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When you think about US-based gambling, betting in Georgia may not be the first state that comes to mind. The Peach State isn’t particularly friendly towards gambling in general. As of July 2024, Georgia sportsbooks remain illegal, but lawmakers are attempting to change that.

SB 386 and counterpart bill Senate Resolution 579 passed through the Senate in February 2024. However, the Georgia House Rules Committee did not opt for either bill in 2024. Better luck in 2025.

There's clearly an interest in legal sports betting in Georgia, so we'll see if a bill could finally pass in 2025.


Two attempts to regulate GA sportsbooks had been filed in 2024, but neither passed the House Rules Committee. With no casinos operating in the state in any shape or form, it’s continually an uphill battle. Few entities with lobbying muscle seem willing to push for legalizing Georgia sportsbooks.



There’s one aspect of GA sports betting that’s readily available to state residents: daily fantasy sports. DFS companies are widely considered to be equal to sports betting. However, several states classify these companies as betting operators, such as Nevada.

If you’re looking to try your hand at legal betting and can’t wait for legislation to pass, DFS is a decent substitute. Both FanDuel and DraftKings operate within Georgia. Anyone above the age of 18 can participate in their DFS competitions.

It’s unclear if any future bills would apply to DFS companies. In theory, a bill that regulates Georgia sports betting apps with vague wording could regulate DFS as well. Still, states legalizing sports betting since 2018 have largely ignored the DFS industry.

Only time will tell what the future holds for DFS if the state passes new Georgia sports betting legislation. In the meantime, DFS operators are a safe and legal alternative for GA sports betting fans.

Georgia Sports Betting Sites


As was previously mentioned, there aren’t any Georgia sportsbooks as of July 2024. This situation will continue until legislation is passed.

If Georgia sportsbooks are legalized, several betting operators will likely attempt to enter this new market. Up next, we’ll break down the most probable betting apps and Georgia sportsbooks to become available.


Draftkings Georgia

DraftKings is one of the most successful betting operators in the United States. Founded in 2012 as a fantasy baseball competition, DraftKings rapidly grew to become a gambling titan. DraftKings already operates throughout most of the country, including Georgia.


Fanduel Georgia

FanDuel is the other half of the American DFS industry. Founded in 2009, FanDuel pioneered the DFS craze in the country. It has tremendous brand recognition among sports fans in nearly all 50 states. Like DraftKings, the company also has a presence in Georgia as a DFS operator.

FanDuel has sought a license in every state that has legalized sports betting. If Georgia sportsbooks become legal, it’s likely that FanDuel will pursue that market.


BetMGM Georgia

BetMGM is the online sports betting app developed by MGM Resorts International. The company is one of the oldest in American gambling. At the moment, BetMGM is available in ten regulated markets, including North Carolina.

The company has enjoyed considerable success through its NC operations. Adding Georgia would increase the size of its customer base.

Georgia Betting Laws


A reminder: these bills are all failed attempts at legalizing sports betting in the Peach State.


As mentioned previously, SB 386 was the latest bill introduced to potentially legalize Georgia sportsbooks.

Sen. Gloria Butler was a co-sponsor for the bill, which would allow for 16 operators to enter the fray.

And again, the bill initially did not need a constitutional amendment to be required since it labeled sports betting as lottery.

However, that was changed when it passed through the Senate. Otherwise, the bill still allowed for 16 operators, and local teams and venues could apply.

In terms of tax and revenue to the state, the bill proposed a 20% tax on operators, which would go towards education in the state.

SR 579 accompanies it.


Sen. Carden Summers was the proponent behind Senate Resolution 538, which would have brought mobile sports betting and brick-and-mortar casinos to the Peach State.

While it's unclear how many Georgia sports betting apps the bill allowed, it did specify for five casino licenses, which would be taxed at a rate of 13%.

Rather than support only education, the tax proceeds would go towards a number of different avenues to benefit the state, such as the Freight and Logistics Fund, mental health and health care initiatives, the state’s Child Care Fund, and the state’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities.


