Monday Night Football Odds

The 2024 Monday Night Football schedule has been released for the 2024 NFL regular season.

Monday Night Football Week 1 Odds

Monday Night Football will head to Levi's Stadium in Week 1 as the San Francisco 49ers will host the New York Jets from Santa Clara, California.

NYJ @ SF Odds

Head coach Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers have been installed as home favorites over the Jets in Week 1.

NFL Monday Night Football 2024 Schedule & How To Watch

Below are the Monday Night Football betting results from the season.

WeekDateMatchupTime (ET)Coverage
1Sept. 9New York Jets at San Francisco 49ers8:15 PMESPN, ABC
2Sept. 16Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles8:15 PMESPN
3Sept. 23Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills 7:30 PMESPN
3Sept. 23Washington Commanders at Cincinnati Bengals8:15 PMABC
4Sept. 30Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins 7:30 PMESPN
4Sept. 30Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions 8:15 PMABC
5Oct. 7New Orleans Saints at Kansas City Chiefs8:15 PMESPN
6Oct. 14Buffalo Bills at New York Jets8:15 PMESPN
7Oct. 21Baltimore Ravens at Tampa Bay Buccaneers8:15 PMESPN
7Oct. 21Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals 9:00 PMESPN+
8Oct. 28New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers8:15 PMESPN/ABC
9Nov. 4Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Kansas City Chiefs8:15 PMESPN
10Nov. 11Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Rams8:15 PMESPN
11Nov. 18Houston Texans at Dallas Cowboys8:15 PMESPN
12Nov. 25Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Chargers 8:15 PMESPN
13Dec. 2Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos 8:15 PMESPN
14Dec. 9Cincinnati Bengals at Dallas Cowboys 8:15 PMABC
15Dec. 16Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings8:00 PMABC
15Dec. 16Atlanta Falcons at Las Vegas Raiders8:30 PMESPN
16Dec. 23 New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers8:15 PMESPN
17Dec. 30 Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers8:15 PMESPN/ABC

Monday Night Football is an American tradition, and an average of over 13 million viewers watched MNF football last year. What teams are actually playing isn’t really an important aspect for most sports bettors. Where you are in your league standings, how many parlays you have tied to the game, and who’s left on your fantasy roster are all as important as the teams involved.

Some players never touch those individual night games. If the initials end in F, TNF, SNF, MNF, they stay clear of any action. Others will sometimes do the unthinkable, attempting to make up all their losses from the previous weekend in one fell swoop.

Rolling with double or nothing isn’t usually a recipe for enjoying a broadcast. Sometimes, if you’re having a winning week, that solo game can be a perfect spot to pounce on a live-action play. Maybe a big favorite gives up an early score, and that double-digit line is now down to four.

Other Ways to Bet on Monday Night Football

One wager that’s always exciting is which player will score the first touchdown of the game. Since there’s no need to bounce from game to game, when there’s only one contest on the schedule, playing that first-TD proposition is always fun, especially when you cash.

Single game parlays make up more of the action when it’s the only game on TV. Props that can be matched together, including who will score, number of receptions and yards rushing, can all be combined on one ticket dramatically increasing the odds payoff. Of course, as with all parlays, if even one play loses, the entire ticket is trashed.

MNF Betting Tips

How many times have you seen someone try to save an entire weekend with one play? If you struggled on Saturday with your NCAA plays and then most of those NFL opinions you had were wrong too, Monday isn’t your problem. Every week during the NFL season, even for the best sports bettor, is a unique experience.

Sometimes, you just ain’t seeing it! Even when, from the beginning of your handicapping week, this game was your top selection. Honestly, if you’re having a run like the one described, how much credibility does your best bet for this week really have?

Are you heading into Monday Night Football on a heater? That ball, the way it’s shaped, it bounces funny. Sometimes, they roll your way, and your account is flush. Having that weekend heading into MNF? Even if this game was your best bet, you need to know when it’s time to be steady with your units and when it’s time to pounce.

We’ve all had times when everything goes right with a play, and you cash fists full of tickets. The side, the total, your props, the final leg in multiple parlays, they are all winners. There’s no such thing as house money. Making a big play when you’re using profits needs to be less gambling and more investing.

One way to check your big bet on your Monday Night Football Game is the sick test. Simply ask yourself how sick you will feel if this bet loses. When you’re okay either way, you just might be doing the right thing.

Monday Night Football FAQ

When does Monday Night Football start?

Monday Night Football returns for the 2024 season in September.

How can I watch Monday Night Football?

ESPN went all-in on their Monday Night Football broadcast by signing the Joe Buck and Troy Aikman show away from Fox. Games on ESPN (and ABC) are excellent since you just need a decent signal, and you’re watching anywhere.

What is the highest-scoring Monday Night Football game of all time?

Everyone likes betting overs, and there have been some great MNF matchups in the past. Last season, the MNF Schedule saw numerous totals above 60. That’s a number you won’t see on many Vegas boards. However, none of those topped the 2018 Week 11 contest when the Rams topped the Chiefs 54-51. The Rams are also part of that record for TNF.

Who are the favorites to win the NFL?

The Bills, Chiefs, and Eagles are the favorites to win this year’s NFL title.

What’s A Good Source For The Best NFL Picks?

You don’t even have to leave this site to find the best NFL handicappers. Check out all the VegasInsider pages for great tips, sports betting advice and some of the best handicappers on the planet.