College Football Schedules

ncaaf Schedule - Regular Season


The college football regular season takes place over three months, beginning in the first week of September and ending in the last week of November. All 130 teams play a college football regular season schedule of 12 games. Those contests mostly take place on Saturdays, but there are games also played on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays throughout the season.

The college football regular season schedule is divided between playing teams within its conference and several games against teams outside of the conference. Most clubs have eight or nine conference games on their schedule, while the remaining three to four games come against teams outside of their league.

If a team plays eight conference games, it normally breaks down to four home contests and four road contests within the league. Depending on the status of certain teams, the remaining three games will be played at home against lesser competition. Teams that aren’t as highly known will play at least two of those non-conference games on the road.

Conference play generally starts in October, but many leagues have mixed in a conference game in September around non-conference action. Rivalry contests between area schools usually takes place during the final week of the regular season around the Thanksgiving weekend holiday in late November.


The College Football Playoff schedule begins after the regular season in the second week of December and usually ends in the first week of January.

There are 40 bowl games on the postseason schedule, culminating with the College Football Playoff. That takes place with the top-four ranked teams in the country playing in two semifinal games, capped off with the National Championship a week later, which takes place at a rotating venue each year.

The bowl games are matchups of teams from different conferences at neutral sites all around the country from mid-December through the beginning of January. To qualify for these bowl games, teams must finish with a record of 6-6 in the standings or better as many bowl games have conference tie-ins.