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Why Buy Our Picks? is an inexhaustible resource for gamblers looking to make a wager today, tomorrow or in the near future. Our focus is to inform and entertain individuals about sports betting information, with and its contributors regularly featured and quoted in such universal publications as Yahoo! Sports,, ESPN the Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, Daily Racing Form and numerous regional outlets.

In addition to being the largest online provider of both Las Vegas and Global Odds, which includes up-to-the minute Line Movements and Betting Trends for each particular matchup, offers the best stable of professional handicappers in the industry. But why buy our picks? has always prided itself in being honest and fair, working hard for our customers, and providing solid results. But we don't just say it, we prove it...

  • We Have History -, formally a CBS subsidiary, has been operating online, selling sports picks and other sports gaming information, since 1997. The fraudsters and fakes rarely survive a few years as they are more churn and burn operations all about getting as much money has they can, as quickly as they can, before the well dries up. We already have many years in the business, and will continue for many years to come.
  • Licensed American Company - Incorporated in Delaware, Inc. is an American company founded and headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are fully licensed by the state of Nevada, the state of Delaware, the state of Florida, and the city of Fort Lauderdale.
  • Historical Handicapping Records - We provide Handicapper Records, showing the selection made, the date and time it was published, the line and line source, and the win/loss results for the entire tenure of all experts while handicapping on Several of our handicappers have over 10 years of records accessible to the public on We do not just show you the last 10 picks, or only show the winners, like many of our competitors, but the complete history by sport for each handicapper. That we know of, is the only handicapping service that discloses all historical records...we have nothing to hide. Click here to access our Handicapping Records.
  • Transparency - All pick selections are time-stamped when published, and all selections are displayed to the public 20 minutes after games start. We take this extra step to prove there is no after-game manipulation of our selections to falsely inflate handicapping records. That we know of, is the only handicapping service that discloses all selections near the start of each game...again, we have nothing to hide. Just view individual handicapper records, and make sure today's date is included in search parameters, and you can see the plays for the day appear shortly after start of game with a pending status. NOTE: After handicapper selection is published, corrections may be made at times by internal staff to fix issues resulting from bad feed data, or submitting error, such as invalid line passing through our line filters, a change in the team designated as 'home' for neutral site games, or obvious mistakes by handicapper when inputting his selection (ex: selected home team, but published comments and analysis clearly and irrefutably showing he meant to select away team.)
  • Safe and Secure Checkout - The safety of our customer’s personal and billing information is highest priority. Our secure checkout server sits behind the latest Next-Gen firewall technology with real-time intrusion protection and threat prevention. Geotrust’s 256 bit encrypted SSL technology is used on all registration and checkout pages. The highly secure Rocketgate Payment Gateway Services is utilized for credit card address verifications and authorizations, as well as fraud prevention SCRUB. Additionally, we have regularly scheduled security audits conducted by McAfee Secure which thoroughly tests our network security measures looking for any potential vulnerabilities, and to ensure we maintain PCI compliancy. When it comes to safeguarding your personal information, we take our responsibility seriously.
  • Absolutely No Telemarketing - We never use your information for telemarketing or text message marketing. You will never get uncomfortable cold calls with sales pitches to buy picks from Unfortunately, as a leader in this industry, our brand is exploited at times by fraudsters using phishing techniques. If you ever receive a call or text message trying to sell you sports picks from someone claiming to be from, hang-up, delete, or ignore as it is not from us. The only time our customer service representative will call a customer is to help resolve an issue with a recent purchase, assist with renewals, or to respond back to a voicemail message if requested.
  • No Auto-Renewals - Our products are never auto-renewing, forcing customer to manually opt-out to end the billing cycle.
  • Line Source - All selections are sourced from Las Vegas or Global sportsbooks with documented lines and time-stamped sports picks. We only source lines from sportsbooks which take U.S. action.
  • No Line Manipulation - does not allow its experts to buy points up or down. We also put caps on money-line wagers for both favorites and underdogs. We strongly believe that users should not be charged for products where a handicapper is clearly looking to pad their record with a heavy money-line favorite.
  • No Betting Units - grades and ranks all handicappers on one-unit plays ($100) per selection. We don’t allow our experts to pad their records with multiple unit wagers. (Ex. 10-Star, 5-Unit, 20-Dimes, etc…)
  • No Last-Minute Pick Submitting - We encourage our handicappers to submit their selections as early as possible, and all picks are required to be posted at least one hour prior to the start time of each game. That will give you plenty of time to visit your sportsbook.
  • Analysis - We require our handicappers to provide detailed analysis so you can read why your expert likes the play. We require each selection submitted to include an analysis of at least 50-word minimum. Some experts rate their plays within the analysis while others may provide team or betting trends.
Need more reasons to buy your picks from us?
  • has dozens of industry proven experts to choose from with different handicapping styles to fit the type of bettor you are. We encourage customers to find the handicapper that fits their betting style based on our leaderboards per sport. For sports that cater to point-spread wagers (NFL, NBA, NCAAFB, NCAABK), we rank our handicappers in specific leaderboards-- Money, Percentage, Over/Under, Last Week’s, Guaranteed, Member. For sports that cater to money-line wagers (MLB, NHL), we rank our handicappers in specific leaderboards – Money, Over/Under, Favorites, Underdogs, Guaranteed, Member.
  • Looking for one sure winner or a monster package? No matter how many picks are in an expert’s package it costs the same. VI has the most affordable daily package prices based on volume of picks. If you prefer just one solid winner each night we also offer Guaranteed Plays where you Pay Only If It Wins.
  • Extended Package Discounts: Gold Memberships and pick packages are all discounted based on length of service.
  • Special Promotions: Through the course of the regular season for each sport we discount our season packages. Towards the end of the season we launch the Playoff packages which include the rest of the regular season for FREE!
  • Multiple package discount: Call us to purchase more than one expert and we’ll give you a discount.
  • Payment methods - We accept most major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, Diners Club, and American Express). Arrangements can be made for those willing to pay by Cashiers Check, Money Order, or in cash.
  • For Guaranteed Pick purchases it is our standard procedure to request a pre-authorization from your credit card company/bank before we process your order. The pre-authorization will confirm that your bank has sufficient funds available. The funds are not actually removed from your account until the game is graded a win. You may see both pre-authorization and the charge on your account, but this is not a duplicate charge. Depending on your bank the pre-authorization may take from 2-10 business days to be removed. At that time, you will have only been charged for the pick if it was a winner.
  • Still not satisfied? - We provide superior customer service with a common sense approach to handling unique situations. Contact our customer service department and we will assist you to the best of our abilities. Need a winner? Having trouble logging into your account? Email us at If we could give you tomorrow’s results we would, but we’ll do our best to find you winners today!
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