available at Betr.

Both Paul and his brother Logan have had a very polarizing rise to stardom, but there is no question that they have amassed insane success in many of their endeavors. Jake is not shy about his self-proclaimed greatness, as he says he “single handedly saved boxing.” Now he has clear intentions in wanting to change the sports betting landscape with Betr. Paul, by his own admission, has not been into sports betting, but that changed after meeting Joey Levy, whom would become the eventual co-founder of Betr.

Whether a company sinks or swims has much to do with the belief in the company from the owners, and in this case, Paul is 100% all in. Paul has reportedly turned down $40 million dollars to partner with an existing online casino due to the recent launch of Betr. If you think that’s crazy, Paul never sells short and got new ink to prove his dedication. His right leg proudly showcases the betting company with the word ‘Betr’ written in bold black letters.
Paul and Levy have been working hard behind the scenes, as they have been able to raise $50 million from their investors. Betr is a Miami-based company and has been able to garner those investments from a few big names. Some of the Betr investors include Florida Funders, Co-owners of the 49ers, Celtics, Marlins, Travis Scott, Ezekiel Elliot, Dez Bryant, Richard Sherman and DeSean Jackson among many others.

Where can I use Betr Sportsbook?

Betr Sportsbook is currently available to use in Ohio and now Virginia. Betr Ohio launched at the beginning of 2023 with Betr Virginia going live in September 2023.

Betr is poised to expand quickly and has secured market access in Indiana (a temporary license, too), Pennsylvania (for casino, too), Colorado, and Kentucky, so stay tuned. 

How Does Betr Differ From Other Sportsbooks?

As we have discussed multiple times on this page, Betr is different from other sportsbooks in almost every way imaginable. Betr is unconventional, but this can be viewed as a positive thing. Despite not being a traditional sportsbook, the experience presented can be thoroughly enjoyable.

Microbetting in itself is unique, but there are also multiple aspects of Betr that are different, including transactions made in and out of the platform. There are maximums for users of a certain age range and you are unable to wager with credit cards.

There is a true commitment to responsible gaming apparent at Betr, which makes it a much better product for the future of online sports betting.

Available Microbets with Betr

Plays & Drives

When it comes to betting on the NFL, Betr allows you to wager on the outcome of a specific drive and even on a level as small as a single play. The odds change very quickly, so sometimes getting in your bet can be tough. However, if you’re watching an NFL game live, this is a great opportunity to stay in on the betting action.

Pitches & At-Bats

Microbetting arguably works the best in MLB. Because there are a few hundred individual pitches per game and dozens of at-bats, you will have far more betting opportunities than in other sports. You also will get ample time to wager on anything you want, which isn’t exactly supported in sports leagues like the NBA.

Shots & Possessions

As we just discussed, NBA is tough to place microbets on because the action is so fast-paced. There are odds and lines on individual shots and possessions, but the ball switches hands so quickly in basketball that it’s hard to know exactly what you’re betting on at all times.

How to Sign Up with Betr

The registration process at Betr Sportsbook is concise and once you start it, you will be able to get started wagering in minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide to beginning your Betr experience:

  1. Head over to the Betr Sportsbook website or download the Betr mobile app for iOS and Android devices.
  2. Enter your email.
  3. Use the promo code VEGAS to get the welcome bonus.
  4. Create your account and await verification of credentials by Betr.
  5. Agree to all terms and conditions set forth by Betr Sportsbook.
  6. Make your first deposit and start wagering!

Betr Mobile App

While the Betr app has only been live for a few months each, there is plenty to like in the early stages of development. While the Betr app might not be one of the best online sports betting platforms for mobile devices as it stands, we are holding out hope that it could improve exponentially in the future.

The interface of the Betr mobile app is very smooth overall and will not bombard you with advertisements that are not worth your attention. Instead, if there are ads shown to you, they are normally for your benefit in the form of promos and bonuses.

Another excellent aspect of the Betr Sportsbook app is that you can wager on the site using Coins. These Betr Coins allow you to wager on sports for free in a play money format. 

If there were some obvious negatives to pick apart the Betr app, we would say that the limited betting market quantity is certainly a big one. Because the mobile app is still in its early stages, you are bound to encounter plenty of problems with functionality and efficiency. However, as we stated previously, we expect the app to improve in this department soon. 

What Do Users Think of the Betr App?