Betting in Georgia isn’t straightforward. As of 16th July 2024, state law explicitly forbids sports betting, horse and greyhound betting, and casino gambling. Even pyramid clubs, election wagering, and chain letter raffles are banned.

The only acceptable forms of betting in Georgia are the state lottery and charitable raffles. This doesn’t leave much leeway for would-be legal bettors. However, the country is undergoing a wave of sports betting bills after a Supreme Court decision opened the proverbial floodgates.

In 1992, Congress enacted the Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). It froze the status of legislation in its pre-1992 state. For decades, the only state with legal sports betting was Nevada.

After New Jersey challenged PASPA in 2017, the Supreme Court ruled on the matter the following year. The law was found to be unconstitutional and was struck down.

By the end of 2020, 22 states had passed betting bills, and a dozen others were debating the issue. Another dozen states, though, failed to pass proposed bills, including Georgia. An ambitious bill, HR 378, sought to create a state gambling commission to control betting in Georgia.

In mid-January 2021, State Rep. Ron Stephens (R) introduced HR 86. This proposal would have legalized apps managed through the Georgia State Lottery.

In February 2023, representatives and senators again proposed more than one bill (SB 57, HB 380, and SR 140/SB 172) to legalize sports betting. However, none of these bills had enough votes to advance.

In January 2024, SB 386 was filed and later passed through the Senate, and, in February 2024, SR 538 was introduced and SR 579 (which accompanies SB 386) passed through the Senate. =

In late March 2024, the House Rules Committee shot down both SB 386 and 579.

Updated on : 07/16/2024


Until a bill passes, Georgia sportsbooks and betting apps remain illegal.

If GA sports betting is legalized, signing up for apps should be a quick, intuitive process. However, that depends on the ultimate regulatory details, which are usually teased out after a bill is passed.

In some states, new customers need to visit a retail shop and complete in-person registration. In others, users can gamble online after verifying their identity. A few allow sports betting, but not via any online platforms—only in retail shops.

Theoretically, a betting bill could legalize Georgia sportsbooks, but not Georgia betting sites. Customers would have to visit a sportsbook or retail betting parlor to place wagers. Alternatively, apps could require in-person sign ups at land-based Georgia sportsbooks.

Finally, sites could foreseeably embrace mobile. Like in some states, Georgia betting sites may simply allow any customer in the state to register online.

Placing a bet is as simple as browsing your favorite sports league and finding an event. Once you’ve found a wager you like, click on the market and enter your stake.

Betting Markets and Events


The Georgia online sports betting market may pick up speed soon. If a bill passes, Georgia sportsbooks could open their doors as early as 2025. If that happens, there’ll be plenty of events to keep Georgia sports betting fans busy.

Up next, we’ll explore a few major events that would likely be popular with Georgia betting sites. Afterwards, we’ll look at some common wagers you may find in future Georgia sportsbooks. Finally, we’ll examine the current situation of daily fantasy sports in the Peach State.


Fans of betting in Georgia have plenty of local events worth keeping an eye on. Some events that are guaranteed to be hits with Georgia betting sites include:

  • Truist Atlanta Open: This annual professional men's tennis tournament has been taking place in Atlanta every year since 2010. The event started out in Indianapolis, back in 1988, but moved to Atlanta later on. It includes both singles and doubles tournaments.
  • PGA Tour Championship: The world-famous Professional Golf Association ends its yearly tour with a championship event in Atlanta. Hosted by the Peach State every year since 1987, the PGA Tour Championship includes the year’s top 30 golfers.
  • The Peach Bowl: This event is one of the most prominent collegiate football sports events in the United States. This annual bowl game is sponsored by Chick-fil-A, and sees top Atlantic Conference teams facing high-profile rivals. The Peach Bowl regularly sells out Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Each of these massive sports events is held every year. They’re all bound to be popular with any future Georgia sportsbooks.


Once Georgia betting sites are fully operational, customers can expect a vast range of bet types. Each type offers unique advantages and drawbacks. Bet types may vary depending on which Georgia sportsbooks you peruse.

