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Arizona Cardinals - Yes (TBA) | No (TBA)
Atlanta Falcons - Yes (+550) | No (-750)
Baltimore Ravens - Yes (TBA) | No (TBA)
Buffalo Bills - Yes (TBA) | No (TBA)
Carolina Panthers - Yes (+1400) | No (-3500)
Chicago Bears - Yes (TBA) | No (TBA)
Cincinnati Bengals - Yes (-250) | No (+190)
Cleveland Browns - Yes (+10000) | No (TBA)
Dallas Cowboys - Yes (TBA) | No (TBA)
Denver Broncos - Yes (+4000) | No (TBA)
Detroit Lions - Yes (+800) | No (-1400)
Green Bay Packers - Yes (+1200) | No (-2500)
Houston Texans - Yes (TBA) | No (TBA)
Indianapolis Colts - Yes (+2500) | No (TBA)
Jacksonville Jaguars - Yes (TBA) | No (TBA)
Kansas City Chiefs - Yes (TBA) | No (TBA)
Las Vegas Raiders - Yes (+1600) | No (-5000)
L.A. Chargers - YYes (TBA) | No (TBA)
L.A. Rams - Yes (TBA) | No (TBA)
Miami Dolphins - Yes (-750) | No (+550)
Minnesota Vikings - Yes (TBA) | No (TBA)
New England Patriots - Yes (+175) | No (-225)
New Orleans Saints - Yes (+800) | No (-1400)
N.Y. Giants - Yes (+100) | No (-120)
N.Y. Jets - Yes (-115) | No (-105)
Philadelphia Eagles - Yes (TBA) | No (TBA)
Pittsburgh Steelers - Yes (+2000) | No (-10000)
San Francisco 49ers - Yes (-3500) | No (+1400)
Seattle Seahawks - Yes (-280) | No (+225)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Yes (-500) | No (+330)
Tennessee Titans - Yes Yes (TBA) | No (TBA)
Washington Commanders - Yes (-165) | No (+135)

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Static Odds
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NFL Playoff Props Futures Picks

The NFL Playoff Props is a popular betting market to follow and it’s also easy to understand. Put simply, bettors can wager “Yes” or “No” on all 32 NFL teams. 

While many believe the league is predictable, the NFL Playoffs have close to a 50% turnover rate every postseason since 2000. 

The oddsmakers usually favor the teams who made it last season but backing repeat appearances hasn’t been profitable. 

With that being said, let’s check out the NFL Playoff Projections for both conferences. 

NFC Playoff Picks

  1. Green Bay
  2. Tampa Bay
  3. L.A. Rams
  4. San Francisco
  5. Philadelphia
  6. Dallas
  7. Minnesota

Looking above, you can see our VI experts believe that six teams will earn repeat playoff bids next January and the first five teams received support of at least 80 percent from our stable. 

The one newbie that the experts are buying this postseason is Minnesota, and it would be replacing Arizona. 

Of the 16 teams in the NFC, 14 received support from at least one VI Expert. The two teams expected to be on the clock for the 2023 NFL Draft are the Atlanta Falcons and Chicago Bears.

Listed below are the VegasInsider Experts NFC Playoff Projections picks. 

NFC Playoff Projections

Green Bay 25
Tampa Bay 24
L.A. Rams 22
San Francisco 22
Philadelphia 20
Dallas 19
Minnesota 16
Arizona 12
New Orleans 8
Washington 2
Carolina 2
N.Y. Giants 1
Seattle 1
Detroit 1

AFC Playoffs Picks

  1. Buffalo Bills
  2. L.A. Chargers
  3. Kansas City
  4. Cincinnati
  5. Baltimore
  6. Indianapolis
  7. Denver

Many pundits believe the AFC has more depth than the NFC headed into the 2022 regular season and five of the teams have received 80 percent or higher support from the VI Experts. 

The Buffalo Bills join the Green Bay Packers as the only teams to be picked by all 25 VI Experts. 

What’s different with the AFC from the NFC is that our experts believe there will be five new teams making the playoffs this season after missing out in the 2021-22. 

They include the Chargers and Broncos from the AFC West and the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts, representing the North and South divisions respectively. 

Thirteen of the 16 teams in the AFC received at least one vote from the VI experts with the three outcasts that finished 4-13 or worse last season. Those clubs include the N.Y. Jets from the AFC East and the cellar dwellers from the AFC South in the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Listed below are the VegasInsider Experts AFC Playoff Projections picks. 

AFC Playoff Projections

Buffalo 25
L.A. Chargers 22
Kansas City 21
Cincinnati 21
Baltimore 20
Indianapolis 17
Denver 13
Tennessee 10
Miami 7
Las Vegas 7
New England 6
Cleveland 5
Pittsburgh 1

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2021-22 NFL Playoff Results

2021-22 NFC Playoff Teams

  1. Green Bay Packers - lost to SFO in NFC Divisional Round
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - lost to LAR in NFC Divisional Round
  3. Dallas Cowboys - lost to SFO in NFC Wild Card Round
  4. Los Angeles Rams - won Super Bowl 56
  5. Arizona Cardinals - lost to LAR in NFC Wild Card Round
  6. San Francisco 49ers - lost to LAR in NFC Championship
  7. Philadelphia Eagles - lost to TMB in NFC Wild Card Round

2021-22 AFC Playoff Teams

  1. Tennessee Titans - lost to CIN in AFC Divisional Round
  2. Kansas City Chiefs - lost to CIN in AFC Championship
  3. Buffalo Bills - lost to KNC in AFC Divisional Round
  4. Cincinnati Bengals - lost to LAR in Super Bowl 56
  5. Las Vegas Raiders - lost to CIN in AFC Wild Card Round
  6. New England Patriots - lost to BUF in AFC Wild Card Round
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers - lost KNC in AFC Wild Card Round

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