Reviews of the Betr app in the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices vary wildly. There are endless amounts of positive reviews on each platform, but there are also plenty of negative reviews to counter. 

With this in mind, most negative reviews can be discredited for one simple reason. Most people only leave reviews when they spot something negative about a product or service, and rarely will say something positive.

The rave reviews the Betr app has drawn mostly come as a result of the smooth interface it possesses. Additionally, users love the laid back betting environment Betr creates for mobile devices and the unique qualities of the product.

Almost the entire catalog of negative reviews of the Betr app are complaints about placing bets. There are dozens of claims regarding the iOS app glitching when placing. Additionally, potential customers have also complained about their identities not being verified for use of Betr Sportsbook within the app.

Betr Picks

Updated on 04/17/2024
Bonus Code VEGAS Claim Now

In addition to the sports betting platform housed by Betr, there is also a daily fantasy sports (DFS) system to try out called Betr Picks. Betr Picks launched in July 2023 and represents yet another way that the company is attempting to revolutionize the gambling industry.

One of the best aspects of Betr Picks in comparison to Betr Sportsbook is that the platform can be accessed in a lot of states at the moment. This opens the doors in more states that could potentially provide the sportsbook licensing in the future.

As with the sportsbook product, you must enter promo code VEGAS to obtain the offer!

Betr PicksBonus Code
💰 Betr Picks Bonus Code VEGAS
🎁 Welcome Offer Betr No Sweatr: Get Your First Entry Covered up to $250!

(T&C's Apply, 21+)
🌏 Betr Picks States Available in AR, DC, KS, WY, CA, KY, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, RI, SC, SD, UT, WI, AK, OK, OR, VT, GA, IL, TX
📱 Betr Mobile App iOS & Android
✅ Last VerifiedApril 17, 2024

As of right now, you can only play daily fantasy sports for the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL.

Customer Service and Payment Options

Customer Service

Betr Sportsbook has beefed up its customer support options in recent months and the site is now outfitted with multiple methods of contact.

  • Live chat: Available on the Betr website and social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube
  • Email:

Payment Options

Betr only allows customers to deposit via three different methods. While this may seem like an inconvenience on the surface, the primary reason why this conundrum exists is due to Betr’s commitment to responsible gaming.

  • Debit card: Visa and Mastercard
  • PayPal: Available for deposits and withdrawals
  • Bank Transfers: Available for deposits and withdrawals

Betr Bands Credit Cards

Unlike most of the top online sportsbooks operating in the U.S., Betr Sportsbook does not allow customers to make deposits via credit card. This is to ensure that bettors are practically incapable of using credit cards to rack up gambling debt in the long-run. Simply put, you will only be able to wager with money you have in your possession.

Betr FAQ

Can you bet real money on Betr?

Yes, you can bet real money funds at Betr Sportsbook. The microbetting platform allows for you to put your money where your mouth is when it comes to real-time events over the course of a game. 

Does Betr have betting limits?

Betr Sportsbook has an interesting setup with betting limits. In accordance with responsible gaming initiatives, Betr restricts all bettors between the ages of 21 and 25 from wagering over $2,500 per month. This helps safeguard the younger population of sports betting enthusiasts from the harmful effects of gambling addiction.

Is Betr safe?

Betr is a safe platform to wager on sports. The site has received licensing in multiple U.S. states and is fully regulated. You can fully trust Betr Sportsbook considering the excellent marks the site has received from relevant agencies.

What is the Betr promo code?

The Betr promo code is VEGAS and will net users the following offer: Betr No Sweatr: Get Your First Bet Covered up to $250!

Betr Conclusion

Love him or hate him, everything Paul touches turns to gold. We expect Betr to be at the forefront in revolutionizing the gambling landscape. They are taking no chances either, as evidenced by some of the new additions to the Betr company.

Paul and Levy brought on Alex Ursa as the Head of Product from FanDuel. Ursa helped build the FanDuel Casino into an industry front runner. Mike Denevi will also join Betr. Denevi was part of Bleacher Report previously.

The aim is simple for Paul and Levy: make sports and betting Betr. The possibilities are endless, and we expect a massive change in the live betting market. Betr is live betting on steroids because you can settle a wager within seconds.

In Paul’s own words, this Betr app is the TikTokification of sports betting. This app is definitely worth a try now that it is live, and we expect a lot of traffic.