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Sports Betting Tools - August 2022

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Placing the right bets on the best teams requires knowledge and an understanding of the betting process. There are many variables to consider before wagering takes place.

With the integration of the internet into most facets of gambling, betting information is easily accessible. All of your resources are available with a few keystrokes-- this reduces the amount of time you spend scouring through all the best sportsbooks.

There are various sports betting tools and bet calculators that do most of the hard work for you and make the betting process easier. These online tools are handy if you’re new to sports betting and still learning how to bet.

Using these sports betting tools provides you with the best betting options which enhances your sports betting enjoyment. If you know that you’ve used the best free tools for the best chance to win, why wouldn’t you enjoy participating in sports betting?


With over two decades of experience in sports betting, we understand how complicated this activity can be. There are so many sports and betting markets, so the more help we can give you, the more confidently you can wager. That’s why we’ve put together a menu of sports betting tools designed to give you the knowledge you need to wager.


We cover the parlay calculator in more depth later in this article, as it’s one of the most familiar sports betting tools to bettors. Our parlay calculator significantly reduces the amount of time you spend comparing sportsbooks to find the best odds for your parlay bet.


As if learning how to bet wasn’t confusing enough, you'll encounter a myriad of unfamiliar terms on all sportsbooks. Our list of sports betting terms and resources provides a one-stop-shop of the most commonly used terminology in gambling circles and their explanations.


Here, we list all the forthcoming sports events for the most popular sports and their TV Listings. We also include the channels broadcasting them and the times (Eastern Time Zone) to watch the matches.


A handicapper is a person who researches and studies sports events and wagers on them. Their ultimate goal is to make a profit. We provide a comprehensive list of sports handicappers for Major League and popular college sports. Each name is clickable and opens a screen with that person’s picks for the listed sports.


This sports betting tool provides you with a list of Las Vegas hotels and includes details about the hotels’ rates and facilities. More importantly, it gives details of the sportsbook, its hours of operation, and the betting types offered.

There are numerous other sports betting tools available on the web, including the following bet calculators:


A parlay bet is a multiple bet where several selections are tied together in one bet, called a parlay. All the individual selections must either win or tie to win a parlay bet. If one loses, you lose the entire bet.

A parlay calculator provides drop-down menus for sports and types of bets. Once you’ve chosen the sport and betting type, you select your odds from the games you want to bet on. The parlay calculator shows your stake amount and the expected payout should all your selections win.


If you’re still familiarizing yourself with sports betting and not yet sure how to bet effectively, a betting odds calculator is a useful sports betting tool. You simply enter the amount you wish to wager along with the odds. The calculator works out your expected profit to save you the time and trouble of doing the calculation yourself.


Beginners to sports betting quickly learn how to bet on a moneyline as it’s one of the most straightforward betting types. You bet on your chosen winner of the game. A moneyline calculator works out your expected return on investment. All you have to do is enter your stake and the American odds from a selected sportsbook.


Teaser bets are similar to parlay bets as they require at least two selections, both of which must win. The difference with a teaser bet is that you can adjust the point spread in your favor using teaser points. This adjustment gives you a better chance of winning, but with a lower payout.

teaser calculator allows you to “buy” points. You use these to adjust the points spread to increase your chance of winning. The calculator determines the outcome of your teaser combination so you can see if it is worthwhile.


In hedge betting, you wager on varying outcomes of the same match with the same sportsbook but at different times. You place the second wager after the original bet, often while the game is in play.

One of the useful sports betting tools for calculating hedge bets is a hedge calculator. You can Lay a bet or Back a bet. Lay-- refers to betting against an occurrence. Back-- refers to betting for an occurrence.


As far as sports betting tools go, the odds converter is possibly the most straightforward. Betting odds appear in various forms: American odds (+ or -), a decimal, or a fraction. Whichever variation you enter into the odds calculator, it converts it to all other formats.

This tool is convenient for players learning how to bet who are still unfamiliar with the various odds formats. While all bet calculators provide valuable assistance, the odds converter makes some betting terminology easier to understand.



No, you don’t. These sports betting tools provide assistance but using them isn’t compulsory.


There are plenty of online bet calculators including moneyline tools. Enter the term in your internet search engine to find the most popular.


One of our sports betting tools is a useful list of betting terminology and its meanings. You can find the list of gaming terms under the Betting Tools tab on the website.


Don’t be discouraged if you find sports betting confusing. Like any hobby, it may take a while before you’re acquainted with the jargon and familiar with how to bet. Online sports betting tools make wagering easier and more enjoyable, two excellent reasons why they’re so freely available to bettors. The more sports betting tools you have then the more enjoyment you’ll have and, just maybe, they might help you have a shot at a big payout.

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