Below, we’ll break down some of the most common betting markets that’ll likely become available.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline bets, also called “straight” or “win” bets, are the simplest kind of wager. When you place a moneyline bet with Georgia betting sites, you’re backing a team to win. The “moneyline” refers to the payout odds of the bet in question.

Moneylines shift as information becomes available and oddsmakers reassess the situation. At the end of the day, you’ll get your stake plus the payout if your pick wins.

Over/Under Betting

In an over/under or “totals” bet, bookmakers provide an estimated total value for a match. For example, the bet could be on the final combined scores, a team’s final score, or a single player’s total points. Customers then wager on whether or not the total will be above or below the estimate.

Betting on totals is one of the most popular forms of sports wagering. You’ll be sure to find totals betting markets at Georgia sportsbooks if sports betting is legalized.

Spread Betting

Betting on the spread is somewhat more complex than moneyline or totals betting. However, it’s tremendously popular. In a spread bet, bookies estimate favorites and underdogs for a game. They then assign a point spread that is meant to balance out the difference between teams.

For example, Georgia sportsbooks may offer action on Team A or Team B to “beat the spread.” If Team A is the favorite, that means it needs to win with a points advantage to cover and win a spread bet. Winning by less than the spread won’t result in a payout.

Conversely, Team B can lose and still pay out a spread bet. A spread bet on Team B will pay out as long as they lose by less than the spread.

Prop Betting

A “special” or prop bet, short for “proposition,” is a broad category of wagers. They can include just about anything that can happen in-game, provided it’s not tied to the final outcome. It's popular to bet on the winner of the initial coin toss, the top scoring player, and more.

Prop bets are common among betting fans. Some Georgia betting sites may even take requests for custom prop bets. If you have a special feeling regarding a highly-specific wager, reach out to customer support.

Parlay Betting

Parlay betting, also called accumulator betting, is wildly popular with sportsbook customers worldwide. A parlay is a type of bet involving multiple wagers. Customers pick several lines and add them to a single ticket. To cash in, all picks must turn out to be winners.

A parlay wager is considerably riskier than placing individual wagers. A single pick that misses the mark would be enough to derail you.

That said, the payout odds are higher than usual. Parlay wagers are a fantastic way to get exposure to very high odds. They’d be quite popular with any betting fans.

Outright Betting

Outright betting, also called “futures” betting, is a type of wager placed on events in the future. They’re typically available for major competitions, championships, and tournaments preceding the regular season.

Legal Georgia betting sites would most likely offer outright betting.

Betting on Georgia Teams


Despite the lack of any Georgia sportsbooks or Georgia betting sites, the Peach State remains a professional sports powerhouse. If GA sports betting is legalized, a huge audience of local sports fans would turn to Georgia online sports betting.

Up next, we’ll take a look at some pro sports teams that call Georgia home.

Georgia Football Betting


The NFL has maintained a light presence in Georgia for decades. If Georgia online sports betting is legalized and regulated, a vast market of NFL fans may emerge.

Atlanta Falcons betting

The Atlanta Falcons are a storied pro football team, founded in Atlanta in 1966. They were originally an expansion team, created to block the AFL from establishing itself in the city. Over time, though, the NFL team became near and dear to the heart of millions of Georgia residents.

Playing in Mercedes-Benz Stadium since 2017, the team has won five Division Championships and two Conference Championships. The team has advanced to the Superbowl twice, in 1998 and 2017, losing both times.

Georgia Basketball Betting


Legal betting in Georgia would have an impact on a number of sports and leagues. The NBA would be no exception to this. There are many committed basketball fans in the state.

Atlanta Hawks betting

The Atlanta Hawks are one of the oldest teams in the NBA. Founded in 1949, the team is a staple of the Eastern Conference’s Southeast Division. While the team has suffered a decades-long drought, they still have many loyal fans. If sports betting is legalized in the Peach State, the Hawks would definitely drum up considerable betting action.

Playing out of Philips Arena since 1999, the Hawks have won fourteen Division Championships, four Conference Championships, and one championship. Several Basketball Hall of Fame inductees have played for the Hawks as well.

