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Teaser Calculator

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Teaser betting lets you bundle multiple point spread bets together to increase the stakes. A teaser bet increases the potential reward but also increases the risk because getting even one bet incorrect will cause you to lose the wager.

Teasers also change the point spread of each wager by allowing bettors to ‘buy’ points for the spread. All of those calculations can get a bit complicated. A teaser calculator reduces the stress of making a teaser bet. Take a look at our guide on using a teaser calculator to maximize your chances.

How to use the teaser calculator

The teaser calculator may seem complicated at first glance, but it’s actually relatively straightforward. First, select the number of teams that will be included in your teaser bet. Then, along the top of the teaser calculator, choose the point spread you are wagering on.

Once you have made your selections, the teaser calculator will show you the odds you can expect to be paid out for a correct wager.

What are football teasers?

Bettors who wager on football games are already familiar with the concept of a point spread. Teasers take those point spread bets and bundle several games together, increasing the reward. However, if even one bet is incorrect you lose the whole wager, so a teaser is also a little more challenging to get right.

What sets teasers apart from classic point spread bets are that you are able to alter the point spread when placing your wager. This makes teaser betting a little more interactive and engaging for the player.

Advantage teasers

Expert statisticians have studied football results to determine the best strategy for placing bets. By analyzing the data, they determined that by far the most common margins for victory in a football game are three or seven points.

Seems logical, given that field goals and touchdowns net three and seven points respectively, right? Keep this concept in mind as you’re using the teaser calculator, as seven-point spreads are the best point spreads to wager on. We refer to these spreads as advantage teasers.

Where to Place a Teaser Bet?

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Check out this quick Q&A for questions you may have about teaser betting.

Why should I use teasers for my wagers?

Teasers make a wager more lucrative and increase your potential payout. They are difficult to get right as you’ll need to predict each spread correctly, but using a teaser can improve your winnings dramatically.

How does a teaser calculator help me place wagers?

Since you’re looking at multiple games, figuring out the probability and potential payout for a teaser bet can be difficult. A teaser calculator handles the calculations for you. It shows how likely a teaser’s outcome is and gives you the odds you’ll be paid out.

What’s the best way to win big with sports betting?

There aren’t any guaranteed ways to win when it comes to sports betting. Luck is always going to be a factor. But by understanding the sports you’re wagering on and maximizing your odds using tools like a teaser calculator, you can improve your chance of placing valuable wagers.

Final Thoughts

A teaser allows a bettor to adjust the point spread of a set of single wagers by buying a point spread that gets added on. This increases your potential payout, but the tradeoff is a little more added risk. If even one of your teams doesn’t beat the spread, you’ll lose the teaser bet.

Using a teaser calculator can help you make informed choices when playing teasers. Use it to understand exactly what odds you’re dealing with before placing your wager. That helps you make informed betting decisions and maximizes your chance of winning big.

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