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Jake Paul is one of the most controversial ‘influencers’ in the world. Paul started his career on the popular Vine app, procuring five million followers, before signing a deal with Disney. Paul has over 70 million social media followers and has galvanized his fans worldwide with his jump into professional boxing where he currently owns a 5-0 record with four knockouts. Now Paul aims to enter another project that could change the betting landscape forever.

Both Paul and his brother Logan have had a very polarizing rise to stardom, but there is no question that they have amassed insane success in many of their endeavors. Jake is not shy about his self-proclaimed greatness, as he says he “single handedly saved boxing.” Now he has clear intentions in wanting to change the sports betting landscape with Betr. Paul, by his own admission, has not been into sports betting, but that changed after meeting Joey Levy, the eventual the co-founder of Betr.

Whether a company sinks or swims has much to do with the belief in the company from the owners, and in this case, Paul is 100% all in. Paul has reportedly turned down $40 million dollars to partner with an existing online Casino due to the imminent launch of Betr. If you think that’s crazy, Paul never sells short and got new ink to prove his dedication. His right leg proudly showcases the betting company with the word ‘Betr’ written in bold black letters.

Paul and Levy have been working hard behind the scenes, as they have been able to raise $50 million from their investors. Betr is a Miami-based company and has been able to garner those investments from a few big names. Some of the Betr investors include Florida Funders, Co-owners of the 49ers, Celtics, Marlins, Travis Scott, Ezekiel Elliot, Dez Bryant, Richard Sherman and Desean Jackson among many others.


What is Betr?

Betr is the first direct-to-consumer sports betting company to focus solely on micro-betting. While many niche gambling sites like the original DraftKings and the newer PrizePicks, Betr is a unique and specialized sports betting market place designed for the everyday person. It allows bettors to bet on the outcomes of individual plays. Paul and Levy are officially introducing the sports betting universe to Micro-betting.

Micro-betting is a different form of prop betting, but it's similar because the wager is not directly tied to the overall result of the contest. Micro-betting is part of the reason the ‘No run first inning,’ or NRFI has become so popular. Instant gratification is a driving force that will make Betr successful. Wagering options on at-bats, free throws and even specific drives in a football game will all be available at Betr.

Betr Promo Code

No promotional offers are currently available through the website, but we expect a few to circulate once the site is live. We find that a lot of sites change promotions occasionally throughout the year, and we expect Betr to be similar.

Welcome Offer

Much like daily promotions not being available, the Betr company has yet to announce any specific sign-up promotions. We expect some deposit matches, wager matches and even some free plays given out when signing up. Once the site has fully launched, you can expect a code similar to “VIBONUS” to be used to redeem the promotions.

How to Sign up with Betr

Most of the website is still under construction, and the app is not yet available in the app store. You cannot make an account right now, but the Betr site allows you to put in your phone number so that they can notify you once their site is live.

Available Microbets with Betr

Plays & Drives

The Betr site will allow you to bet on the outcome of a single drive in a football game. Will they score a touchdown? Will they score a field goal? Furthermore, at Betr you will be able to wager on a single play. Will they run? Will they pass? Will they gain yards or lose yards? Who will be the next player to catch a pass? Who will be the next player to score a touchdown? Will the drive result in a turnover? The possibilities are endless.

Pitches & At-Bats

Baseball micro-betting will allow you to bet on a single pitch. Will it be a ball or a strike? Will the batter get on base? Will the batter strikeout, walk, notch a hit? What will be the outcome of the next three at-bats? Pitch-by-pitch betting adds another element to betting baseball.

Shots & Possessions

Basketball live betting could be difficult to keep up with considering possessions are only 24 seconds at the most, and most are even fewer with today's run-and-gun strategy. The Betr app will aim to have the ability to wager on specific possessions up to and including the free throw. Will they make a shot? Will it be a two or a three? If a player gets to the free throw line, will he make both?

More to Come

Like previously stated, the possibilities are endless. Hockey micro-betting could include a goal in a certain time period, next goal scorer, next penalty and much more. UFC micro-betting could include round-by-round betting. Paul and Levy will always try to innovate new ways to micro bet, and we are excited to see the options presented to us to wager on.

Customer Service and Payment Options

Customer Service

The customer service feature is already up on the Betr website, but we expect improvement in this area. The ‘contact us’ section is a form to put in your name, email and write a message. They are also available on social media via TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Once the site is live, we expect them to add a chat feature to speak with a live customer service representative. You can also contact them via email at [email protected]

Payment Options

We expect payment options to include the typical options normally found on betting apps:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • E-check
  • Crypto Currencies

Betr FAQ

What is the expected date for Betr to go live?

No official date of launch has yet to be announced, but we expect a formal announcement shortly. The founders of Betr want to work out any problems with the site and the app before going live.

What will be the limits at Betr?

To start off, Betr will go live in all 50 states as a free money app. It will allow the consumer to try out the site and see wagering options without risking any money. After the initial release, Betr will roll out slowly by state as legal gambling licenses are obtained. You would be betting on a single pitch, a single drive, or a single free throw, so we expect limits to reflect that. Low limits allow the typical consumer to be able to enjoy themselves in a safe and responsible manner.

Will Betr be safe?

Simplebet is the technology company that will run Betr. Simletbet was founded in 2018 by Levy, Chris Bevilacqua, and Scott Marshall. They are a product development company using machine learning and automation to ensure the most up-to-the-minute opportunities in sports betting. The ability to provide the lines at a moment’s notice is unprecedented in the sports betting market place.

They will also utilize the newest technology to ensure the safety and protection of the consumers' private information.

Betr Conclusion

Love him or hate him, everything Paul touches turns to gold. We expect Betr to be at the forefront in revolutionizing the gambling landscape. They are taking no chances either, as evidenced by some of the new additions to the Betr company.

Paul and Levy brought on Alex Ursa as the Head of Product from FanDuel. Ursa helped build the FanDuel Casino into an industry front runner. Mike Denevi will also join Betr. Denevi was part of Bleacher Report previously.

The aim is simple for Paul and Levy: make sports and betting Betr. The possibilities are endless, and we expect a massive change in the live betting market. Betr is live betting on steroids because you can settle a wager within seconds.

In Paul’s own words, this Betr app is the TikTokification of sports betting. This app will definitely be worth a try once it is live, and we expect a lot of traffic.

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