Georgia Hockey Betting


Future GA sports betting operators might have some trouble when it comes to NHL action. Georgia hasn’t had a local NHL team since 2011, when the Atlanta Thrashers moved away to Winnipeg.

That being said, local hockey fans still exist. They tend to back popular NHL teams in neighboring states, while a few are still loyal to the former Thrashers. operators may need to cater to fans of these teams in order to thrive.

Winnipeg Jets betting

In early 2011, the Atlanta Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg and were renamed the Jets. Since then, most Atlanta fans have shifted loyalties to neighboring states.

Despite this, a few devoted fans remain loyal to the former Thrashers. If the practice is legalized, Georgia betting sites could place some interest in the Winnipeg Jets.

Nashville Predators betting

The Nashville Predators, often known as the Preds, are a pro ice hockey team playing out of Nashville, TN. Located just northwest of Georgia, Tennessee sports teams draw considerable attention from GA sports betting fans.

Following the relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers, the Nashville Predators made an effort to capture their orphaned fans. Their plan was moderately successful, and numerous GA fans back the Preds to this day.

Tampa Bay Lightning betting

Another option for NHL fans in Georgia is backing the Tampa Bay Lightning. Florida shares a border with Georgia, though Florida teams aren’t too popular in Georgia. It probably has to do with their role as division rivals of the former Thrashers.

Georgia Baseball Betting


Baseball is famous in the US, and the state of Georgia is no exception. Potential Georgia betting sites have a lot of action from local fans to look forward to.

Atlanta Braves betting

The Atlanta Braves are one of the most popular teams in the MLB. The team moved to Atlanta from Milwaukee back in 1966. They currently play at Truist Park in Cobb County. In 1995, the team managed to win the World Series.

The Braves would likely draw significant betting action for future sportsbooks. Prominent former Braves players have been inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame, including Hank Aaron and Orlando Cepeda.

Betting on Georgia Teams


Beyond professional sports, Georgia sportsbooks could drum up considerable action from collegiate sports even if it isn’t confirmed yet. Georgia is famous for its college sports teams and events. We’ll list some of the most popular college teams that could be of interest to Georgia betting sites.

Georgia College Football


College football is huge in Georgia. The state hosts the famous Peach Bowl every year, and is home to several NCAA Division I FBS football teams. Legalizing betting in Georgia would likely draw significant betting interest for the following teams.

Georgia Bulldogs betting

The Georgia Bulldogs are one of the most beloved teams in American collegiate football. Their first season was way back in 1892. They’ve since achieved impressive feats. The Bulldogs have appeared in over 57 bowl games and have won over 13 SEC championships.

Fans of the team refer to themselves as “Bulldog Nation.” If betting in Georgia takes off in the near future, Georgia sports betting apps can count on them.

Georgia Southern Eagles betting

The Georgia Southern Eagles are the Georgia Southern University’s NCAA Division I FBS football team. Despite being founded in 1924, the team is relatively recent, having suspended play during WW2 up until 1981.

As a former member of the Southern Conference, the Eagles have won 10 championship titles. After moving to the Sun Belt Conference in 2014, the Eagles claimed the SBC championship during their debut season. It’s a team with loyal fans. They would be a staple in Georgia sports betting.

Georgia State Panthers betting

Georgia State University founded the Georgia State Panthers football team in 2010, making it relatively recent. Formed with the assistance of former Falcons head coach Dan Reeves, the team’s rollout was meticulously planned over several years.

Today, the team competes in the NCAA Division I-FBS within the Sun Belt Conference. With many avid fans from GSU, Georgia online sports betting legislation would likely mean sizable betting action. The team also has an ongoing rivalry with the Southern Eagles.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets betting

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets represent the Georgia Institute of Technology in the NCAA’s Division I-FBS. They’re a part of the Atlantic Coast Conference and members of its Coastal Division. The team is over a hundred years old, first established in 1892.

Throughout its long history, the team has had a number of memorable figures on its roster, including John Heisman, namesake of the Heisman Trophy. If betting in Georgia becomes legalized, Yellow Jacket fans will flock towards Georgia sportsbooks.

