NFC West Division Odds

The 2024-25 NFL regular season begins in Week 1 on Thursday September 5, 2024 and bettors can start placing wagers now on who will win the NFC West Division.

Nfc West Division Winner Odds

-200 + -200 + -225 + -195 + -225 + -225 + -190  
+325 + +350 + +360 + +330 + +360 + +375 + +330  
+750 + +750 + +750 + +700 + +750 + +800 + +700  
+1200 + +1300 + +1300 + +1300 + +1050 + +1200 + +1300  

NFC West Division Opening Odds

Listed below were the Opening Odds to win the NFC West in the 2023 season.

  • San Francisco 49ers -225
  • Los Angeles Rams +450
  • Seattle Seahawks +900
  • Arizona Cardinals +1100

How to Read the Odds:
Bet $100 on San Francisco 49ers (-225) to win $44
Bet $100 on Los Angeles Rams (+450) to win $450

NFC West Betting History

For the second consecutive season, the San Francisco 49ers cruised to an NFC West championship at -175 odds.

The 49ers are the first team since the 2018 Los Angeles Rams to win the NFC West as the preseason odds-on favorite.

Year-Winner-Record (Odds to Win)

2023: San Francisco 49ers 12-5-0 (-175)
2022: San Francisco 49ers 13-4-0 (+160)
2021: Los Angeles Rams 12-5-0 (+190)
2020: Seattle Seahawks 12-4-0 (+220)
2019: San Francisco 49ers 13-3-0 (+400)
2018: Los Angeles Rams 13-3-0 (-200)
2017: Los Angeles Rams 11-5-0 (+1500)
2016: Seattle Seahawks 10-5-1 (-120)
2015: Arizona Cardinals 13-3-0 (+550)
2014: Seattle Seahawks 12-4-0 (-150)
2013: Seattle Seahawks 13-3-0 (+110)
2012: San Francisco 49ers 11-4-1 (-250)
2011: San Francisco 49ers 13-3-0 (+220)
2010: Seattle Seahawks 7-9-0 (+325)
2009: Arizona Cardinals 10-6-0 (+145)
2008: Arizona Cardinals 9-7-0 (+220)
2007: Seattle Seahawks 10-6-0 (+130)
2006: Seattle Seahawks 9-7-0 (-225)
2005: Seattle Seahawks 13-3-0 (-110)
2004: Seattle Seahawks 9-7-0 (+110)
2003: St. Louis Rams 12-4-0 (-110)
2002: San Francisco 49ers 10-6-0 (+220)

NFC West Teams

Arizona Cardinals

The team started as an amateur football team based out of Chicago known as the Morgan Athletic Club. They joined the NFL as a charter member in 1920. This history makes the franchise one of the oldest continuously run professional football teams in the country. The team is also one of the two NFL charter member franchises that is still in operation since the founding of the NFL, with the other being the Chicago Bears.

The franchise relocated in 1960 to St. Louis where it operated until 1987. The team then relocated once again to Tempe, Arizona prior to the 1988 season. The team has won two NFL championships, but both were while the team was still located in Chicago. The first was a controversial win in 1925 and the second was in 1947. 

However, the team now holds the longest active championship drought in sports in North America with seventy five seasons. The Cardinals are also the first NFL franchise to lose 700 games since its creation. Though, the team is also the only NFL team that has never lost a playoff game that was held at their home stadium.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams’ story is quite an interesting one. Way back in 1936, the team was known as the Cleveland Rams. Immediately after winning the NFL Championship in 1945, they then moved to Los Angeles, where they remained until 1994. 

During that first run in LA, the Rams won another NFL Championship in 1951 and made it to their first Super Bowl in 1980. Although the latter was essentially a home game since it was played at the Rose Bowl (sound familiar?), the team fell to the Steelers 31-19. 

Behind Kurt Warner, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, and Marshall Faulk (AKA “The Greatest Show on Turf”), the Rams defeated the Titans 23-16 for their first Super Bowl victory. St. Louis made the big game again in 2002 but became the first victim of what was to become the Patriots dynasty. 

Since the 2016 season, the Rams have been back in Los Angeles. History repeated itself at Super Bowl LIII, as the team fell to the Patriots once again, but they won their second Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals in 2022.

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers, named for the prospectors in the 1849 Gold Rush who came to Northern California.

The 49ers have had one of the best records of any NFL team. They won five Super Bowl championships between the years 1981 and 1994. Between 1970 and 2021, the team were the division champions twenty one times.

The team has reached the league playoffs an impressive twenty eight times, and the 49ers hold the record for playing in the most NFC Championship games, with sixteen.

The 49ers rank fourth when it comes to all-time playoff wins. The team is currently the sixth most-valuable team in the NFL and the twelfth most valuable sports team in the world.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks didn’t make a sizable splash in the NFL right away. From its inaugural season in 1976 to the start of the 2003 season, Seattle made the playoffs just five times.

Coach Mike Holmgren took the reins in 1999, and while it took a few years, he righted the ship with the help of quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and running back Shaun Alexander.

With those three leading the way, the Seahawks rattled off five straight playoff appearances in the mid-2000s, including a Super Bowl appearance. Unfortunately, Seattle fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL.

With Wilson at the helm, the Seahawks reached new heights. In his second year as the starter, Wilson, alongside famed running back Marshawn Lynch, brought the Lombardi Trophy to Seattle for the first time.

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