AFC South Division Odds

The 2024-25 NFL regular season begins in Week 1 on Thursday September 5, 2024 and bettors can start placing wagers now on who will win the AFC South Division.

Afc South Division Winner Odds

+100 + +105 + +100 + +105 + +105 + +105 + +105  
+275 + +275 + +285 + +275 + +270 + +275 + +270  
+325 + +325 + +320 + +310 + +320 + +325 + +330  
+900 + +900 + +1000 + +1000 + +850 + +950 + +800  

Be sure to check back soon as AFC South Division Odds will be made available for the 2024-25 NFL regular season.

AFC South Division Opening Odds

Listed below were the Opening Odds to win the AFC South in the 2024 season.

  • Houston Texans +150
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +200
  • Indianapolis Colts +275
  • Tennessee Titans +900

How to Read the Odds:
Bet $100 on Jacksonville Jaguars (+200) to win $200
Bet $100 on Tennessee Titans (+900) to win $900

AFC South Betting History

The AFC South championship came down to the final week as the Houston Texans went from worst to first in 2023 with a 10-7 mark.

The Texans began the season at 8/1 odds to win the AFC South but needed a win over the Colts and a Jaguars' loss in Week 18 to pick up their first division title since 2019.

Year-Winner-Record (Odds to Win)

2023: Houston Texans 10-7-0 (+800)
2022: Jacksonville Jaguars 9-8 (+750)
2021: Tennessee Titans 12-5-0 (-110)
2020: Tennessee Titans 11-5-0 (+180)
2019: Houston Texans 10-6-0 (+175)
2018: Houston Texans 11-5-0 (+200)
2017: Jacksonville Jaguars 10-6-0 (+500)
2016: Houston Texans 9-7-0 (+160)
2015: Houston Texans 9-7-0 (+450)
2014: Indianapolis Colts 11-5-0 (-175)
2013: Indianapolis Colts 11-5-0 (+240)
2012: Houston Texans 12-4-0 (-500)
2011: Houston Texans 10-6-0 (+125)
2010: Indianapolis Colts 10-6-0 (-175)
2009: Indianapolis Colts 14-2-0 (+130)
2008: Tennessee Titans 13-3-0 (+800)
2007: Indianapolis Colts 13-3-0 (-300)
2006: Indianapolis Colts 12-4-0 (-500)
2005: Indianapolis Colts 14-2-0 (-400)
2004: Indianapolis Colts 12-4-0 (-150)
2003: Indianapolis Colts 12-4-0 (+150)
2002: Tennessee Titans 11-5-0 (+140)

AFC South Teams

Houston Texans

In 2002, the Texans brought an NFL franchise back to Houston for the first time since 1996, when the Oilers left town for Tennessee.

In the first NFL Draft that the Texans participated in, the team selected QB David Carr with the first overall pick. That selection brought significant hype to the expansion franchise, but it didn’t work out as planned.

Houston failed to reach the playoffs with Carr at the helm and wouldn’t clinch a playoff berth until 2011. The team’s offensive trio of Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, and Andre Johnson was perhaps the best the franchise has ever had.

A new era began in 2017 with sensational Clemson star Deshaun Watson. Watson and DeAndre Hopkins, his favorite target, renewed the fanbase, but they too failed to push past the Divisional Round.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts were originally founded in Baltimore in 1953 as a result of a purchase by the then-owner. The franchise was one of only three NFL teams to join the American Football League teams following the 1970 AFL-NFL Merger to form the AFC.

While still located out of Baltimore, the Colts were able to advance to the playoffs a whopping ten times and to win three NFL Championship games in 1958, 1959, as well as 1968.

The team also played in two Super Bowl championships, Super Bowl III and Super Bowl V. The Colts lost to the New York Jets in the former and came out victorious against the Dallas Cowboys in the latter.

In 1984, the Colts relocated to Indianapolis. Since then, the team has appeared in the playoffs an additional sixteen times, won two conference championships, and has even one an additional Super Bowl. This Super Bowl was Super Bowl XLI in which they triumphed over the Chicago Bears.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars were founded in 1995 at the same time as the Carolina Panthers, both as expansion teams. The franchise actually played in the AFC Central initially until 2002 when it was realigned to the AFC South.

The Jaguars were able to make a name for themselves pretty easily due to qualifying for the playoffs for four out of their five initial seasons. During that run, they were able to reach the playoffs four times consecutively, earned two division titles, and made two appearances in the AFC Championship Game.

The team has earned the distinction of being the youngest NFL expansion team to reach a conference championship (which happened in 1996, during their second season, again along with the Panthers), as well as to earn the top seed in their conference (which happened in 1999, during their fifth season).

Unfortunately, ever since, the team has not been able to recapture that initial glory. Jacksonville is only one of four NFL teams that has never made it to the Super Bowl.

Tennessee Titans

The Oilers were adopted into the NFL in 1970 and failed to string together consistent runs of success until the arrival of quarterback Warren Moon.

After Moon’s time, Coach Jeff Fisher took over and the team moved to Tennessee. Despite meddling around .500 in Fisher’s first few seasons, the now-Titans reached their first ever Super Bowl in 2000.

The Titans saw on-and-off success for the remainder of Fisher’s tenure. Highlights included the team’s 13-3 regular season finish in 2008 and Chris Johnson’s 2,000 yards rushing in 2009.

Since Mike Vrabel took over head coaching duties in 2018, the Titans have enjoyed near unprecedented success, thanks in large part to star running back Derrick Henry.

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