Georgia College Basketball


While college basketball isn’t quite as popular in Georgia as football, it’s no less significant. The oldest teams are more than 120 years old. Future GA sports betting sites can expect considerable betting potential from local college basketball fans.

Georgia Bulldogs betting

The Bulldog Nation extends beyond football, including the Georgia Bulldogs men’s basketball team. Founded in 1891, the team has been a part of the Southeastern Conference since its first season.

Back in 1983, the team made the NCAA Final Four. A number of Basketball Hall of Fame inductees played for the team, including Dominique Wilkins. Future Georgia sports betting sites can count on generous interest from the Bulldog Nation.

Georgia Southern Eagles betting

The Southern Eagles men’s basketball team is part of the NCAA Division I. The team has attended both the Division I tournament and the National Invitational on multiple occasions.

While not as high-profile as the school’s football team, the Eagles have countless loyal fans. Potential Georgia online sports betting operators would likely see considerable interest from Eagles fans.

Georgia Online Sports Betting FAQ


Up next, we’ll answer several common questions from readers regarding Georgia online sports betting and the laws that relate to same. If you still have any doubts about betting in Georgia, check the list below for answers to your burning questions.


There’s no legal betting in Georgia. No retail bookmakers or Georgia sportsbook operators are licensed. For the situation to change, a bill would have to pass the state legislature.


No. No forms of gambling are legal in the Peach State yet. A few new bills wish to legalize Georgia sportsbooks. However, it’s still unclear if either will garner sufficient support to pass.


For now, there are no legal sites for you to register at. That being said, registration should be quick and simple if legalization happens. You may need an ID to verify your age and identity, though.


At the moment, no. Any sportsbooks you find that advertise to Georgia users would be unregulated and illegal, and thus unsafe. However, once Georgia sports betting laws are in place, making deposits and transactions should be completely safe.


As mentioned before, there are no sportsbooks operating at the moment. Therefore, you can’t make any wagers or withdraw any winnings.

However, once the Georgia sports betting market is regulated, making a withdrawal should be effortless. Most betting sites offer a wide range of payment options for customer transactions.


Not yet. Betting, on your phone or otherwise, is illegal in Georgia. Keep an eye on the state legislature for possible changes to the law.


It’s not clear yet. So far, no bills have managed to obtain sufficient support in the legislature to make it out of committee. Should a sports betting bill pass in early 2025, though, it’s most likely that a regulatory framework could be implemented in that year.


When Georgia online sports betting gets the green light, there will be legal methods to process payments. These are the options you’ll find in the potential online casinos and Georgia online sportsbooks.

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer
  • eWire


The great state of Georgia is anything but friendly towards gambling. That doesn’t just apply to Georgia sports betting, either. There are absolutely no casinos in Georgia—not even tribal casinos. If you’re passionate about casino gambling, you’re out of luck in GA, for now.

As mentioned above, things may change in the near future. However, current legislative proposals only cover Georgia sports betting operators and wouldn’t legalize online casinos.

Despite all of that, there is an opportunity currently for Georgia residents to get the online casino experience through social casinos (also known as sweepstakes casinos). Social casinos are free to play, with the option to deposit cash in exchange for Sweeps Coins.


The legality of gambling may soon be changing in the Peach State. There is a lot of interest in the state regarding legalized online betting. Major stakeholders and prominent politicians have expressed their support over the past few years: every year sees a sports betting bill attempt in GA.

It’s worth noting that casino betting may be tacked on to a sports betting bill or posed as a standalone piece of legislature. Either way, Georgia land-based casinos will want a piece of the pie, so we're likely to see sportsbooks and online casino apps legislated in partnership with casinos.


All things considered, the Georgia sports betting landscape is looking more promising than ever before. After decades of prohibition, actual Georgia sports betting bills are being actively discussed, but it'll be 2024 before a bill gets enough votes to become a law.

Legal sports betting may arrive in Georgia before the end of 2024. If it does happen, the necessary regulatory frameworks would likely take several months to develop. Keep an eye on the state legislature to stay abreast of the latest developments.

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